25 Mason Jar Crafts for Kids

Mason jars – those ubiquitous glass containers – are more than just vessels for jams and pickles. With a little imagination, they transform into canvases for creative fun!

This collection of 25 mason jar crafts for kids caters to a range of ages, interests, and skill levels. Get ready to unleash your inner artist, scientist, and decorator with these awesome projects!

Light Up the Night:

Firefly Mason Jar Lanterns:

Capture the magic of fireflies with glow sticks! Fill clean jars with craft sand or pebbles, add a glow stick, and secure the lid with decorative ribbon or twine. Instant starry night in a jar!

Fairy Jar Lights:

String battery-operated fairy lights inside a jar for a whimsical nightlight. Decorate the outside with paint, glitter, or decoupage for a personalized touch.

Solar Jar Lights:

Harness the power of the sun! These kits, readily available at craft stores, come with a small solar panel that fits on the jar lid. Let your kids decorate the jar, then watch it illuminate at dusk.

Dive into Sensory Play:

Calm Down Jar:

Help kids manage emotions with a calming sensory jar. Fill a jar with water, glitter, and a few drops of food coloring. Add a drop of clear craft glue to slow down the movement of the glitter. Secure the lid and watch the worries drift away.

Ocean in a Jar:

Create an underwater world with blue water beads, plastic sea creatures, and tiny shells. This is a great conversation starter about ocean life and a calming desk decoration.

Lava Lamp in a Jar:

Science experiment meets sensory fun! Combine water, vegetable oil, and Alka-Seltzer tablets for a bubbly eruption that mimics a lava lamp. Adult supervision is recommended for this activity.

Get Crafty and Colorful:

Painted Mason Jar Vases:

Transform a jar into a beautiful vase! Let your kids unleash their inner artist with acrylic paints, markers, or even spray paint. They can create patterns, designs, or even write messages.

Confetti Jars:

Fill a jar with colorful confetti or tissue paper squares for a festive decoration. Top it with a painted lid or a piece of decorative fabric for a unique touch.

Friendship Bracelets in a Jar:

Turn a jar into a portable craft station! Fill it with colorful embroidery floss and store it with a bracelet-making guide. Kids can create friendship bracelets on the go.

Tie-Dye Mason Jar Coasters:

Upcycle jar lids into colorful coasters. Cut felt circles slightly larger than the lid size. Decorate them with tie-dye patterns using watered-down acrylic paints.

Let Nature Inspire:

Fairy Gardens:

Create a miniature world inside a jar! Layer pebbles, soil, and small plants in the jar. Decorate with miniature figurines, houses, and natural elements like twigs and moss.

Terrarium in a Jar:

Similar to a fairy garden, a terrarium showcases a miniature ecosystem. Use a variety of plants that thrive in similar humidity levels. Closed terrariums require minimal care, making them perfect for forgetful gardeners (adults or kids!).

Pressed Flower Art:

Collect beautiful flowers and leaves, press them between book pages, and then arrange them in a jar. This is a lovely way to preserve nature’s beauty and create a unique decoration.

Organize and Personalize:

Mason Jar Pencil Holders:

Mason jars become handy desk organizers. Decorate them with paint, washi tape, or decoupage to match your child’s room decor.

DIY Desk Lamp:

Upcycle a jar into a cool desk lamp! Find a lamp kit with a clip that can attach to the jar rim. Decorate the jar and enjoy a personalized workspace light.

Mason Jar Piggy Bank:

Encourage saving with a personalized piggy bank. Decorate a jar with your child’s favorite colors, characters, or themes.

Think Outside the Jar:

Mason Jar Seed Shakers:

Turn a jar lid into a handy seed shaker. Poke small holes in the lid and fill the jar with seeds for planting. This makes gardening activities easier and less messy!

DIY Mason Jar Wind Chimes:

Create a symphony of tinkling sounds with wind chimes made from mason jars. Hang small bells, buttons, or other trinkets from string and suspend them inside the jar.

Mason Jar Bird Feeders:

Attract feathered friends to your backyard with a homemade Delight Mason jar bird feeders are a fantastic way to attract beautiful birds to your backyard, providing them with a tasty snack while offering you hours of entertainment watching them flit and feed.

Fun and Functional Crafts:

Travel Slime Kit:

Keep boredom at bay on trips with a portable slime kit! Fill a small mason jar with pre-made slime and add glitter, beads, or mini figures for customization.

DIY Bath Salts:

Create a spa experience at home! Mix Epsom salts with essential oils and food coloring for a relaxing and fragrant bath soak. Package it in a decorated mason jar for a homemade gift.

Layered Snack Jars:

Pack healthy snacks on the go with a layered mason jar. Fill the bottom with granola, add a layer of yogurt, and top it with fresh fruit. Kids can enjoy a mess-free, nutritious snack.

DIY Cookie Cutters:

Turn jar lids into fun cookie cutters! Trace simple shapes onto the lid and carefully cut them out with a metalworking snips (adult supervision required!). Kids can use these unique cutters to bake delicious treats.

Get Festive:

Halloween Treat Jars:

Mason jars become spooky (or cute!) Halloween treat holders. Decorate them with black paint, googly eyes, and pipe cleaner bats for a haunted house theme. Alternatively, use orange paint and jack-o-lantern faces for a festive touch.

Mason Jar Snow Globes:

Create a winter wonderland inside a jar! Fill it with water, glitter, and miniature Christmas trees or snowmen. Hot glue a small figurine to the lid and secure it on the jar. Shake it up for a magical winter scene.

Bonus Tip: When working with mason jars for younger children, consider using plastic mason jars for safety.

This list is just a starting point! With a little imagination, the possibilities for mason jar crafts are endless. So, gather your supplies, grab some jars, and get ready to unleash your creativity!

Additional Tips:

  • Adult Supervision: Always supervise young children when using craft materials, especially tools like scissors or hot glue.
  • Get Messy: Embrace the creative process and don’t be afraid to get a little messy!
  • Repurpose and Recycle: Give used mason jars a new life and reduce waste.
  • Personalize It: Encourage children to personalize their crafts and express their unique style.
  • Have Fun!: Most importantly, have fun crafting with your kids! These projects are a great way to bond, learn, and create something special together.

With mason jars and a dash of creativity, you and your kids can embark on a world of crafting adventures. Happy crafting!

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