25 Jellyfish Crafts for Kids

The mesmerizing dance of jellyfish in the ocean captures the imagination of children and adults alike.

These gentle giants, with their flowing tentacles and vibrant colors, are a perfect inspiration for fun and creative crafts.

This post brings you a treasure trove of 25 jellyfish craft ideas, catering to a variety of ages and skill levels.

From simple paper crafts perfect for preschoolers to more intricate projects for older kids, there’s something here to spark the creativity in every child.

Paperific Jellyfish:

Classic Paper Cut-outs:

This is a great starting point for young children. Use construction paper in various colors to cut out a simple jellyfish body and long, flowing tentacles. Decorate with markers, glitter, or stickers.

Free-flowing Streamers:

Craft beautiful, cascading jellyfish with cupcake liners and streamers. Cut out a circle from a cupcake liner and attach colorful streamers of different lengths to represent the tentacles. Let your child experiment with different colors and streamer textures.

Paper Plate Parade:

Transform a paper plate into a delightful jellyfish! Paint the plate a vibrant color, letting your child unleash their inner artist. Once dry, cut out long strips of paper to create the tentacles. Glue them to the back of the plate and add a cheerful face with googly eyes.

Newspaper Transformation:

Upcycle old newspapers into unique jellyfish! Tear newspaper pieces into different sizes and shapes. Glue them onto a paper plate or cardboard cutout to create the jellyfish body. Add a touch of paint or markers for details and attach string for hanging.

Underwater Art Extravaganza:

Watercolor Wonders:

Create stunning hanging jellyfish with watercolor magic! Cut out jellyfish shapes from watercolor paper and let your child paint them in beautiful gradients. Once dry, punch a hole at the top and string them together for a mesmerizing underwater scene.

Egg Carton Extravagance:

Repurpose an egg carton for a delightful 3D jellyfish! Cut out individual egg cups and paint them in vibrant colors. Add pipe cleaners or yarn for the tentacles and googly eyes for a playful touch.

Printable Playtime:

Looking for a quick and easy craft? There are many free printable jellyfish templates available online [Easy Jellyfish Craft For Kids]. Print them out, let your child decorate them with crayons or markers, and cut them out to create a school of colorful jellyfish.

Sew Cute Jellyfish:

For older children who are learning to sew, crafting a felt jellyfish can be a fun and rewarding experience. Cut out two jellyfish shapes from felt and sew them together, leaving an opening for stuffing. Stuff with cotton wool and sew the opening closed. Add details like eyes and tentacles using embroidery floss.

Recycling Regalia:

CD and Ribbon Twirls:

Give old CDs a new life as shimmering jellyfish! Cover the CD with colorful tissue paper and secure it with tape. Cut colorful ribbons into varying lengths and glue them around the edge of the CD for the tentacles. Hang them up for a dazzling display.

Paper Bag Buddies:

Brown paper bags get a makeover into adorable jellyfish! Cut the bottom of a paper bag into strips to create the tentacles. Decorate the bag with paint or markers and add a friendly face with googly eyes. Stuff the bag with tissue paper for a plump body and secure the top with tape.

Cardboard Tube Champions:

Empty cardboard tubes become playful jellyfish with a little creativity. Cut the tube in half vertically. Paint one half and decorate it with markers. Cut strips of tissue paper or crepe paper and fringe them. Glue the fringed paper strips around the open end of the tube for the tentacles.

Pool Noodle Paradise:

Pool noodles are perfect for creating giant jellyfish! Cut a pool noodle into sections for the jellyfish body and tentacles. Let your child paint them in vibrant colors. String them together or hang them individually for a larger-than-life underwater display.

Beyond the Paper:

Loopty-Loo Jellyfish:

This craft is a great way to practice fine motor skills. Cut out circles from different colored felt or construction paper. Stack the circles with the largest at the bottom and secure them in the center with a brad. Cut yarn or string into different lengths and tie them around the outside of the circles for the tentacles.

Bubble Printing Bonanza:

Create unique textured jellyfish with bubble wrap! Pour some paint onto a tray and let your child lay a piece of paper (cut into a jellyfish shape) on top of the paint, pressing gently. The bubbles will create a cool, textured effect. Once dry, add details with markers and attach pipe cleaners for tentacles.

Light Up the Night:

Glow-in-the-Dark Delights:

For a nighttime twist, use glow-in-the-dark paint to create jellyfish that come alive in the dark! Paint paper cutouts or cardboard shapes with glow-in-the-dark paint and add details with markers. Let them charge in the sunlight and watch them illuminate the room at night.

Light-Up Tissue Paper Magic:

Transform tissue paper into luminous jellyfish with battery-operated tea lights! Cut out jellyfish shapes from colorful tissue paper. Layer multiple pieces of tissue paper for a more vibrant effect. Wrap the tissue paper around a small jar containing a battery-operated tea light. The light will shine through the tissue paper, creating a beautiful glowing jellyfish.

Sensory Exploration:

Paper Plate Swimming:

Turn a paper plate into a swimming jellyfish! Paint a paper plate blue and decorate it with seaweed and bubbles. Cut out a jellyfish shape from another piece of paper and attach it to a string. Poke a hole in the center of the paper plate and thread the string through it. Pull the string to make the jellyfish appear to swim through the painted ocean scene.

Spongy Squeeze Fun:

Create squishy, tactile jellyfish with craft foam! Cut out two jellyfish shapes from different colored craft foam sheets. Glue them together with a straw or pipe cleaner sandwiched in between. Leave a small opening for stuffing with cotton balls. Once stuffed, seal the opening and add details with markers or googly eyes.

A Touch of Nature:

Nature’s Canvas – Leaf Jellyfish:

Take a walk in nature and collect some large leaves. These can be transformed into beautiful, rustic jellyfish! Paint the leaves in ocean colors like blue and green. Add details like veins and spots with markers. Attach yarn or string for the tentacles and hang them up for a natural touch.

Seashell Splendor:

For a touch of the seashore, create jellyfish using seashells! Find a large seashell for the body and smaller shells for the tentacles. Glue them together on a piece of painted cardboard or wood to create a 3D jellyfish sculpture.

Extravagant Explorations:

Jellyfish Costume Extravaganza:

Transform your child into a majestic jellyfish with a homemade costume! Use a large hula hoop as the base and drape white fabric over it to create the jellyfish body. Attach streamers or yarn in various lengths for the tentacles. Decorate the fabric with paint or fabric markers and add a headband with googly eyes to complete the look.

Jellyfish Mobiles:

Create a mesmerizing mobile with a collection of jellyfish! Use a variety of craft materials like paper, felt, or even recycled materials. Cut out different sized jellyfish shapes and decorate them with unique patterns and colors. Attach them to a mobile frame with string or fishing line for a beautiful display that twirls in the breeze.

Jellyfish in a Jar:

This craft is a great way to create a miniature underwater scene. Fill a clear jar with blue sand or pebbles. Cut out jellyfish shapes from paper or felt and attach them to craft sticks or pipe cleaners. Push the sticks into the sand to create the illusion of jellyfish swimming in a jar. Add other sea creature cutouts for a complete underwater world.


  • Safety first! Adult supervision is recommended for younger children, especially when using scissors or other sharp objects.
  • Get messy! Crafts are a time for exploration and creativity. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different materials and techniques.
  • Personalize it! Encourage your child to add their own unique touches to each craft, making it their own masterpiece.

With these 25 creative jellyfish craft ideas, you have a treasure trove of inspiration to keep your child entertained and engaged. So, gather your supplies, set sail on your creative journey, and dive into the world of crafting fun!

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