23 Fun Letter N Activities for Preschool

Introducing preschoolers to the letter N can be a joyous and exciting adventure.

With a wide array of engaging and entertaining activities, children can explore the letter N while developing their cognitive and fine motor skills.

Let’s embark on a journey filled with creativity, laughter, and the letter N!

Nature Walk:

20 Fun Letter N Activities for Preschool
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Take the preschoolers on a delightful nature walk to explore the world around them and discover objects that start with the letter N.

Nature Sounds:

Explore the world of nature sounds with preschoolers while focusing on the letter N. Take the children on a listening adventure outdoors and encourage them to identify and imitate different nature sounds, such as birds chirping, leaves rustling, or waves crashing. Discuss the connection between these sounds and words that start with the letter N, such as “nature” or “noises.”

Noodle Art:

Unleash the creativity of preschoolers with a fun and messy art activity using noodles! Provide the children with cooked noodles (preferably ones that begin with the letter N, like noodles or macaroni) and a variety of materials such as glue, paint, and construction paper.

Numbers and Counting:

Incorporate numbers and counting into the letter N activities to reinforce early math skills. Provide the preschoolers with number flashcards or foam numbers that feature the letter N. Engage them in counting exercises, such as counting the number of Ns on each card or arranging the foam numbers in sequential order.

Newspaper Letter Collage:

Introduce the preschoolers to the world of print and newspapers by creating a letter collage using cutouts from old newspapers. Provide each child with a large sheet of construction paper and a selection of newspapers. Instruct them to search for words or images that start with the letter N and cut them out.

Noodle Sensory Bin:

Create a sensory-rich experience for preschoolers with a noodle-themed sensory bin. Fill a large container with uncooked noodles and add different manipulatives like toy animals, plastic letters, or small containers.

Nature Printmaking:

Combine the beauty of nature with art by introducing preschoolers to nature printmaking. Take the children on a nature walk and encourage them to collect various objects like leaves, flowers, or twigs. Back in the classroom, provide each child with a sheet of paper and washable ink pads.

Noodle Necklace:

Foster fine motor skills and creativity by engaging preschoolers in making noodle necklaces. Provide each child with a string or pipe cleaner and a variety of small noodles with different shapes and sizes.

Name the Nouns:

Play a game of “Name the Nouns” with preschoolers to enhance their vocabulary and letter recognition. Gather a collection of objects that start with the letter N, such as a toy nurse, a stuffed narwhal, or a toy nut. Place the objects in a bag or a box. Let each child take turns picking an object and identifying it, emphasizing the letter N sound.

Noodle Sorting:

Engage preschoolers in a sorting activity using different types of noodles. Provide various types of noodles, such as spaghetti, penne, and alphabet noodles, and sorting trays or containers labeled with the letter N and other letters of the alphabet.

Noodle Bowling:

Transform a classic game into a letter-focused activity by playing noodle bowling. Set up a bowling alley using empty plastic bottles and a softball. Before each turn, ask the child to identify the letter N on a bottle they want to knock down.

Noodle Letter Matching:

Create a letter matching game using noodles. Write uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet on separate cooked noodles or foam cutouts. Scatter the noodles across a table or on the floor. Ask the children to match the uppercase and lowercase pairs by finding the corresponding letters.

Nautical Sensory Bin:

Create an ocean-themed sensory bin to engage preschoolers in tactile exploration. Fill a container with blue water (use food coloring if needed) and add seashells, plastic fish, and letter N foam cutouts. Provide scoops, sieves, and containers for the children to scoop and pour the water and explore the objects.

Noodle Letter Tracing:

Help preschoolers practice letter formation by creating a tactile letter tracing activity using cooked noodles. Choose noodles that have a straight shape, such as spaghetti or linguine. Cook the noodles and let them cool. Place the noodles on a tray or a large sheet of paper and encourage the children to trace the letter N using their fingers or a writing utensil.

Nest Building:

Teach preschoolers about the concept of nests and the animals that build them, emphasizing the letter N. Discuss different types of nests made by birds, squirrels, or even insects like ants. Provide materials such as twigs, leaves, yarn, and small toy animals to simulate nest-building.

Newspaper Search:

Engage preschoolers in a letter hunt activity using old newspapers. Provide each child with a section of a newspaper and ask them to search for words that begin with the letter N. They can cut out or circle the words they find.


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