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Taken at Australian High Commission Office, Islamabad, Pakistan

Hi there, I am Syed Sohaib Hasan Shah founder & editor of OhMyClassroom.com

Background & Experience

I am a proud husband & father of three lovely daughters (age 3, 7 & 9) currently living in Karachi, Pakistan.

It’s been more than 10 years that I have been teaching & counseling students at Brilliant Career Secondary School.

Connecting with students & providing them opportunities to grow holistically is a deep ingrained passion of mine.

I have penned down several articles here on O.M.C regarding games for kids, classroom activities, art & crafts which both help students in my school & readers online.

Education & Certifications

I completed by B.B.A Hons (Bachelors in Business Administration) with a minor in Educational Psychology in 2013 from Curtin University situated in Perth, Australia.

In addition, I have lived in Malaysia & Singapore as a transfer student of Curtin University and visited several schools & educational institutes while I was living abroad.

That broadened my horizons on effective teaching methodologies, pedagogy, curriculum, lesson planning & overall child development.

Moreover, I recently completed three certifications in ESL, Early Childhood Education & Strategic Visions (Management Training) from :

1 – SPELT (The Society of Pakistan English Language Teachers)

2 – Time Lenders

3 – Institute for Educational Development, Pakistan

Role at OhMyClassroom

O.M.C covers a wide range of topics related to education, including teaching strategies, educational technology, curriculum development, student engagement, and much more.

My main role is to handle day to day operations while exploring some of the best educational activities & games for kids.

Connect with Me

It would be an honor to learn from you.

Just email me at sohaib@ohmyclassroom.com


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