24 Memorable End of Year Activities for 4th Graders

As the school year winds down, it’s the perfect time to engage fourth graders in a variety of fun and educational activities that celebrate their accomplishments and foster a sense of closure.

These end of year activities for 4th graders not only provide a break from the routine but also offer opportunities for reflection, creativity, and teamwork.

From memorable projects to outdoor adventures, the end of the school year can be a time of excitement and growth for fourth graders.

Now, we’ll explore engaging activities that are sure to make the end of the year special for these young learners.

Whether in the classroom or outdoors, these activities will help students cherish the memories they’ve made and look forward to the adventures that lie ahead.

Memory Lane Collage:

Create a nostalgic journey down memory lane by having students work together to craft a Memory Lane Collage. Provide them with old photographs, classwork, and mementos from the school year. In small groups, students can arrange these items on a large poster board, adding captions and drawings that highlight their favorite moments, lessons learned, and friendships made. This collaborative activity not only encourages reflection but also promotes teamwork and creativity. At the end of the project, each group can share their collage with the class, sparking conversations about the shared experiences of the year.

Time Capsule Adventure:

Challenge fourth graders to embark on a time capsule adventure. Have each student bring a small, sealed container to school, along with a letter to their future selves. In these letters, students can reflect on their accomplishments, goals, and what they’ve learned during the school year. They can also include predictions about the world or personal aspirations. Collect all the containers and letters, seal them in a larger box, and store it in a designated area of the classroom. On the last day of the next school year, open the time capsule and distribute the letters, allowing students to compare their expectations with reality.

Class Awards Ceremony:

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Host a special Class Awards Ceremony to celebrate each student’s unique qualities and contributions. Create fun and creative awards that recognize attributes like “Most Enthusiastic Learner,” “Master Storyteller,” or “Super Scientist.” Consider both academic and personal strengths. Allow students to nominate their peers for different awards, fostering a sense of appreciation and camaraderie. Present the awards in a class ceremony, complete with applause and cheers. This activity boosts students’ self-esteem and reinforces the importance of acknowledging the diverse talents within the class.

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Outdoor Exploration Day:

Take learning beyond the classroom by organizing an Outdoor Exploration Day. Choose a nearby park or nature reserve and plan a day filled with outdoor activities. Students can engage in nature scavenger hunts, observational drawing sessions, and team-building games. This hands-on experience allows fourth graders to appreciate the natural world while applying skills they’ve acquired throughout the year. As they work together in the fresh air, they’ll create lasting memories that connect learning to the world around them.

Storybook Sharing Circle:

Encourage the love of reading and storytelling by hosting a Storybook Sharing Circle. Invite students to select their favorite book they’ve read during the year and prepare a brief summary to share with the class. This activity not only allows students to showcase their reading comprehension but also introduces their peers to new and exciting stories. To add a creative twist, students can come dressed as their favorite book characters and even act out scenes from the stories. This activity celebrates literature while reinforcing public speaking skills and fostering a sense of community among classmates.

Classroom Time Capsule:

Transform your classroom into a treasure trove of memories by creating a Classroom Time Capsule. Provide students with a variety of art supplies, journals, and small keepsakes. Ask them to reflect on their favorite moments, lessons learned, and personal growth throughout the year. Have each student create a unique entry that captures their thoughts and experiences. Seal these entries in envelopes or containers and store them in a designated area of the classroom. Seal the entire collection in a larger container or box to be opened in the future. This activity offers a tangible reminder of their fourth-grade journey and a chance to see how they’ve evolved over time.

Collaborative Art Project:

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Unleash your students’ creativity with a collaborative art project that leaves a lasting mark on the classroom. Provide a large canvas or mural paper and an array of art supplies. Have the class work together to create a piece of art that represents their collective experiences, interests, and personalities. Each student can contribute a portion, whether it’s a drawing, a handprint, a written quote, or a collage. Display the finished artwork prominently in the classroom as a visual representation of their shared journey throughout the year.

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Virtual Class Yearbook:

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Harness technology to create a Virtual Class Yearbook that captures the essence of the school year in a digital format. Assign each student a page where they can include photos, text, and multimedia elements that showcase their favorite memories, achievements, and friendships. This modern take on a traditional yearbook allows students to showcase their digital literacy skills while reflecting on their experiences. Share the completed virtual yearbook with parents and classmates, ensuring that everyone has a digital keepsake of the year.

Math Adventure Day:

Combine learning with fun by organizing a Math Adventure Day. Set up a series of math-related challenges, puzzles, and games that require teamwork and problem-solving skills. From outdoor geometry scavenger hunts to indoor math mysteries, this activity engages students’ mathematical thinking in a hands-on and entertaining way. As they conquer each challenge, they earn pieces of a puzzle that ultimately reveals a surprise message or image. This day not only reinforces math concepts but also fosters collaboration and friendly competition.

Gratitude Journal Exchange:

Encourage a spirit of gratitude and empathy among fourth graders with a Gratitude Journal Exchange. Have students create personalized gratitude journals where they can jot down things they’re thankful for each day. Then, set up a journal exchange, where each student randomly selects another student’s journal to write a positive note or a reflection. This activity not only cultivates gratitude but also strengthens the sense of community within the class. At the end of the year, students can take their journals home as a heartfelt memento of the connections they’ve made.

Science Fair Extravaganza:

Ignite students’ curiosity by organizing a Science Fair Extravaganza that showcases their scientific inquiries and discoveries. Throughout the year, encourage students to explore topics of interest, conduct experiments, and present their findings. On the designated day, set up a science fair in the classroom where each student presents their project to classmates, teachers, and even parents if possible. This hands-on experience not only reinforces scientific concepts but also hones presentation skills and encourages a passion for exploration.

Global Cultural Celebration:

Take a journey around the world by hosting a Global Cultural Celebration. Invite students to research and present about a country or culture that interests them. They can create displays, share traditional foods, and even perform dances or songs from their chosen culture. This activity fosters cultural awareness, research skills, and public speaking abilities while allowing students to learn about the diversity of our global community.

Movie-making Marathon:

Combine creativity and technology with a Movie-making Marathon. Divide the class into small groups and assign each group a topic or theme related to the school year. Provide access to devices with video recording capabilities or even smartphones. Challenge the groups to create short movies or skits that encapsulate their experiences, learning journeys, and friendships. This multimedia activity encourages storytelling, teamwork, and digital literacy.

Mystery Classroom Adventure:

Turn the classroom into an interactive mystery puzzle with a Mystery Classroom Adventure. Craft a series of clues, riddles, and challenges that students must solve to uncover a hidden treasure or solve a fictional mystery. Incorporate content from various subjects, encouraging students to use their critical thinking skills, teamwork, and creativity. As they progress through the adventure, they’ll unravel a storyline that ties together their year-long experiences.

Future Dream Board:

Inspire students to dream big and set goals for the future with a Future Dream Board activity. Provide magazines, art supplies, and vision board templates. Ask students to envision their aspirations for the coming years and create visual representations of their goals. This reflective exercise promotes self-awareness, ambition, and visualization skills. Display the completed dream boards in the classroom as a reminder of their aspirations and the journey they’re embarking on.

Field Day Festival:

Organize a vibrant and energetic Field Day Festival to celebrate the end of the school year. Set up a variety of outdoor games and activities that promote teamwork, physical activity, and friendly competition. From sack races to tug-of-war, these games encourage students to collaborate and showcase their sportsmanship. This active and joyful event creates lasting memories of fun and camaraderie.

Classroom Escape Challenge:

Conclude the year with an engaging and brain-teasing Classroom Escape Challenge. Create a series of puzzles, riddles, and clues that students must solve to “escape” the classroom. Incorporate curriculum-related content to test their knowledge and critical thinking. This interactive adventure encourages teamwork, problem-solving, and a sense of accomplishment.

Career Exploration Day:

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Inspire students to think about their future careers with a Career Exploration Day. Invite guest speakers from various professions to talk about their careers and experiences. Students can ask questions, learn about different industries, and gain insights into the world of work. This activity broadens their horizons and helps them connect their current studies to real-world applications.

Interactive Math Museum:

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Transform your classroom into an Interactive Math Museum, where students become both creators and visitors of math-themed exhibits. Assign each student a mathematical concept or principle and challenge them to design an interactive display that explains the concept in an engaging way. This activity promotes a deeper understanding of math concepts while fostering creativity and presentation skills.

Community Service Project:

Instill the value of giving back by organizing a Community Service Project. Collaborate with local organizations or charities to identify a meaningful project that the students can contribute to. Whether it’s a park clean-up, a food drive, or making cards for seniors, this activity teaches empathy, responsibility, and the importance of making a positive impact in their community.

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