25 Brain Break Activities for Preschoolers

Preschoolers are bundles of energy and curiosity, but their little brains can get tired too!

During extended periods of learning or focus, it’s important to incorporate brain breaks – short, engaging activities that help children refocus, recharge, and come back to the task feeling refreshed and ready to learn.

These breaks are essential for promoting concentration, creativity, and overall well-being in young children.

Get ready to explore a variety of fun and easy brain break activities for preschoolers.

Freeze Dance:

20 Brain Break Activities for Preschoolers Kids
Source: playworks.org

This classic game is always a hit with preschoolers. Start by putting on some music and having the kids dance around. When the music stops, they have to freeze in whatever pose they’re in. Keep playing and see who can hold their pose the longest!

Simon Says:

Simon Says is another classic game that never gets old. Choose one child to be “Simon” and have them give instructions for the other kids to follow. The catch is that they can only follow the instructions if Simon says “Simon says” first. If they follow an instruction without hearing “Simon says,” they’re out!

Animal Walks:

This activity is perfect for getting the wiggles out. Choose an animal and have the kids mimic how that animal moves. For example, they can walk like a crab, hop like a kangaroo, or slither like a snake.

Color Scavenger Hunt:

Source: himama.com

Choose a color and have the kids find as many objects as they can that match that color. This activity is great for practicing color recognition and getting the kids up and moving.


Source: greatwolf.com

Yoga is a great way to help preschoolers practice mindfulness and improve their flexibility. There are plenty of kid-friendly yoga routines available online, or you can make up your own poses based on animals or nature. Try starting with some simple poses like downward dog, tree pose, and butterfly pose.

Bubble Pop:

Give each child a small container of bubbles and have them try to pop as many bubbles as they can in a set amount of time. This activity is perfect for developing hand-eye coordination and can be done both indoors and outdoors.

Balloon Volleyball:

Use a piece of string or a jump rope to create a “net” and have the kids play a game of balloon volleyball.


Take a few minutes to lead the kids in some simple stretching exercises. Encourage them to reach for the sky, touch their toes, and stretch their arms and legs in different directions. This activity is perfect for helping the kids relax and refocus their attention.

Sensory Play:

Set up a sensory table with materials like rice, sand, or water, and let the kids explore with their senses. Encourage them to scoop, pour, and manipulate the materials in different ways. This activity is great for developing fine motor skills and promoting sensory exploration.


Take a break from physical activity and read a story to the kids. Choose a book with colorful illustrations and engaging characters to keep them interested. After the story, you can ask the kids questions about the plot and characters to help them develop their comprehension skills.

Nature Scavenger Hunt:

Take the kids on a scavenger hunt to explore the great outdoors. Create a list of items for them to find, such as a leaf, a rock, or a flower.

Dance Party:

Turn up the music and let the kids dance their hearts out! This activity is perfect for getting the kids moving and can be done both indoors and outdoors.

Follow the Leader:

Choose one child to be the leader and have them perform a series of actions that the other kids have to follow. Encourage the kids to be creative with their movements and actions.

Puzzles and Games:

Take a break from physical activity and give the kids some puzzles or games to play. Choose age-appropriate options like jigsaw puzzles or memory games to challenge their cognitive skills.

Art Activities:

Source: parents.com

Set up a simple art project for the kids to work on, such as finger painting or drawing with crayons. This activity is great for promoting creativity and fine motor skills. Encourage the kids to experiment with different colors and materials to create unique works of art.

Alphabet Game:

Choose a letter of the alphabet and have the kids take turns coming up with words that start with that letter. This activity is great for developing vocabulary and letter recognition skills.

Follow the Ribbon:

Tie a ribbon to a stick or wand and have the kids follow the ribbon as you wave it around. Encourage the kids to follow the ribbon with their eyes and reach out to touch it. This activity is great for developing hand-eye coordination and visual tracking skills.

Silly Songs:

Sing silly songs with the kids and encourage them to make up their own lyrics and dance moves. This activity is perfect for getting the kids laughing and can be done both indoors and outdoors.

Obstacle Course:

Set up a simple obstacle course for the kids to navigate, using items like cones, hula hoops, and jump ropes. This activity is great for developing gross motor skills and promoting coordination.

Memory Game:

Place a few items on a tray and let the kids study them for a few minutes. Then cover the tray and see how many items the kids can remember. This activity is great for developing memory skills and promoting attention to detail.

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