20 Easy Drawing Ideas for 7 to 12 Year Olds

Drawing is a fantastic activity that can encourage creativity and help children develop their fine motor skills.

Whether your child is a budding artist or just starting to explore their artistic abilities, these ideas are designed to be fun, accessible, and age-appropriate.

If you’re looking for some easy drawing ideas for 7 to 12 year olds kids, you’ve come to the right place!

Activity 1: Draw Your Favorite Animal

20 Easy Drawing Ideas for 7 to 12 Year Olds
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Encourage children to draw their favorite animal using simple shapes and lines. They can start with a basic outline and then add details like fur, feathers, or scales. This activity not only allows them to explore their creativity but also helps them observe and understand the unique characteristics of different animals. Whether it’s a roaring lion, a graceful dolphin, or a colorful butterfly, let their imagination run wild as they bring their favorite creature to life on paper.

Activity 2: Create a Comic Strip

Comic strips are a great way for children to tell stories and express their ideas visually. Provide them with a blank comic strip template or guide them in creating their own panels. Encourage them to come up with characters, a plot, and dialogue. They can explore humor, adventure, or even educational themes. This activity helps children develop narrative skills, practice drawing characters consistently, and understand the sequential nature of storytelling.

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Activity 3: Design a Dream Room

Let children unleash their inner interior designer by having them draw their dream room. They can imagine a space that reflects their personality, interests, and favorite colors. Encourage them to think about furniture, decorations, and unique features they would include. This activity allows children to exercise their imagination while also developing spatial awareness and design thinking skills. They can experiment with different layouts and visualize their ideal personal space.

Activity 4: Draw a Self-Portrait

Self-portraits are an excellent way for children to explore their own identities and gain a deeper understanding of themselves. Provide mirrors for them to observe their facial features and expressions. Encourage them to capture their likeness using simple shapes and lines. They can experiment with different emotions and styles, expressing how they feel in their artwork. This activity promotes self-expression, and self-awareness, and boosts their confidence in their artistic abilities.

Activity 5: Draw a Fantasy Landscape

Inspire children to create their own magical world by drawing a fantasy landscape. Encourage them to let their imagination run wild and think about mystical creatures, enchanted forests, or floating islands. They can experiment with vibrant colors and imaginative elements like castles, waterfalls, or mythical creatures. This activity encourages creativity, and storytelling, and helps children develop their visualization skills as they bring their fantasy world to life on paper.

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Activity 6: Draw Your Favorite Food

Invite children to draw their favorite food items, whether it’s a juicy hamburger, a slice of pizza, or a colorful bowl of fruit. Encourage them to observe the shapes, colors, and textures of the food and recreate them on paper. They can experiment with shading and adding small details to make their drawings more realistic. This activity not only combines art and their love for food but also helps them develop their observational skills and attention to detail.

Activity 7: Draw a Nature Scene

Encourage children to go outside and find inspiration in nature. They can choose to draw a serene landscape, a blooming flower, or a busy garden scene. Encourage them to observe the different elements such as trees, flowers, animals, or clouds, and recreate them on paper. They can experiment with different drawing techniques like stippling, hatching, or blending colors. This activity helps children appreciate the beauty of the natural world and develop their observation and drawing skills.

Activity 8: Draw a Superhero

Superheroes capture the imagination of children, and drawing their own superheroes is a thrilling activity. Encourage them to create their own unique hero, complete with a distinctive costume, powers, and a backstory. They can let their creativity soar as they imagine the hero’s mission and design their emblem. This activity allows children to combine storytelling with art, fostering their imagination, and allowing them to express their aspirations.

Activity 9: Draw a Family Portrait

Drawing a family portrait is a meaningful and personal activity for children. Encourage them to draw their family members, capturing their likenesses and unique characteristics. They can experiment with different poses, expressions, and details to bring their loved ones to life on paper. This activity promotes emotional connection, develops observation skills, and encourages children to express their love and appreciation for their families through art.

Activity 10: Draw a Funny Monster

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Monsters often fascinate children, so why not have them draw their own funny and friendly monsters? Encourage them to let their imagination run wild as they create a unique creature with silly features, bright colors, and playful expressions. They can experiment with different shapes, sizes, and textures to bring their monster to life. This activity not only sparks their creativity but also allows them to explore emotions, as they can give their monster different personalities and traits.

Activity 11: Draw Your Favorite Book Character

Invite children to bring their favorite book characters to life through their drawings. Whether it’s Harry Potter, Matilda, or Captain Underpants, encourage them to capture the essence of the character by paying attention to their unique traits, clothing, and accessories. They can depict a scene from the book or create a portrait of the character. This activity combines the joy of reading with artistic expression, fostering a love for both literature and art.

Activity 12: Draw a Day at the Beach

Transport children to a sunny beach day through their artwork. Encourage them to draw a beach scene, complete with sand, waves, seashells, and people enjoying various beach activities. They can experiment with different shading techniques to create a sense of depth and add vibrant colors to capture the cheerful atmosphere. This activity allows children to explore the concept of perspective and helps them develop their drawing skills while evoking a sense of relaxation and summer vibes.

Activity 13: Draw Your Dream Vacation

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Encourage children to use their imagination and draw their dream vacation destination. Whether it’s a tropical island, a bustling city, or a peaceful countryside, let them envision and create their ideal getaway. They can include landmarks, transportation, and activities that they would love to experience. This activity sparks their creativity, allows them to express their desires, and develops their ability to visualize and represent different places through their artwork.

Activity 14: Draw a Robot or Alien

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Challenge children to draw their own imaginative robots or aliens. They can combine different shapes, patterns, and materials to design unique and futuristic beings. Encourage them to think about the functions and features of their creations, whether it’s a robot with extraordinary powers or an alien with peculiar characteristics. This activity allows children to explore their creativity, experiment with different artistic styles, and stretch their imaginations to create something out of this world.

Activity 15: Draw a Still Life

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Introduce children to the concept of still life by setting up a simple arrangement of objects in front of them. It can be a bowl of fruit, a vase of flowers, or a collection of everyday objects. Encourage them to observe the objects carefully and draw what they see, paying attention to details, shapes, and shadows. This activity helps children develop their observation skills, understand composition and perspective, and refine their drawing techniques.

Activity 16: Draw a Sports Moment

Inspire children to depict their favorite sports moments through their drawings. Whether it’s a winning goal, a spectacular catch, or a thrilling race, encourage them to capture the excitement and energy of the moment. They can focus on the athletes, the equipment, and the surrounding environment to create a dynamic and action-filled scene. This activity allows children to combine their love for sports with their artistic skills, fostering their ability to depict movement and convey emotions through art.

Activity 17: Draw a Musical Instrument

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Encourage children to explore the world of music by drawing their favorite musical instrument. They can choose from a guitar, piano, flute, drums, or any instrument that sparks their interest. Encourage them to pay attention to the instrument’s shape, details, and texture. They can also add musical notes or a musician playing the instrument to bring the drawing to life. This activity combines art and music, allowing children to appreciate the beauty of both forms of expression.

Activity 18: Draw a Fairy Tale Scene

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Let children dive into the enchanting world of fairy tales by drawing a scene from their favorite story. They can imagine a magical castle, a talking animal, or a fairy-tale forest. Encourage them to incorporate elements like princesses, knights, dragons, and other magical creatures. They can use their imagination to create a scene that captures the essence of the fairy tale and brings the story to life on paper. This activity nurtures their creativity, storytelling abilities, and visual interpretation skills.

Activity 19: Draw a Science Fiction Space

Scene Ignite children’s curiosity about space and science fiction by having them draw their own space scene. They can imagine distant planets, futuristic spacecraft, and alien landscapes. Encourage them to experiment with different colors, shapes, and details to create an otherworldly atmosphere. They can let their imagination soar as they depict astronauts, robots, or extraterrestrial beings in their artwork. This activity combines art and science fiction, stimulating their creativity and fostering their interest in space exploration.

Activity 20: Draw a Community Scene

Encourage children to think about their community and draw a scene that represents it. They can illustrate a neighborhood park, a bustling market, or a school setting. Encourage them to pay attention to the people, buildings, and elements that make their community unique. This activity helps children develop a sense of belonging, understand the importance of community, and explore their ability to represent real-life scenes through their artwork.

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