22 Fire Safety Activities for Preschoolers

Fire safety is an important life skill that preschoolers should learn early on.

These quick activities for kids can help young children develop a strong foundation in fire safety and become more confident in handling emergencies.

In this article, we will discuss various fire safety activities for preschoolers that are age-appropriate and promote learning in various areas.

Stop, Drop, and Roll –

20 Fire Safety Activities for Preschoolers
Source: capt.org.uk

Teach children the Stop, Drop, and Roll technique to use if their clothing catches fire. Have them practice by rolling on a mat or carpet.

Dress Up

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Provide children with firefighter costumes, including jackets, boots, and helmets. Allow them to play dress-up and pretend to be firefighters.

Fire Truck Craft

Have children create their own fire truck using construction paper, scissors, and glue. They can decorate it with stickers or markers.

Fire Safety Coloring Pages –

Provide children with coloring pages that depict firefighters and other fire safety situations.

Books about Fire Safety –

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Read books to the children about fire safety, such as “No Dragons for Tea” by Jean Pendziwol and Martine Gourbault. You can also incorporate these books into circle time discussions.

Fire Extinguisher Experiment

Provide children with a small fire extinguisher to practice using in a safe and supervised environment. Use a pretend fire or a candle flame as the target.

Fire Drill Simulation

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Practice a fire drill with the children so that they know what to do in case of a real emergency. You can make it fun and interactive with a sing-along or dance.

Fire Safety Scavenger Hunt

Create a scavenger hunt where children must find fire safety items around the classroom or playground, such as smoke detectors, fire alarms, or fire extinguishers.

Fire Safety Songs

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Teach children to fire safety songs such as “The Fireman’s Song” or “When the Fire Bell Rings.” You can also make up your own fire safety song to sing with the children.

Fire Safety Poster Contest

Have children create their own fire safety posters using markers, crayons, or paint. Display the posters around the classroom or school to promote fire safety awareness.

Fire Safety Puppet Show

Source: youtube.com

Create a puppet show with fire safety characters, such as Sparky the Fire Dog, to teach children about fire safety rules and procedures.

Fire Safety Obstacle Course

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Set up an obstacle course that teaches children how to crawl low to the ground, navigate obstacles, and escape a burning building.

Fire Safety Bingo –

Create a game that includes fire safety terms and items, such as smoke alarms, firefighters, and fire trucks.

Fire Safety Snack

Create a healthy fire safety snack, such as a fruit salad shaped like a fire truck or a firefighter’s hat made from crackers and cheese.

Fire Safety Role-Play

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Allow children to role-play different fire safety scenarios, such as calling 911, checking smoke alarms, or escaping a burning building.

Fire Safety Dance

Teach children a fire safety dance that incorporates the Stop, Drop, and Roll technique and other fire safety procedures.

Fire Safety Word Search

Source: etsy.com

Create a word search game that includes fire safety terms and items, such as fire hydrants, hoses, and extinguishers.

Fire Safety Fingerplays

Teach children to fire safety fingerplays, such as “Five Little Firefighters” or “Five Red Fire Trucks.”

Fire Safety Math

Create fire safety math games, such as counting how many firefighters are in a picture or adding up the number of smoke alarms in a room.

Fire Safety Field Trip

Source: patch.com

Take children on a field trip to a local fire station or fire museum to learn more about firefighting and fire safety.


In conclusion, teaching preschoolers about fire safety is crucial to ensuring their safety and well-being.

By incorporating these activities into their lesson plans, teachers can help young children develop a strong foundation in fire safety, making them more confident and capable of protecting themselves and others in the event of a fire.

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