27 Eifel Tower Crafts for Kids

The Eiffel Tower, a Parisian landmark reaching for the sky, ignites the imagination of people of all ages. For kids, it’s a symbol of wonder and adventure.

Why not bring that magic home with some fun and creative Eiffel Tower crafts?

This collection of 25 crafts caters to a variety of ages and skill levels, making it perfect for a rainy day activity, a classroom project, or a way to celebrate a trip to France (or dream about one!).

So, gather your supplies, put on some French music (optional, but highly recommended!), and get ready to transport yourselves to the City of Lights, one Eiffel Tower craft at a time.

Easy Crafts for Little Picassos (Ages 3-6):

Paper Plate Eiffel Tower:

Paint a paper plate brown or gray. Once dry, cut out triangles from black construction paper and glue them on to create the tower’s latticework. You can add glitter for some extra Parisian sparkle!

Fingerprint Eiffel Tower:

Use brown or gray paint to make little fingerprints on a piece of white paper. Arrange the prints to form the tower’s silhouette. Add a yellow construction paper sun peeking from behind the “tower” for a charming touch.

Eiffel Tower Stamp Art:

Cut out triangle shapes from potatoes or sponges. Dip them in brown or gray paint and stamp them onto a piece of paper to create a unique Eiffel Tower pattern. Let your little artist decorate the background with colorful dots or splatters for a Parisian cityscape.

Pipe Cleaner Eiffel Tower:

Thread brown pipe cleaners together to build the basic structure of the Eiffel Tower. You can bend the pipe cleaners slightly to create the curves of the tower. Secure the ends with tape and decorate with colorful beads or sequins.

Play-Doh Eiffel Tower:

Let your child unleash their creativity with Play-Doh! Roll brown Play-Doh into long, thin snakes and twist them together to create the Eiffel Tower’s latticework. Top it off with a small yellow Play-Doh French flag.

Crafts for Budding Architects (Ages 7-10):

Cardboard Eiffel Tower:

Cardboard is a fantastic crafting material. Cut out two identical trapezoid shapes from cardboard and glue them together with a small gap in between. Use strips of cardboard to create the tower’s inner latticework. Paint the finished tower and add small windows with construction paper or markers.

Straw Eiffel Tower:

This is a great project for practicing scissor skills. Cut black straws into different sizes and use a glue gun (with adult supervision) to connect them, forming the Eiffel Tower’s framework. You can spray paint the finished tower for a sleek look.

Paper Cup Eiffel Tower:

Stack and glue paper cups of different sizes, decreasing in size as you go up, to create the Eiffel Tower’s basic structure. Paint them brown or gray and add construction paper details like arches and windows.

Paper Quilling Eiffel Tower:

This craft requires a bit more patience but yields stunning results. Use pre-cut paper strips or create your own by cutting colorful paper into thin strips. Roll and shape the strips to create quilling coils. Arrange the coils to form the Eiffel Tower’s design and glue them onto a cardstock background.

Pop-Up Eiffel Tower Card:

Fold a piece of cardstock in half to create a card base. On the inside, design a Parisian scene with the Eiffel Tower as the centerpiece. Use construction paper, markers, and stickers to bring your scene to life. Cut out intricate shapes from the folded card to create a pop-up effect when the card is opened.

Crafts for the Aspiring Van Goghs (Ages 10 and Up):

Watercolor Eiffel Tower:

Explore the beauty of watercolors! Wet a piece of watercolor paper and drop brown or gray paint to create a soft, dreamlike background for your Eiffel Tower. Once dry, use a thin brush to paint the outline of the tower and add details like arches and windows in a contrasting color.

Pencil Sketch Eiffel Tower:

Capture the intricate details of the Eiffel Tower with a pencil sketch. Use light lines to define the basic structure and gradually add darker lines and shading to create depth and dimension. This craft encourages patience and attention to detail.

Stenciled Eiffel Tower:

Design a simple stencil of the Eiffel Tower silhouette or a specific section of the latticework. Secure it onto a canvas or fabric and use spray paint or acrylics to create a unique Eiffel Tower design. You can even layer different colors for a more artistic effect.

Melted Crayon Art Eiffel Tower:

This is a fun and unexpected way to create an Eiffel Tower masterpiece. Secure a sheet of watercolor paper to a protected surface. Use a hairdryer (with adult supervision) to melt crayons held at a distance above the paper. The melted wax will drip and create a unique, abstract representation of the Eiffel Tower.

Crafts with a Twist:

Eiffel Tower Windsock:

Upcycle a plastic bottle! Cut the bottom third off a plastic bottle and decorate it with brown or gray paint. Use strips of construction paper or fabric to create windsock tails. Decorate the bottle with a paper Eiffel Tower glued on and hang it outside to watch it dance in the breeze.

Eiffel Tower Mobile:

Cut out different-sized Eiffel Tower shapes from construction paper or felt. Decorate them with glitter, sequins, or buttons. Punch holes at the top and string them together with colorful yarn to create a charming Eiffel Tower mobile.

Eiffel Tower Play Dough Sensory Bin:

Fill a bin with brown or gray Play-Doh. Add small figurines, plastic cars, and other miniature objects to create a Parisian scene. Encourage your child to build their own Eiffel Tower with Play-Doh and use the other objects to tell stories and imagine adventures.

Eiffel Tower Nightlight:

This craft is perfect for a child’s room. Cut out the silhouette of the Eiffel Tower from translucent paper. Decorate it with glitter or paint small dots of glow-in-the-dark paint. Place it over a small battery-powered tea light (with adult supervision) for a magical Parisian nightlight.

Eiffel Tower Pencil Holder:

Recycle an empty tin can! Paint it brown or gray and decorate it with a paper Eiffel Tower glued on the front. This adorable pencil holder will add a touch of Parisian flair to any desk.

Eiffel Tower Crafts with a French Flair:

French Flag and Eiffel Tower Collage:

Cut out construction paper squares in blue, white, and red to create the French flag. Glue a paper Eiffel Tower silhouette on top of the flag for a patriotic Parisian artwork.

Eiffel Tower on a Parisian Postcard:

Find a postcard image of a Parisian street scene or landmark. Cut out a small Eiffel Tower silhouette and glue it onto the postcard for a personalized souvenir.

Mini Eiffel Tower Goodie Bags:

Brown paper lunch bags can be transformed into adorable Eiffel Tower goodie bags! Decorate them with brown paint and add construction paper cut-outs of arches and windows to resemble the Eiffel Tower. Fill them with French-themed treats or small toys for a fun party favor.

Eiffel Tower Birthday Crown:

Construction paper and glitter come together to create a festive Eiffel Tower birthday crown. Cut out triangles and arches from construction paper and glue them together to form a crown shape. Decorate it with glitter, stickers, and a small paper Eiffel Tower at the front.

Eiffel Tower Photo Booth Backdrop:

Get creative and create a DIY photo booth backdrop! Use a large sheet of paper or fabric as your base. Paint a Parisian scene with the Eiffel Tower as the centerpiece. You can also use cut-outs, stencils, or even wallpaper to create a detailed backdrop. This is perfect for capturing fun memories at a French-themed party or even just a rainy day afternoon.

Eiffel Tower Terrarium:

Turn a recycled glass jar into a miniature Parisian garden! Add a layer of pebbles for drainage, then top it with soil suitable for small plants. Choose small succulents or air plants that thrive in enclosed environments. You can even create a tiny Eiffel Tower out of popsicle sticks or pipe cleaners to add a Parisian touch to your terrarium.

Eiffel Tower Light-Up Decoration:

This craft adds a touch of Parisian magic to a bedroom or playroom. Cut out the Eiffel Tower silhouette from cardboard or thick foam board. Wrap battery-operated fairy lights around the Eiffel Tower shape, securing them with tape or hot glue (with adult supervision). This creates a beautiful, glowing Eiffel Tower decoration that adds a romantic Parisian ambiance.

Eiffel Tower Memory Game:

Create a fun and educational game that tests your child’s memory and reinforces their recognition of the Eiffel Tower. Find or print out 12 images of the Eiffel Tower from different angles or perspectives. Glue each image onto separate small squares of cardstock or cardboard. These will be your game pieces. Turn all the pieces face down and take turns flipping them over two at a time trying to find matching pairs. The player who finds the most matching pairs wins!

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