20 Horse Shoe Crafts for Kids

Horseshoes, those trusty symbols of good luck, can be transformed into something even more magical – engaging and educational crafts for kids!

With a little imagination and some readily available materials, these iron wonders can become everything from whimsical creatures to festive decorations.

So, saddle up and get ready to explore 20 fantastic horseshoe crafts that will keep your little ones entertained for hours.

Easy-Peasy Pony Projects (Ages 3-5):

Lucky Doodlers:

This is a simple introduction to crafting with horseshoes. Paint the horseshoes in bright, cheerful colors. While the paint dries, let the kids explore different shapes and colors on paper. Once dry, the horseshoes become the perfect canvas for little handprints or stamped shapes (pom poms work well!).

Giddy-Up Gallery:

String some colorful yarn or ribbon across a wall or doorway. Now, the fun begins! Decorate the horseshoes with glitter, buttons, and stickers. Punch holes at the top and hang them on the “clothesline” for a dazzling display of horseshoe art.

Neigh-Sayer to Nature:

Horseshoes make fantastic bird feeders! Fill them with birdseed and secure them to a sturdy branch or fence post. You can even paint the horseshoes beforehand for an extra pop of color in your backyard.

Magnetic Marvels:

Hot glue small magnets to the back of the horseshoes. Now, they become magical treasures for the fridge! Let the kids decorate them with paint and markers to create personalized magnets.

Giddy- up for Getting Crafty (Ages 6-8):

Horseshoe Wind Chimes:

This craft combines musicality with a touch of the outdoors. Gather various sized bells, wind chimes, or even bottle caps. Tie them to a sturdy string or yarn, then thread the string through a hole drilled in the top of the horseshoe. Hang it outside and listen to the delightful tinkling in the breeze.

Neigh-borly Wreath:

Transform a horseshoe into a charming wreath! Wind some greenery, twine, or colorful yarn around the horseshoe, creating a base. Hot glue on small pinecones, artificial flowers, or any other natural treasures your little ones find. This is a fantastic craft for all seasons, allowing for customization with fall leaves, winter berries, or spring flowers.

Majestic Mobile:

This craft is a fantastic display of creativity. Find various horse figurines, plastic animals, or even crafting foam cutouts of horses and other farm animals. Attach them to strings of varying lengths and tie them to a coat hanger or embroidery hoop. Hang the mobile and watch the “horses” graze in the breeze.

Lucky Lantern:

Clean and paint a horseshoe. Once dry, carefully drill holes around the outside edge. Thread fairy lights through the holes and secure them. Hang the lantern indoors or outdoors for a touch of magical lighting. (Adult supervision recommended when using drilling tools)

Pony Pals and Playtime Crafts (Ages 8 and Up):

Horseshoe Horseshoe Game:

This is a fun twist on a classic game! Paint two horseshoes in contrasting colors. Find some wooden rings or cut cardboard into donut shapes. Now, you have a horseshoe-themed ring toss game, perfect for backyard barbecues or rainy day fun.

Neigh-tural Bookends:

Horseshoes make sturdy and unique bookends. Paint them or leave them natural. Decorate with decoupage or add small figurines or ribbons for a personalized touch. These bookends will add a touch of the Wild West to any bookshelf.

Giddy-Up for Games:

Horseshoes can be repurposed into game pieces! Paint them in contrasting colors and use them as oversized checkers on a large outdoor board (use chalk on the driveway!) or create a giant tic-tac-toe board with them.

Lucky Ladybugs:

These adorable little creatures are surprisingly easy to make. Paint the horseshoes red with black spots for ladybugs. Add pipe cleaner antennae and googly eyes for an extra touch of whimsy. These “lucky ladybugs” can be scattered around the garden for a touch of charm.

Horseshoe Home Decor (All Ages):

Rustic Photo Frame:

This craft is a great way to display cherished memories. Paint a horseshoe and hot glue it to a sturdy piece of cardboard cut slightly larger than a desired photo size. Decorate the frame with buttons, dried flowers, or small trinkets.

Neigh-tural Wall Art:

Horseshoes can be transformed into beautiful wall art. Paint them with a metallic finish or leave them natural. Arrange them in a horseshoe shape, Arrange them in a horseshoe shape, a star, or any other design you like. Secure them to a piece of wood and hang them for a touch of rustic charm.

Horseshoe Coat Rack:

(Adult Supervision Recommended) This is a functional and decorative craft. Find a sturdy piece of wood and drill holes at even intervals. Secure the horseshoes to the wood using screws or bolts. This creates a unique and artistic coat rack for hallways or mudrooms.

Lucky Lamp Base:

(Adult Supervision Recommended) This project requires a little more adult involvement but yields stunning results. Find a lamp kit (available at most craft stores) and remove the existing base. Carefully drill a hole in the center of the horseshoe large enough to accommodate the lamp kit’s wiring. Once secured, the horseshoe becomes a one-of-a-kind lamp base.

Horseshoe for the Holidays (All Ages):

Neigh-stivity Scene:

Horseshoes can be a unique addition to a nativity scene. Paint a small horseshoe gold and place it near the baby Jesus to represent the manger.

Giddy-Up for Giving:

Horseshoes make fantastic gift tags! Paint them with festive colors and write names or messages on them. Punch a hole at the top and tie them to presents with some colorful twine.

Lucky Leprechaun Trap:

Get ready to catch a leprechaun! Paint a horseshoe green and decorate it with shamrocks and glitter. Place a small box filled with gold coins (chocolate works!) under the horseshoe for a festive St. Patrick’s Day decoration.

Welly Merry Horseshoe Wreath:

This is a charming take on a traditional holiday wreath. Find a collection of colorful Wellington boots (rain boots) in various sizes. Secure them to a wire wreath frame, creating a base. Hot glue a painted horseshoe in the center for a touch of luck and whimsy.

Bonus: Safety First!

Horseshoes can be heavy and have sharp edges. Always supervise young children when crafting with them. Adults should handle any drilling or cutting tasks.

Giddy-Up and Get Crafting!

With a little creativity and these 20 fun ideas, you can turn ordinary horseshoes into extraordinary crafts that will spark your child’s imagination and keep them entertained for hours. So, grab some horseshoes, gather your crafting supplies, and get ready for some “neigh”-borly fun!

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