25 DIY Feather Craft Ideas for Kids

Feathers are nature’s tiny masterpieces, boasting vibrant colors and delicate textures. They’re also incredibly versatile for crafting!

From playful toys to stunning decorations, feathers can be transformed into a world of creative possibilities.

This blog post is your one-stop shop for 25 DIY feather craft ideas for kids, perfect for rainy days, after-school fun, or themed parties.

With a little adult supervision and these easy-to-follow ideas, your kids can unleash their inner artist and create something truly unique.

Feathery Fun for the Little Ones (Ages 3-5):

Tickle Monster:

Cut out a simple monster shape from felt. Let your child glue feathers of different sizes and colors all over the monster to create a ticklish friend!

Feathery Crowns:

Cardboard circles become magical crowns with feathers! Decorate them with markers, glitter, and glue feathers of various colors and lengths around the edge.

Sensory Bottles:

Fill a clear plastic bottle with water, glitter, and colorful feathers. Hot glue the lid on for a mesmerizing sensory toy that sparkles and swirls.

Nature Collage:

Take a walk in nature and collect leaves, twigs, and small pinecones. On a piece of cardstock, create a nature scene using the collected items. Glue feathers on for fluffy clouds or colorful birds.

Dancing Feathers:

Thread colorful feathers onto yarn or pipe cleaners. Tie the other end to a stick or dowel. Your child can wave their “dancing feathers” in the air, creating a mesmerizing display.

Feathered Friends and Fanciful Creatures (Ages 5-8):

Pom-Pom Birds:

Create adorable birds by making yarn pom-poms for the body. Glue feathers on for wings and a felt triangle for the beak. Googly eyes add a whimsical touch!

Feathery Puppets:

Cardboard tubes or paper bags transform into playful puppets with the help of feathers! Decorate the bodies with markers or construction paper. Glue feathers on for hair, tails, or wings.

Dream Catchers:

Weave a simple web with yarn on a hula hoop or embroidery hoop. Glue colorful feathers, beads, and ribbons around the hoop for a beautiful dream catcher to hang in their room.

Felt Owls:

Cut out owl shapes from felt. Glue feathers on for wings and use buttons or felt scraps for eyes. Owl-loving kids will adore these feathery friends!

Paper Plate Masks:

Upcycle paper plates into magical masks! Cut out eye holes and decorate with markers or paint. Glue feathers on for unique horns, a majestic mane, or flowing hair.

Feathery Fashion and Functional Fun (Ages 8-12):

Feathered Headbands:

Plain headbands get a feathery makeover! Glue feathers of different sizes and colors onto a headband for a vibrant hair accessory.

Washi Tape Feather Pens:

This is a quick and easy way to add a touch of whimsy to everyday pens. Cut a small piece of washi tape and attach the end of a feather to it. Wrap the tape around the pen barrel and secure it with another piece of tape. Repeat with more feathers for a truly unique writing tool.

DIY Bookmarks:

Cardboard or construction paper can be transformed into beautiful bookmarks. Decorate them with markers, stickers, and glue colorful feathers along the edge. Maybe even write their name on it for a personal touch!

Feathery Keychains:

Turn a simple key ring into a unique keychain with feathers! Attach feathers to the ring with jump rings, colorful beads, or yarn.

Feathered Coasters:

Cut out circles from felt or cork. Decorate them with paint or markers and glue feathers around the edge for a touch of elegance. These make lovely handmade gifts for family and friends.

Feathery Decorations and Room Revamps (Ages 8 and Up):

Feathered Mobile:

Hang a wooden dowel or embroidery hoop from the ceiling. Tie colorful feathers of different lengths to yarn or fishing line and attach them to the hoop for a mesmerizing mobile.

Feathered Windchimes:

Upcycle old tin cans or plastic bottles into beautiful wind chimes. Decorate them with paint and glue feathers for tails. Hang them outside and listen to the gentle tinkling sound on a breezy day.

Feathery Mirror Frames:

Take an old picture frame and give it a feathery makeover! Glue feathers of different sizes and colors around the frame for a unique and artistic look.

Feathered Table Runners :

Cut a long piece of fabric for a table runner. Decorate it with fabric paint or stencils. Glue feathers along the edges or create a feathery centerpiece for a touch of whimsy at mealtimes.

Nature Wall Art:

This project is perfect for showcasing all those beautiful feathers collected on nature walks. Use a canvas or a large piece of cardboard as the base. Glue feathers in a variety of shapes and colors to create a stunning nature-inspired artwork.

Feathery Nightlights:

For a soft and calming glow, decorate a glass jar with paint or washi tape. Glue feathers around the rim and place a battery-operated tea light inside for a beautiful homemade nightlight.

Feathered Gift Bags:

Brown paper bags become personalized gift bags with a touch of feather flair! Decorate them with markers, stamps, or stencils. Glue feathers on for a festive touch, perfect for birthdays or holidays.

Feathered Photo Frames:

Give a plain picture frame a feathered upgrade! Glue colorful feathers around the frame or create a specific design like a flower or butterfly using different sized feathers.

Feathery Pencil Toppers:

Transform ordinary pencils into feathery friends. Glue feathers of different colors and sizes to the eraser end of a pencil. Googly eyes and felt beaks can add a touch of personality.

Feathered Costume Accessories:

Planning a costume party? Feathers can be the perfect addition! Create feathery wings, headbands, tails, or cuffs for a truly unique and eye-catching costume.

Safety Tips:

  • Adult supervision is recommended for younger children, especially when using scissors, glue guns, or hot glue.
  • Use feathers that are clean and free of dust. You can gently wash them with mild soap and water and let them air dry completely before crafting.
  • Choose feathers that are appropriate for the age of the child. Large feathers can be difficult for younger children to handle.

Feathery Fun for All!

With a little imagination and these fun feather craft ideas, kids can create beautiful decorations, unique toys, and personalized gifts. Feathers offer a world of creative possibilities, allowing children to explore their artistic talents, develop fine motor skills, and appreciate the beauty of nature. So, gather your feathers, grab some crafting supplies, and let your child’s creativity take flight!

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