20 Construction Paper Crafts for Kids

Construction paper: a humble art supply that unlocks a world of creative possibilities for kids of all ages. It’s affordable, readily available, and endlessly versatile.

With just construction paper, some scissors, glue, and a sprinkle of imagination, you can transform a rainy afternoon into a crafting extravaganza!

This list provides 20 construction paper craft ideas, categorized by difficulty level, to keep your little Picassos entertained.

Easy Crafts (Ages 3-5):

Shape Collage:

Cut out various shapes from construction paper. Let your child glue them onto a separate sheet of paper to create their own abstract masterpiece. Introduce basic shapes like circles, squares, and triangles, or explore more complex shapes like stars and hearts.

Fingerprint Art:

This craft is as fun as it is messy! Dab your child’s finger in paint (washable!) and let them create colorful prints on construction paper. Once dry, turn the prints into animals, flowers, or anything their imagination conjures.

Paper Bag Puppets:

Grab some lunch bags and construction paper scraps! Cut out eyes, noses, and mouths from construction paper and glue them onto the bags. Let your child decorate the bags further with markers or crayons to create their favorite animal puppets.

Striped Animals:

Cut out large construction paper shapes for animal bodies (oval for a sheep, rectangle for a dog). Then, have your child cut thin strips of contrasting colors to create stripes, zebra patterns, or any design they like. Glue the strips onto the animal bodies.

Confetti Critters:

Cut out simple animal shapes like bears or bunnies from construction paper. Let your child punch colorful circles from construction paper using a single-hole punch. Glue the confetti circles onto the animal shapes for a festive touch.

Medium Crafts (Ages 5-8):

Paper Plate Animals:

Construction paper and paper plates make a fantastic crafting duo! Cut out animal ears, tails, and facial features from construction paper and glue them onto paper plates to create adorable lions, owls, or any animal your child fancies.

Paper Chain Extravaganza:

Cut long strips of construction paper in various colors. Help your child connect the strips into loops by gluing the ends together. Continue adding loops to create a long paper chain to decorate a room or hang across a doorway.

3D Paper Flowers:

Construction paper flowers are a beautiful and easy way to brighten up a space. Cut out large circles or flower shapes from construction paper. Fold the circles in half repeatedly, accordion-style. Pinch the folded circles in the center and spread the outer edges to create a blooming flower.

Paper Bag Masks:

Transform lunch bags into fantastical masks! Cut out eye holes from the bags and decorate them with construction paper shapes, glitter, and feathers. Let your child unleash their inner superhero or create a whimsical animal mask.

Rainbow Mobile:

This craft combines vibrant colors with a touch of science. Cut out cloud shapes from white construction paper. Then, cut out long strips of construction paper in all the colors of the rainbow. Tape or glue the ends of the rainbow strips together to form loops. Hang the loops from the cloud shapes to create a mesmerizing rainbow mobile.

Advanced Crafts (Ages 8 and Up):

Paper Bag Piñata:

For a more challenging project, consider a paper bag piñata! Bunch up several sheets of newspaper and secure them with tape inside a lunch bag. Cover the bag with strips of construction paper, leaving a small opening at the top. Decorate the piñata with streamers and ribbons. Fill it with small candies or confetti before sealing the opening.

Paper Mache Bowls:

This craft requires some adult supervision, but the results are fantastic! Blow up a balloon and cover it with strips of construction paper dipped in a flour-and-water paste. Let the layers dry completely. Pop the balloon and carefully peel it away from the hardened paper mache. Decorate the bowl with paint or markers.

Geometric Animals:

This craft incorporates some basic geometry. Use a compass or protractor to draw geometric shapes like circles, squares, and triangles on construction paper. Cut out the shapes and arrange them to create different animal figures. Glue the shapes together for a unique and modern art project.

Shadow Puppets:

Construction paper transforms into spooky or silly characters with shadow puppets! Cut out animal shapes or human silhouettes from black construction paper. Attach craft sticks to the back of the puppets. Dim the lights and put on a shadow puppet show!

Advanced Crafts (Ages 8 and Up) (continued):

Paper Quilling Art:

The intricate art of paper quilling involves rolling thin strips of construction paper into coils and shaping them into various designs. It’s a great way to develop fine motor skills and create beautiful decorative pieces. You can find paper quilling kits online or at craft stores.

Construction Paper Garlands:

Liven up a birthday party or any occasion with festive construction paper garlands. Cut out various shapes from different colored construction paper. Punch holes at the top of each shape and thread them onto string or yarn. Experiment with different shapes, sizes, and patterns for a unique garland.

Paper Weaving Wall Art:

This craft combines weaving techniques with vibrant construction paper. Cut thin strips of construction paper in various colors. Glue them vertically onto a sturdy piece of cardboard, leaving some space between each strip. Then, weave horizontal strips of construction paper through the vertical ones, creating a colorful woven pattern.

Paper Bag Playhouse:

Transform a large paper bag into a cozy playhouse for dolls or action figures! Cut out windows and a door from the bag. Let your child decorate the playhouse with construction paper cutouts, markers, and crayons. Add furniture and decorations made from construction paper scraps to complete the miniature world.

Paper Mache Masks:

Similar to the paper mache bowls, this craft lets you create unique and personalized masks. Blow up a balloon and cover it with strips of construction paper dipped in a flour-and-water paste. Add details like horns, ears, or feathers using additional construction paper shapes before letting it dry completely. Pop the balloon and decorate the mask with paint, glitter, and other embellishments.

Stop-Motion Animation with Paper Cutouts:

This craft takes construction paper crafting to a whole new level! Create a simple story with characters and scenery made from construction paper cutouts. Take pictures of the scenes, moving the cutouts slightly between each shot. String the pictures together using stop-motion animation software to create a short, animated film. (This craft might require some adult guidance, but the results can be truly impressive!)

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget the power of personalization! Many of these crafts can be adapted to incorporate your child’s favorite characters, themes, or colors. Let their imagination be the guide, and you might be surprised by the creative masterpieces they come up with.

Crafting with construction paper is a fun and affordable way to keep kids entertained and engaged. It helps develop their fine motor skills, creativity, and problem-solving abilities. So grab some construction paper, unleash your inner child, and get ready to create some lasting memories!

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