20 Crazy Monster Craft Ideas for Kids

Monsters! They might be lurking under the bed or hiding in the closet, but in the world of crafts, they’re anything but scary.

In fact, monster crafts are a fantastic way to unleash your child’s creativity, develop their fine motor skills, and have some downright silly fun.

So, dig out the construction paper, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes, because we’re about to embark on a monstrously good crafting adventure!

Ready-Made Monster Mayhem (5 Ideas)

Let’s kick things off with some crafts that are perfect for little monster makers who are still mastering the art of cutting and gluing.

Paper Plate Party Animals:

This is a classic for a reason! Grab some paper plates, paints, markers, and those essential googly eyes. Let your child create their wildest monster faces – from toothy grins to wacky mustaches. Bonus points for adding crazy hair made from yarn or felt scraps.

Sock Puppet Shenanigans:

Breathe new life into lonely socks with this adorable craft. Decorate a sock with buttons, yarn, and felt to create a one-of-a-kind monster puppet. Practice silly monster voices and put on a puppet show for the whole family!

Cupcake Liner Cuties:

Cupcake liners aren’t just for baking anymore! Transform them into adorable little monsters by adding googly eyes, felt teeth, and pipe cleaner arms. These little guys are perfect for decorating a monster-themed birthday party.

Egg Carton Extravaganza:

Don’t toss those empty egg cartons! With a little paint and some creative thinking, they can be transformed into a whole family of wacky monsters. Each section of the carton can become a monster’s head, with pipe cleaner appendages and googly eyes completing the look.

Fingerprint Frenzy:

This is a messy but oh-so-fun craft for toddlers and preschoolers. Dip little fingers in paint and create a monster’s body. Then, let them add details with markers – eyes, teeth, horns – the possibilities are endless!

Recycled Reusables: Monster Makeovers (5 Ideas)

Looking for a way to be eco-friendly with your crafting? Repurpose those recyclables into monstrous masterpieces!

Tin Can Titans:

Tin cans get a new lease on life as monster homes. Paint the cans and decorate them with felt, buttons, and googly eyes. These can house collections of small toys or become funky pencil holders.

Milk Carton Menagerie:

Similar to tin cans, milk cartons can be transformed into fantastic monsters. Cut out a monster mouth and decorate with paint, markers, and whatever other bits and bobs you have on hand. These make great monster banks or even monster bird feeders (with adult supervision, of course!).

CD Critters:

Don’t throw out those old CDs! With a bit of paint and some felt, they can be transformed into dazzling disk monsters. Stick on googly eyes, felt teeth, and pipe cleaner hair for a truly unique creation.

Cardboard Capers:

Cardboard boxes are a crafter’s dream! Cut out monster shapes from cardboard and decorate them with paint, markers, and whatever your imagination desires. These giant monsters can be used for imaginative play or even become part of a monster fort.

Button Bonanza:

Have a jar full of mismatched buttons? Perfect! Glue them onto paper or cardboard to create a textured monster body. Add googly eyes, felt ears, and pipe cleaner arms for a one-of-a-kind button buddy.

Let’s Get Crafty: Taking it Up a Notch (5 Ideas)

Feeling a little more adventurous? These crafts are perfect for older kids who are ready to take their monster-making skills to the next level.

Sew Spooky Stitches:

This is a great introduction to sewing for young crafters. Cut out simple monster shapes from felt and let your child sew them together, adding details like button eyes and yarn hair.

Pom-Pom Pals:

Making pom-poms is a fun and rewarding craft. Create pom-poms in different sizes and colors, then glue them together to form a fuzzy monster body. Add googly eyes, felt teeth, and pipe cleaner arms for a truly unique creation.

Nature’s Nightmare:

Take a trip to the park and collect some natural crafting treasures – leaves, twigs, and pebbles. Use these elements to create a unique collage monster, gluing them onto cardboard or paper and adding details with markers.

Monster Mash Upcycled T-Shirt:

Don’t toss out that old, stained t-shirt yet! Cut it into monster shapes and stuff it with cotton balls or fabric scraps. Sew up the opening and decorate with buttons, yarn hair, and of course, googly eyes! This is a great way to give an old t-shirt a new life as a cuddly monster friend.

Walking Wobbly Monsters:

Craft pipe cleaner monsters that can wobble and jiggle! Thread beads onto pipe cleaners to create the monster’s body, then add googly eyes and felt details. Attach the pipe cleaner monster to a wooden clothespin for a fun desk toy that wobbles with every nudge.

Beyond the Craft: Monster Fun for All (5 Ideas)

The crafting fun doesn’t have to stop once the monsters are made! Here are some ideas to keep the monster mania going:

Monster Story Time:

Gather around and create a story together, using your monster creations as characters. What kind of adventures will they have? Where do they live? Let your imaginations run wild!

Monster Obstacle Course:

Turn your house into a monster training ground! Set up an obstacle course using pillows, chairs, and blankets. Have your child race their monster creations through the course, timing them for an extra challenge.

Monster Bowling Bash:

Grab some empty plastic bottles or cans and decorate them to look like monsters. Use a ball (or even another monster!) to knock them down for a monstrously fun game of bowling.

Monster Dance Party:

Put on some spooky (or silly!) music and have a monster dance party! Encourage your child to move their monster creations around the room, shaking their felt limbs and wiggling their googly eyes.

Monster Nightlight:

Create a calming nightlight with a monster twist. Decorate a jar with paint and monster features, then place a battery-powered tea light inside for a soft, spooky glow that will chase away any nighttime monsters (the non-cuddly kind, of course!).

So there you have it, 20 crazy monster craft ideas to keep your little Picassos entertained for hours! Remember, the most important ingredient in monster crafting is creativity.

So, let your child’s imagination run wild, embrace the mess, and get ready to create a monstrously good time!

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget to take pictures of your child’s amazing monster creations! You can create a monster gallery on the fridge, turn them into greeting cards, or even compile them into a monstrously good homemade book.

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