25 Letter T Activities for Preschool

When it comes to teaching the letter T, there are plenty of engaging activities that can help children recognize, write, and pronounce this letter.

From playful crafts to interactive games, here are letter T activities for preschoolers that are both educational and fun.

“Tasty Toppings” –

20 Terrific Letter T Activities for Preschool
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In this hands-on activity, introduce preschoolers to the concept of toppings by creating a “Tasty Toppings” station. Provide a variety of toppings that start with the letter T, such as tomatoes, tuna, turkey, and tortilla chips. Invite the children to make their own mini pizzas or sandwiches using the toppings.

“Terrific Tracing” –

Enhance fine motor skills and letter formation with the “Terrific Tracing” activity. Print out the large letter T templates or use a whiteboard to draw the letter T. Provide preschoolers with different writing materials like crayons, markers, or finger paint.

“Treasure Hunt” –

Engage preschoolers in an exciting treasure hunt where they search for objects that start with the letter T. Create a list of T words and hide corresponding objects around the room or outdoor area. Examples of objects can include toys, books, and even pictures of things like a toy train or a teddy bear.

“Tangled Yarn Art” –

Unleash your preschoolers’ creativity with a “Tangled Yarn Art” project. Cut out large letter T shapes from cardboard or heavy paper. Provide colorful yarn and show the children how to wrap the yarn around the letter T, creating a tangled and textured effect.

“Topsy-Turvy Dance” –

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Get preschoolers moving and grooving with the “Topsy-Turvy Dance” activity. Play upbeat music and encourage the children to dance in unconventional ways, such as walking backward or spinning in circles. Introduce the concept of topsy-turvy by explaining that it means upside down or backward.

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“Tactile Texture Collage” –

Gather a variety of materials with different textures that start with the letter T, such as tissue paper, tin foil, and textured fabrics. Provide each child with a piece of cardboard or construction paper in the shape of the letter T.

“Telling Time with T-Clocks” –

Introduce the concept of time to preschoolers with “Telling Time with T-Clocks.” Create clock templates with the letter T as the clock hands. Write the numbers around the edge of the clock face and demonstrate how to move the T-clock hands to different positions to represent different times.

“Tent Building” –

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Tap into children’s imaginative play with a “Tent Building” activity. Set up a space indoors or outdoors where preschoolers can construct their own tents using blankets, chairs, and other materials. As they build, discuss words associated with tents and camping, such as a tent, sleeping bag, and flashlight.

“Tropical Fruit Tasting” –

Introduce preschoolers to a variety of tropical fruits that start with the letter T through a “Tropical Fruit Tasting” activity. Prepare a selection of fruits such as tangerines, pineapples, and pomegranates. Create a tasting station where each child can sample the different fruits. As they taste each fruit, encourage them to describe the flavors and textures they experience.

“Transportation Parade” –

Explore different modes of transportation that begin with the letter T through a “Transportation Parade” activity. Discuss various forms of transportation such as trains, trucks, and tricycles. Provide materials for the children to create their own miniature vehicles, such as cardboard boxes, bottle caps, and craft sticks.

“Trekking Through Nature” –

Go on a nature walk or hike and encourage children to look for objects or features in nature that start with the letter T, such as trees, twigs, and rocks. As they discover each item, discuss its connection to the letter T and its role in the natural world.

“Tinker Toy Tower Challenge” –

Provide a variety of Tinker Toys or building blocks and challenge the children to build the tallest tower they can using only the letter T-shaped pieces.

“Taste Testing Tea Party” –

Set up a pretend tea party with cups, saucers, and a teapot. Offer a selection of teas like chamomile, peppermint, or green tea, along with T-themed treats such as tea sandwiches, tarts, and tea biscuits.

“Torn Paper Collage” –

Provide preschoolers with various colored papers and encourage them to tear the paper into small pieces. Demonstrate how to create a collage by gluing the torn pieces onto a large letter T template. As they work, discuss words associated with tearing and collage, such as torn, texture, and torn paper.

“Tic-Tac-Toe with T-words” –

Play a letter-themed version of Tic-Tac-Toe with “Tic-Tac-Toe with T-words.” Create a tic-tac-toe grid on a whiteboard or paper and write T-words in each square. Invite preschoolers to take turns playing the game, trying to make a line of three T-words in a row.

“Tropical Island Sensory Bin” –

Create an immersive sensory experience with a “Tropical Island Sensory Bin.” Fill a large container with sand or rice and add various items that represent a tropical island, such as toy palm trees, toy animals, seashells, and T-shaped objects.

“Talent Show” –

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Showcase the unique talents and skills of preschoolers with a “Talent Show.” Encourage each child to prepare a short performance or demonstration that begins with the letter T. It could be singing, dancing, telling a story, or showcasing a special talent or interest.

“Tinkering with Tools” –

Introduce basic tools and their functions with a “Tinkering with Tools” activity. Set up a workbench or table with child-safe tools like toy hammers, screwdrivers, and wrenches. Provide materials such as foam or cardboard and encourage preschoolers to use the tools to build or assemble objects.

“Telling Tales” –

Provide a variety of storybooks or picture cards that feature characters, objects, or themes starting with the letter T. Encourage the children to select a book or picture card and take turns sharing their own version of the story. They can use their imagination to create new adventures or put a twist on familiar tales.


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