25 Keychain Crafts for Kids & Teens

Keychains are more than just a way to keep track of your keys. They’re a mini canvas for self-expression, a chance to show off your personality with every jingle.

For kids and teens, crafting their own keychains is a fun and rewarding activity. It lets them explore their creativity, develop fine motor skills, and end up with a cool, personalized accessory.

This list offers 20 keychain ideas, ranging from super simple to more complex, catering to different ages and interests.

So, gather your supplies, grab the kids (or teens!), and get ready to unleash your inner crafter!

The Crafty Classics (Ages 5 & Up):

Beaded Bliss:

This is a timeless classic for a reason! String colorful pony beads, alphabet beads, or even funky patterned beads onto a key ring to create a design that reflects your style. You can make a simple loop or get fancy with patterns.

Pom-Pom Power:

Who can resist a fluffy pom-pom? They’re surprisingly easy to make with yarn and a bit of patience. Attach a completed pom-pom to a key ring for a playful and tactile keychain.

Shrinky Dink Doodling:

This one’s a blast from the past, but still a ton of fun. Trace shapes or letters onto shrink plastic, color them in with permanent markers, bake them according to package instructions, and watch them magically shrink into tiny, hard charms. Attach them to a key ring for a personalized touch.

Button Bonanza:

Raid your button jar or hit up a craft store for a variety of buttons. You can simply string them onto a key ring or glue them together to create a unique design. Buttons come in all shapes, sizes, and themes, so there’s something for everyone.

Nature’s Mini Masterpieces:

Take a walk in nature and collect interesting finds like small pinecones, flat stones, or colorful leaves. Once dried, you can paint them, decorate them with markers, or even add a small picture to the flat surface of a stone. Seal them with a clear coat for extra protection, then attach them to a key ring for a touch of the outdoors.

Getting Crafty with Clay (Ages 8 & Up):

Clay Creations:

Air-dry clay is a fantastic medium for keychain crafting. Mold it into any shape you can imagine – animals, initials, food items, the possibilities are endless! Once dry, you can paint your creation and add a jump ring and key ring to complete your keychain.

Polymer Clay Power:

For a more durable option, consider using polymer clay. It comes in a vast array of colors and can be baked at home to harden. This allows for more intricate designs and details compared to air-dry clay.

Funky Fabric Fun (Ages 8 & Up):

Felt Friends:

Felt is a versatile and forgiving material, perfect for creating cute and cuddly keychain characters. Cut out simple shapes like hearts, stars, or animals, then sew them together with contrasting thread. You can even add details like buttons or embroidery floss for extra personality.

Fabric Fun:

Fabric scraps can be transformed into cool keychains too! Cut out squares or circles, fold them in half, and sew the edges together, leaving a small opening for stuffing. Fill with polyfill, sew the opening shut, and attach a key ring. You can decorate these mini fabric pouches with buttons, ribbons, or fabric paint.

Upcycled Awesomeness (All Ages):

Bottle Cap Bonanza:

Don’t toss those bottle caps! They can be transformed into funky keychains. Wash and dry them, then paint them with cool designs or patterns. You can even hot glue bottle caps together to create a 3D design.

Lego Love:

Got a Lego collection overflowing? Put those stray pieces to good use! Create a mini Lego character or animal and attach it to a key ring for a nostalgic and playful keychain.

Pencil Power:

Upcycle old pencils! Sharpen the tip and decorate the shaft with paint or markers. You can even add a small eraser charm to the other end.

For the Tech-Savvy (Ages 10 & Up):

Perler Bead Pixels:

Turn pixel art into reality with Perler beads. Create mini characters, logos, or even messages using Perler bead patterns. Once ironed according to the package instructions, attach them to a key ring for a pixelated masterpiece.

For the Tech-Savvy (Ages 10 & Up):

3D Printed Flair:

Have access to a 3D printer? The possibilities are endless! Download keychain designs online or create your own using 3D modeling software. Print them out and you’ve got a unique and personalized keychain.

Let There Be Light (Ages 10 & Up):

LED Light Up Love:

For a keychain with a little extra oomph, consider incorporating LEDs. You can find small LED lights with batteries online or at electronics stores. With a bit of adult supervision and following safety guidelines, you can create a keychain that lights up with the push of a button.

For the Foodies (All Ages):

Shrink Plastic Cookies:

Love cookies? Turn them into miniature versions for your keychain! Make a batch of your favorite sugar cookie dough, roll it out thin, and cut out shapes using cookie cutters. Bake according to recipe instructions, then follow the Shrinky Dink process (mentioned earlier in #3) to create tiny, hard cookie charms for your keychain. Note: Due to the baking process, these keychains are more for decoration and not for actual consumption.

Fimo Fruit Fun:

Fimo is a type of oven-bake clay that comes in a variety of colors, perfect for creating miniature fruits for your keychain. Mold Fimo clay into different fruits like strawberries, watermelon slices, or grapes. Bake according to package instructions, let them cool, and attach them to a key ring for a fruity and fun keychain.

Friendship Fun (Ages 8 & Up):

Friendship Loom Love:

Friendship bracelets are a classic, but how about a friendship keychain? Use a small loom and colorful embroidery floss to create a miniature friendship bracelet design. Attach the finished piece to a key ring for a reminder of your best bud.

Friendship Fuse Beads:

Fuse beads offer another fun option for creating friendship keychains. Work together on a design using small fuse beads, then iron them together according to package instructions. Attach the completed design to a key ring for a shared creation.

Think Outside the Box (All Ages):

DIY Mini Photo Keychains:

Find a small frame or bezel that can fit a miniature photo. Print out a picture you love, cut it to size, and secure it in the frame. Attach the frame to a key ring for a personal touch.

Bonus Tip: For added strength and shine, consider coating some of your creations with a layer of clear nail polish once they are dry.

Remember: Adult supervision is recommended for younger crafters, especially when using tools like hot glue guns or oven-bake clay. Most importantly, have fun and let your creativity flow! With a little imagination, these keychain crafts can be customized to reflect individual styles and interests, making them the perfect personalized accessory.

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