26 Letter U Activities for Preschool

We will introduce you to Letter U activities for preschoolers that are sure to entertain and educate at the same time.

From unicorns to umbrellas, there are countless words and concepts that begin with the letter “U” that can capture their imaginations.

“Underwater Adventure”:

Transform your classroom into an underwater wonderland by creating an imaginative play area. Fill a large plastic tub with blue-colored water and add toy fish, sea creatures, and seaweed. Encourage the children to use their creativity as they explore the underwater world.

“Unicorn Craft”:

Unicorns are a favorite among preschoolers, making them a perfect theme for letter “U” activities. Provide the children with cutouts of unicorn shapes and let them decorate them using various art supplies like glitter, markers, and stickers. While they engage in this craft, talk about the letter “U” and the sound it makes.

“Umbrella Dance Party”:

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Organize a lively dance party centered around umbrellas. Decorate the classroom with colorful umbrellas and play upbeat music. Teach the children a simple dance routine and encourage them to dance with their umbrellas.

“Umbrella Science: Rain or Shine”:

Conduct a simple science experiment to explore the concept of waterproof materials using umbrellas. Gather different materials such as fabric, paper, plastic, and foil. Invite the children to predict which materials they think will keep them dry in the rain. Then, simulate rain by pouring water over the materials and holding them above the children’s heads. Observe which materials repel water and keep them dry. Discuss the properties of waterproof materials and how umbrellas work.

“Unwrapping Gifts”:

Wrap small objects or toys that start with the letter “U” in colorful wrapping paper. Place them in a box or bag and label them as the “Letter U Surprise Box.” Gather the children in a circle and pass the box around, taking turns unwrapping one surprise at a time. As each object is revealed, discuss its name, sound, and why it starts with the letter “U.”

“Ukulele Jam Session”:

Introduce the children to the delightful sounds of the ukulele. Provide each child with a child-sized ukulele or use a few ukuleles to share among the group. Teach them a simple ukulele chord progression and a fun song that emphasizes words starting with the letter “U.”

“Uppercase and Lowercase Sort”:

Prepare a set of uppercase and lowercase letter cards, including the letter “U.” Divide a large poster board into two sections labeled “Uppercase” and “Lowercase.” Give each child a handful of letter cards and ask them to sort and place the cards in the corresponding sections.

“Upcycled Art”:

Engage the children in a creative recycling project using materials that start with the letter “U.” Collect items like used paper cups, buttons, yarn, and fabric scraps. Provide the children with glue, scissors, and construction paper.

“Uppercase and Lowercase Puzzles”:

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Create puzzles by cutting out large uppercase and lowercase letter shapes from colorful cardstock or foam sheets, including the letter “U.” Mix up the puzzle pieces and ask the children to match the uppercase and lowercase pairs. You can also invite them to put the puzzles together in alphabetical order.

“Unicorn Yoga”:

Combine the enchantment of unicorns with the benefits of yoga in this engaging activity. Guide the children through a series of gentle yoga poses, incorporating unicorn-inspired movements and storytelling. Encourage them to stretch their bodies, pretend to gallop like unicorns, and balance on one leg like a unicorn horn.

“Upbeat Music Exploration”:

Introduce various musical instruments to the children and explore different upbeat tunes. Play instruments like the ukulele, xylophone, or maracas while singing songs that emphasize words starting with the letter “U.”

“Umbrella Counting”:

Create a colorful counting game using umbrellas. Draw or print out umbrella templates and number them from 1 to 10. Scatter the umbrellas around the room or outdoor play area. Invite the children to find and count the umbrellas, matching them with the corresponding numeral. For an added challenge, you can ask them to identify the number that comes before or after a given numeral.

“Unplugged Storytelling”:

Foster imagination and language skills with an unplugged storytelling activity. Gather the children in a circle and begin a group story by starting with a sentence that includes a word beginning with the letter “U.” Pass the storytelling to the next child who adds their sentence, incorporating another word starting with “U.”

“Up and Down Obstacle Course”:

Set up an exciting obstacle course with various stations that involve going up and down. Incorporate items such as a small ramp, steps, a slide, or a mini trampoline. Label each station with a letter card, including the letter “U.” As the children navigate the course, encourage them to say the letter name and a word that starts with the letter “U” at each station.

“U Letter Tracing”:

Give each child a sheet of paper with a large uppercase and lowercase letter “U” printed on it. Provide them with various materials, such as markers, crayons, or finger paint. Instruct the children to trace the letter “U” using their chosen material. Encourage them to trace the letter repeatedly, practicing the formation of the letter. This activity enhances fine motor skills, letter formation, and letter recognition.


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