25 Letter J Activities for Preschool

The letter “J” is a captivating character in the alphabet, with its unique shape and intriguing sound.

Let’s dive in and unlock the magic of learning with our playful letter J activities for preschool kids.

Activity 1: J is for Jellyfish Art

Let your little artists dive into the world of jellyfish with this colorful and creative activity. Provide each child with a large sheet of blue construction paper as the backdrop for their masterpiece. Using various shades of blue and purple paint, let them create stunning ocean backgrounds by finger painting or using brushes.

Activity 2: Jack-in-the-Box Surprise

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Get ready for some giggles and surprises with a classic jack-in-the-box activity. Begin by discussing the letter “J” and the word “jack.” Together, create simple jack-in-the-box crafts using small cardboard boxes and colorful paper. Let the children decorate their boxes with crayons, markers, or stickers. Next, help them cut out a small strip of paper and attach it to a spring, which can be made using a pipe cleaner or a coiled strip of paper.

Activity 3: Jazzy Jingle Bell Music

Let your preschoolers explore the joy of music with jazzy jingle bells. Begin by introducing the letter “J” and discussing words that start with the letter. Provide each child with a small handheld bell or a set of jingle bells. Encourage them to experiment with the sounds by shaking the bells in different ways – fast, slow, softly, or loudly.

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Activity 4: Jellyfish Science Experiment

Explore the wonders of the ocean and the letter “J” with a jellyfish science experiment. Start by discussing jellyfish, their appearance, and their characteristics. Then, guide the children in creating their own jellyfish using clear plastic cups, strips of colored tissue paper, and googly eyes. Fill each cup with water, add a drop of food coloring, and place the tissue paper strips hanging down from the rim to resemble tentacles.

Activity 5: Jumping Numbers Game

Combine physical activity and number recognition with a fun jumping numbers game. Create large number cards using colorful paper and write different numbers from 1 to 20 on each card. Scatter the number cards on the floor or playground.

Activity 6: Jigsaw Memory Game

Combine memory skills and letter recognition with a jigsaw memory game. Create pairs of jigsaw puzzle pieces, with each pair containing a matching uppercase and lowercase letter “J.” Mix up the puzzle pieces and place them face down on a table or the floor.

Activity 7: Jump Rope Letter Tracing

Combine physical activity and letter formation with a jump rope letter tracing game. Create large letters of the alphabet on the ground using colorful tape. Provide each child with a jump rope and explain that they will be jumping along the letter “J.”

Activity 8: Journaling Adventure

Introduce the concept of journaling to your preschoolers with a fun and creative activity. Provide each child with a simple notebook or a blank booklet. Explain that they will be embarking on a journaling adventure and that their journals will be their special place to write, draw, and document their experiences.

Activity 9: Journal of Journeys

Encourage your preschoolers to embark on a writing adventure with a “Journal of Journeys.” Provide each child with a blank journal or notebook and colorful writing materials. Explain that they will be creating their own journals to document imaginary journeys and adventures.

Activity 10: Joyful Jigsaw Names

Help your preschoolers learn to recognize and spell their names while exploring the letter “J.” Write each child’s name on a separate piece of paper or cardboard and then cut the name into jigsaw puzzle pieces, one letter per piece. Mix up the pieces and invite the children to reassemble their names by connecting the correct puzzle pieces.

Activity 11: Jelly Bean Activities

Engage your preschoolers in a sweet and colorful learning experience with jelly bean activities. Use jelly beans to teach various skills such as counting, sorting, and color recognition. For counting activities, have the children count and sort jelly beans into different groups based on their colors or flavors. You can also create patterns using jelly beans and ask the children to continue the pattern.

Activity 12: Jellyfish Fun

Dive into an ocean of fun with jellyfish-themed activities that will captivate your preschoolers. Begin by discussing the fascinating characteristics of jellyfish, such as their unique shapes and mesmerizing movements. Then, engage the children in a hands-on craft project where they can create their own jellyfish using materials like paper plates, streamers, and googly eyes.

Activity 13: Letter J Coloring Sheet

Spark your preschoolers’ creativity and letter recognition skills with a letter J coloring sheet. Provide them with a coloring sheet featuring the uppercase and lowercase letter J along with accompanying images that start with the letter J, such as a jar, a jellyfish, or a jet.

Activity 14: Jello Finger Painting 

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Get messy and artistic with a jello finger painting activity that will delight your preschoolers. Prepare a batch of colorful and edible jello using various flavors and colors. Spread a layer of jello on a large tray or individual plates. Instruct the children to dip their fingers into the jello and use them as paintbrushes to create vibrant and textured artwork on paper.

Activity 15: Jet Plane Craft

Ignite your preschoolers’ imagination and take their creativity to new heights with a jet plane craft activity. Provide each child with a paper or cardboard cutout in the shape of a jet plane.

Activity 16: DIY Jump Rope Craft

Get your preschoolers moving and grooving with a fun and active DIY jump rope craft. Start by providing each child with a long piece of sturdy cord or rope. Then, guide them in decorating their jump ropes using colorful markers, tape, or even tying on ribbons or beads.

Activity 17: Junior Chefs Cooking Class

Introduce your preschoolers to the joy of cooking with a junior chef’s cooking class focused on the letter “J” foods. Choose simple recipes that feature ingredients such as jelly, jam, or juice. Prepare a variety of fruit and vegetable slices in the shape of the letter “J” for the children to explore. With adult supervision, guide the children in following the recipe, measuring ingredients, and assembling their delicious creations.

Activity 18: Jungle Jeep

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Embark on a wild safari adventure with a jungle jeep craft activity that will transport your preschoolers to the heart of the jungle. Provide each child with a cardboard box, and guide them in transforming it into a jungle jeep.

Activity 19: Pom Pom Letter J

Engage your preschoolers in a tactile and playful learning experience with a pom pom letter J activity. Start by providing them with a large letter J cutout made from cardboard or foam board. Show them how to apply glue to the surface of the letter J and then let them decorate it by placing colorful pom poms on top of the glue.

Activity 20: Juggling

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Let the circus come to life with a juggling activity that will captivate your preschoolers. Start by providing each child with soft, lightweight objects such as bean bags or scarves. Begin by demonstrating the basic juggling motion, tossing one object from hand to hand in an arc.


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