27 David and Goliath Craft for Preschool Kids

The David and Goliath craft for preschool kids is an engaging and educational activity inspired by the famous biblical story.

This craft allows young children to explore the narrative of David and Goliath in a hands-on and creative way.

Through this activity, preschoolers not only learn about the classic tale but also enhance their fine motor skills as they cut, glue, and decorate their crafts. So let’s dive in!

Craft Your Own Slingshot:

Invite preschoolers to create their very own mini slingshots using craft sticks, rubber bands, and soft foam balls. Begin by having them color and decorate the craft sticks as they wish. Then, show them how to secure rubber bands between the sticks to create a launching mechanism. Finally, let them take aim at a target (perhaps a cardboard cutout of Goliath) using the soft foam balls.

Giant-Sized Footprints Collage:

Guide preschoolers in crafting giant-sized footprints using construction paper or cardstock. Let them paint, color, or decorate the footprints creatively. Afterward, arrange the footprints on a large piece of paper or a wall to represent Goliath’s massive steps. Use this visual aid to explain the scale of the challenge David faced.

Stone Painting and Storytelling:

Provide smooth, flat stones and art supplies like paint and markers. Encourage preschoolers to paint or decorate these stones as if they were David’s legendary sling stones. As they work, engage them in a storytelling session about the brave young hero and his triumph over Goliath.

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Goliath’s Helmet and Crown Craft:

Help preschoolers create wearable Goliath-themed crafts using materials like paper plates, paint, and cardboard. Guide them in crafting Goliath’s helmet or crown, allowing them to explore their artistic skills while learning about the story’s antagonist.

Puppet Play:

Encourage preschoolers to design and decorate puppets representing David and Goliath. They can use craft sticks or paper bags as puppet bases. Once the puppets are ready, let the children engage in creative puppet plays, reenacting the key scenes from the story.

Paper Plate Goliath Mask:

Guide preschoolers in creating Goliath masks using paper plates, paint, markers, and yarn. Help them paint the plates to resemble Goliath’s face, then attach yarn as a strap to hold the mask in place. This craft offers a tactile experience and encourages imaginative play as children pretend to be Goliath.

Shield of Faith Craft:

Introduce the concept of faith to preschoolers by helping them craft their own shields using paper or cardboard. Let them decorate the shields with drawings, stickers, or symbols that represent courage and determination.

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Courage Bracelets:

Provide pipe cleaners and colorful beads to preschoolers. As they string the beads onto the pipe cleaners, discuss different acts of courage from the David and Goliath story. Each bead represents a specific act of bravery, helping children understand the various ways courage can be displayed.

Collage of Bravery:

Provide a variety of craft materials such as tissue paper, fabric scraps, glitter, and more. Encourage preschoolers to create a collage that represents bravery and courage, inspired by David’s actions. As they work on their collages, discuss instances when they have felt brave in their own lives, making the story’s message relatable.

Story Scene Diorama:

Help preschoolers construct a diorama that showcases a pivotal scene from the David and Goliath story. Provide a shoe box as the base and guide them in creating miniature figures, scenery, and props to depict the story’s setting.

Goliath’s Headband:

Guide preschoolers in creating their own Goliath-themed headbands using paper or fabric strips. Let them decorate the headbands with drawings or symbols that represent Goliath’s character.

Rock Painting Story Stones:

Provide smooth, flat stones for preschoolers to paint with different scenes or characters from the David and Goliath story. Once the stones are painted and dried, use them to retell the story in sequence.

Courage Crown Craft:

Help preschoolers design and decorate crowns using craft materials like cardboard, markers, and glitter. As they work on their crowns, discuss the concept of courage and how David displayed bravery in facing Goliath.

Sling-Shot Painting:

Combine art and science by creating sling-shot paintings. Attach a piece of paper to a cardboard backing and secure it with rubber bands to mimic a sling-shot. Dip soft foam balls or sponges in paint and let preschoolers launch them at the paper using the sling-shot setup.

Popsicle Stick Puppets:

Guide preschoolers in crafting popsicle stick puppets of David, Goliath, and other characters from the story. Provide pictures or templates for them to color, cut out, and attach to the sticks.

Story Sequence Bracelet:

Create a story sequence bracelet by stringing beads or paper cutouts onto a piece of yarn or pipe cleaner. Each bead or cutout represents a different part of the David and Goliath story. As you string them together, discuss the sequence of events and help preschoolers retell the story using their bracelets.

“Goliath’s Challenge” Obstacle Course:

Set up a simple obstacle course using pillows, cones, and other household items. Explain to preschoolers that they are taking on Goliath’s challenge just like David did. As they navigate the course, they’ll experience a physical representation of overcoming obstacles, tying in with the story’s themes.

Courageous Crown of Leaves:

Take preschoolers outdoors for this nature-inspired craft. Collect leaves and other natural materials to create a “courageous crown.” Discuss the meaning of courage and how David faced his fears.

Collaborative Mural:

Provide a large piece of paper or cardboard and encourage preschoolers to work together on a collaborative mural depicting the story of David and Goliath. They can use crayons, markers, and even small craft materials to create a visual representation of the narrative.

“Rock of Faith” Keepsake:

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Help preschoolers create a special keepsake by painting smooth rocks with the word “faith” or other positive messages. Talk about the significance of faith in overcoming challenges, just as David had faith in facing Goliath. Children can keep their “rock of faith” as a tangible reminder of their inner strength.

“Courage Collage” Poster:

Provide magazines, newspapers, and old catalogs for preschoolers to cut out pictures and words that represent courage and bravery. Help them arrange these cutouts on a large poster to create a “courage collage.”

Puppet Theater Playset:

Assist preschoolers in creating a puppet theater using a large cardboard box or a tri-fold display board. Decorate the theater with scenes from the David and Goliath story. Then, help children craft puppets and retell the story through puppet shows, promoting creativity and narrative skills.

Goliath Bean Bag Toss:

Craft a Goliath-themed bean bag toss game by creating a large Goliath face on a cardboard sheet or fabric. Cut out holes for the mouth and eyes. Preschoolers can take turns tossing bean bags into the openings, practicing their aiming skills while embodying David’s determination.

Story Stones Sensory Play:

Gather smooth stones and paint scenes or characters from the David and Goliath story on them. Place the story stones in a sensory bin filled with sand, rice, or beans.

Storytelling Sensory Bin:

Create a sensory bin using rice, sand, or other materials and incorporate miniature figurines representing characters from the David and Goliath story.

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