21 Exciting Leap Year Activities for Kids

Leap years are fascinating, occurring every four years and adding an extra day to our calendars.

As parents, we know how important it is to keep our kids engaged and entertained.

So why not make the most of the uniqueness of leap years by incorporating fun and educational activities?

Here’s a guide to some exciting leap year activities for kids that will not only entertain them but also contribute to their development.

Leap Day Science Experiment:

20 Fun Leap Year Activities for Kids
Source: blog.csiro.au

Teach your kids the science behind leap years with a fun and educational experiment. You’ll need a flashlight, a globe, and a piece of paper. First, shine the flashlight on the globe and have your kids identify where the light hits. Next, have them mark that spot on the paper.

Leap Year Scavenger Hunt:

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Create a fun scavenger hunt around the house or in your backyard. Hide clues or items that represent leap year, such as a frog toy, a calendar with February 29 circled, or a sign that says “Happy Leap Year!” As your kids find each clue, have them learn about the history and significance of leap years.

Leap Year Bingo:

Create a bingo board with leap year-related terms, such as “February 29th,” “Leap Year,” “Frog,” “Extra Day,” and “Calendar.” Have your kids fill out their own bingo board with these terms, and then draw words from a hat to call out. The first one to get five in a row wins!

Leap Year Craft:

Get creative with a fun leap-year-themed craft. One idea is to create a frog paper chain, using green construction paper and glue. Cut out frog shapes and then link them together to create a chain. You could also make a “Leap Year” banner to hang up in your home using colorful construction paper and markers.

Leap Year Movie Night:

Finish off the day with a fun movie night, featuring movies with leap year themes. Some great options include “Leap Year,” a romantic comedy set in Ireland, or “The Leap Year,” a family-friendly animated movie about a young girl’s journey through time to save her family. Serve up some popcorn and enjoy the extra day with your family!

Leap Year Memory Game:

Create a memory game using cards with pictures or words related to leap year. Mix up the cards and place them face down on a table or floor. Have your kids take turns flipping over two cards to try and make a match. As they find matches, they can learn about the significance of each term.

Leap Year Collage:

Creating a leap year collage is a fun and easy activity that will keep your kids engaged. You can gather old magazines, newspapers, and other materials and ask your kids to create a collage with a leap year theme. They can cut out pictures and words related to leap year and paste them on a poster board or paper.

Leap Year Dance Party:

Throw a leap year dance party, complete with leap year-themed decorations and music. You could even have a dance contest, with prizes for the most creative leap year-inspired moves.

Leap Year Geography Challenge:

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Use leap year as an opportunity to learn about geography. Have your kids research countries that are on the opposite side of the world from where you live and then calculate how many leap years they are ahead or behind you.

Leap Year Poetry Writing:

Leap year poetry writing is a great activity that will encourage your kids to express themselves creatively. You can provide them with examples of leap year-themed poems and ask them to write their own. They can write about their favorite things about leap year or the significance of the extra day.

Leap Year Book Club:

Choose a leap year-themed book to read with your kids, such as “A Fine St. Patrick’s Day” by Susan Wojciechowski or “Leap Year” by Peter Cameron. After reading, discuss the story and the significance of leap year. You could even make some themed snacks to enjoy while you read.

Leap Year Math Activity:

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Use the extra day in the year to practice some math skills. For example, have your kids calculate how many hours are in a leap year, how many minutes, or how many seconds. You could also have them practice their multiplication tables, using the number 366 (the number of days in a leap year).

Leap Year Writing Prompt:

Encourage your kids to write a short story or poem about leap year. Provide them with a writing prompt, such as “If I could have an extra day, I would…” or “On Leap Day, I woke up to find…” This activity will not only inspire creativity but also help improve their writing skills.

Leap Year Virtual Field Trip:

Take your kids on a virtual field trip to a place with a leap year connection, such as Greenwich, England, where the Prime Meridian is located and where leap year was first officially recognized in 1582. You could also visit the Royal Observatory, where the official time of the UK is set, or explore the science behind leap year with an online tour of NASA’s website.

Leap Year Word of the Day:

Making a leap year word of the day activity is a simple yet effective way to improve your kids’ vocabulary. You can choose a leap year-themed word and provide its definition to your kids each day. You can also ask them to use the word in a sentence or come up with a story using the word.

Leap Year Art Project:

Encourage your kids to get creative with an art project that celebrates leap year. They could create a leap year-themed mural, make leap year-inspired crafts, or design their own leap year greeting cards to send to friends and family.

Leap Year Trivia:

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Host a trivia game that challenges kids to answer questions about leap years and the science behind them. Ask questions such as: “What is a leap year?” and, “How often do leap years occur?” Invite children to research the answers or look up facts on the internet. 

Leap Year Math Problems:

Leap year math activities are a great way to incorporate learning into a fun activity. You can create math problems that involve leap year and have your kids solve them. For example, you can ask them to calculate how many days are in the next 5 leap years or how many hours are in a leap year.

Leap Year Word Association:

Leap year word association is a simple and engaging activity that helps kids improve their vocabulary and word recognition skills. You can start by giving your kids a word related to leap year, such as “February” or “calendar”, and ask them to say the first word that comes to mind. Then, take turns giving each other a new word and repeating the process.

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