26 Letter S Activities for Preschool

Embark on a spirited journey into the realm of the letter S with our preschoolers!

As your guide, I’m thrilled to unveil a series of sensational activities tailored to capture the imagination of our little learners.

From shaping shimmering seashells to playing silly games with shadows, these Letter S activities are crafted to infuse joy and learning.

Sensory Sand Play:

Create a sensory play experience centered around the letter S by setting up a sand table or tray. Fill it with colorful kinetic sand or regular sand and bury small plastic objects that start with the letter S, such as seashells, spiders, and stars.

Silly Snake Craft:

Engage your preschoolers’ creativity with a silly snake craft. Provide them with construction paper, scissors, glue, and googly eyes. Help them cut out an S-shaped snake body and decorate it with stripes, spots, or any other fun patterns.

Sorting S Sounds:

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Develop phonemic awareness by playing a sorting game focused on the letter S sounds. Prepare a collection of picture cards with various objects, some beginning with the letter S and others with different initial sounds.

Starry Night Sky:

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Transform your classroom or play area into a captivating starry night sky. Cut out stars from yellow or silver card stock and attach them to a dark blue bulletin board or a large piece of paper. Dim the lights and use a flashlight to shine on the stars, creating a magical effect. Gather the preschoolers in front of the starry sky and encourage them to share words that start with the letter S, such as “sky,” “shooting star,” or “sparkle.”

Sensational Snack Time:

Combine letter learning with a yummy snack by preparing a sensational snack time focused on the letter S. Offer a variety of healthy snacks that start with the letter S, such as strawberries, string cheese, sunflower seeds, and sandwiches.

Shape Collage:

Provide them with a variety of construction paper cutouts in the shape of squares, circles, and triangles. Instruct them to arrange the shapes to create objects that start with the letter S, such as a sun, a snake, or a sailboat. As they work, encourage them to name the shapes they use and identify the initial sound of each object they create.

Sensory Shaving Cream Play:

Spray a small amount of shaving cream onto a tray or tabletop and invite the children to use their fingers or a paintbrush to write the letter S in the fluffy foam. Encourage them to say the letter sounds as they trace it and explore different ways of forming the letter, such as curving or straight lines.

Sock Puppet Theater:

Combine storytelling and dramatic play by creating sock puppets and putting on a puppet show featuring characters and objects that start with the letter S. Provide each child with a clean sock, markers, googly eyes, and yarn for decorating their puppets.

Sensational Scented Playdough:

Create scented playdough using essential oils or food extracts that have names starting with the letter S, such as strawberry or spearmint. Provide the preschoolers with scented playdough and various tools like cookie cutters, rolling pins, and plastic utensils.

Sensory Slime Exploration:

Engage the preschoolers in a sensory experience with homemade slime that starts with the letter S. Create a batch of slime using a simple recipe, adding glitter or small star-shaped confetti to make it extra special. Allow the children to manipulate and explore the slime, encouraging them to stretch, squeeze, and shape it into different forms.

Shadow Puppet Show:

Set up a shadow puppet theater using a large white sheet or a blank wall. Help the preschoolers create shadow puppets by cutting out various shapes, including objects that start with the letter S, such as a snail, a sailboat, or a superhero. Use a bright light source behind the puppets to cast their shadows onto the screen.

Sensational Sports Day:

Set up stations for activities like soccer, sack races, or a mini obstacle course. Throughout the event, encourage the children to cheer for their teammates, emphasizing words that start with the letter S, such as “score,” “speed,” or “sportsmanship.”

Scented Sensations:

Set up stations with different scented materials like cinnamon sticks, fresh herbs, and citrus slices. Encourage the preschoolers to smell each item and discuss the scents they experience, using descriptive words that begin with the letter S, such as “sweet,” “spicy,” or “sour.”

Storytime and Snuggles:

Dedicate a cozy corner of the classroom for a special storytime session centered around books that feature the letter S. Choose a selection of age-appropriate books that contain titles or characters starting with the letter S, such as “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle or “The Snowy Day” by Ezra Jack Keats.

Sensational Song and Dance:

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Choose a catchy song that features words starting with the letter S, such as “Silly Sally” or “Shake, Shake, Shake.” Teach the preschoolers simple dance moves or actions to accompany the song, emphasizing words that start with the letter S in the lyrics.

Seed Planting:

Provide each child with a small pot, soil, and a packet of seeds that start with the letter S, such as sunflower seeds or strawberry seeds. Guide them in planting the seeds, discussing the growth process and the letter S words associated with gardening, such as “soil,” “sprout,” or “sunlight.”


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