20 DIY Animal Crafts for Kids

Crafting with kids is a fantastic way to spend quality time together, boost their creativity, and develop important motor skills.

And what better theme to spark their imagination than the wonderful world of animals?

From cuddly farmyard friends to majestic jungle creatures, these 20 animal crafts for kids cater to a variety of ages and skill levels, using readily available materials. So, get ready for some roarsome fun!

Easy Crafts for Little Ones (Ages 2-4):

Hoppy Handprint Bunnies:

This adorable craft is perfect for even the youngest crafters. Paint your child’s hand white or pink and let them make a print on colored construction paper. Add floppy ears cut from another color, a wiggle eye, and a cotton ball tail for a charming bunny friend.

Waddling Penguin Puppets:

Cardboard rolls get a new lease on life as these playful penguins. Paint the roll black and white, leaving a space for the belly. Glue on orange feet (construction paper or felt) and googly eyes. Decorate with a black construction paper scarf for extra cuteness. Now, it’s penguin puppet show time!

Slippery Snake Paper Plate Craft:

This slithering friend is a breeze to make. Paint a paper plate green or yellow. Cut out long, thin strips of construction paper in various colors and glue them in a wavy pattern onto the plate to create the snake’s body. Don’t forget to add eyes and a forked tongue!

Roaring Lion Paper Bag Puppet:

Transform a brown paper lunch bag into a majestic lion. Decorate the bag with yellow or orange paint and add a mane cut from construction paper scraps. Glue on wiggle eyes, a black nose, and draw some sharp teeth. Roar!

Fluffy Sheep Cotton Ball Craft:

This fluffy craft is a great opportunity for sensory exploration. Glue cotton balls onto a pre-cut sheep shape made from construction paper. Add black construction paper legs and a cute little face for a cuddly sheep friend.

Fun Crafts for Growing Creatives (Ages 5-8):

Feathery Chick Paper Cup Craft:

Upcycle paper cups into these adorable baby chicks. Paint the cup yellow and glue on construction paper wings and a beak. Cut out feathery shapes from white paper and glue them around the top of the cup for fluffy chick fuzz.

Majestic Paper Plate Peacock:

Let your child’s creativity soar with this stunning peacock craft. Paint a paper plate blue and glue on a green construction paper head and neck. Cut out colorful circles and ovals for the peacock’s tail feathers and glue them onto the back of the plate to create a dazzling display.

Glittery Fish Craft:

Bring the ocean indoors with these sparkling fish. Cut out fish shapes from cardboard or thick foam sheets. Paint them in vibrant colors and add glitter for some extra sparkle. Glue on googly eyes and a fun-shaped fin made from construction paper.

Crafty Crab Craft:

Cardboard and clothespins join forces for this cute crab. Paint a large cardboard circle red and decorate it with black dots. Glue on two smaller circles for eyes and wiggle them with attached clothespins. Add pipe cleaners or construction paper for crab claws.

Busy Bee Button Craft:

Buttons of all shapes and sizes become busy bumblebees. Glue a yellow button for the body and a smaller black button for the head. Pipe cleaners make fantastic antennas, and wiggle eyes complete the look.

Creative Crafts for Older Kids (Ages 9 and Up):

Cardboard Box Zoo Animals:

Cardboard boxes become a whole menagerie of animals with a little imagination. Use paint, markers, and construction paper to transform boxes into elephants, lions, tigers, or even a friendly giraffe. Let your child design their own unique zoo!

Yarn-Wrapped Paper Plate Owl:

This craft combines yarn wrapping with construction paper cutouts for a textured and charming owl. Wrap a paper plate in yarn of your choice, leaving space for the face. Cut out large eyes, a beak, and wings from construction paper and glue them onto the plate.

Salt Dough Seahorse:

Salt dough crafts are a fun and tactile experience. Create your own salt dough using flour, salt, and water, and sculpt a whimsical seahorse shape. Bake it in the oven, then paint and decorate once cooled.

Sock Puppet Extravaganza:

Give old socks a new life as expressive animal puppets! Experiment with different sock sizes, colors, and embellishments to create a whole cast of animal characters. Buttons, googly eyes, and yarn hair are all great additions.

Paper Bag Turtle:

Brown paper bags turn into slow and steady turtles with a little crafting magic. Decorate the bag with green or brown paint and add a shell made from painted cardboard cut into a rounded shape. Glue on googly eyes and draw a cute little smile for a friendly turtle friend.

Advanced Crafts for the Ambitious (Ages 10 and Up):

Nature Mobile with Pinecone Creatures:

Take a walk in nature and collect pinecones! These natural wonders can be transformed into a variety of woodland creatures. Use felt or construction paper scraps to add details like wings, ears, and tails. Hang them from a mobile with string or yarn for a beautiful nature-inspired display.

Majestic Paper Mache Elephant:

This project requires a bit more patience but results in a truly impressive creation. Create a paper mache base using newspaper strips and paste, then mold it into the shape of an elephant. Once dry, paint and decorate your majestic paper mache masterpiece.

Cuddly Felt Fox Plushie:

Felt is a versatile and forgiving material, perfect for creating adorable animal plushies. Find a simple fox template online and use different felt colors to cut out the body parts. Sew them together with embroidery floss, adding details like eyes, a nose, and a fluffy tail.

Recycled Plastic Bottle Piggy Bank:

This craft is a fun way to promote saving and recycling. Decorate a clean plastic bottle with pink paint and add details like floppy ears (construction paper or felt), a curly tail (pipe cleaner), and googly eyes. Cut a slot in the top for coins and watch your savings grow!

Fingerprint Butterfly Art:

This artistic craft is a beautiful way to celebrate the wonders of nature. Paint a background scene with flowers and greenery. Then, dip your child’s fingertips in different colored paints and let them make butterfly wing impressions on the canvas.


  • Safety first! Always supervise young children when using scissors, glue, or other craft materials.
  • Get messy! Crafting is all about having fun and letting your creativity flow. Don’t worry about perfection, embrace the process.
  • Repurpose and recycle! Look around your house for household items that can be given a new life as part of your animal crafts.
  • Make it a family activity! Crafting is a wonderful way to spend quality time together and create lasting memories.

With these 20 animal crafts as inspiration, you and your kids are sure to have endless hours of creative fun. So, grab your supplies, unleash your imagination, and get ready to explore the wild world of animal crafting!

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