20 Mermaid Crafts for Kids

Calling all mermaids and mer-fans! Dive deep into a world of creativity with these 20 enchanting mermaid crafts that are perfect for kids of all ages.

Whether you’re looking for a rainy day activity, a birthday party project, or just a way to unleash your child’s inner artist, these crafts are sure to spark imaginations and bring a touch of magic to any day.

Under the Sea Decorations:

Sparkling Seashell Crowns:

Turn ordinary seashells into shimmering crowns fit for an underwater royalty! Gather your seashells (cleaned and dried beforehand), paint them in vibrant ocean colors, and add a touch of sparkle with glitter or sequins. You can even hot glue pearls or small sea creatures for an extra special touch.

Washi Tape Coral Reef:

Transform a boring cardboard box into a vibrant coral reef! Paint the box blue and green to represent the ocean floor, then unleash your creativity with colorful washi tape to create different shapes and patterns for coral. Add some paper fish cutouts and seashell embellishments for a complete underwater scene.

Paper Plate Mermaids on the Move:

This rocking paper plate mermaid is a delightful decoration that’s easy for young children to make. Cut out a mermaid tail from construction paper and glue it to a decorated paper plate. Attach a brad to the top of the plate and another to a cardboard stand, allowing the mermaid to “rock” back and forth with a gentle touch.

Mermazing Wearables:

Seashell Necklaces:

Nature provides the perfect materials for these beautiful necklaces. String colorful beads and decorate them with painted seashells. You can even hot glue a small magnet to the back of a flat seashell to create a unique mermaid pendant.

Mermaid Fin Hair Clips:

For a quick and adorable hair accessory, cut out mermaid fin shapes from felt and decorate them with glitter, sequins, or fabric paint. Attach a hair clip to the back and let your little mermaid rock her fins with pride!

DIY Mermaid Crowns:

For a more elaborate headpiece, use pipe cleaners to create a crown base. Wrap colorful yarn or embroidery floss around the pipe cleaners, weaving in seashells, beads, and other mermaid-themed embellishments.

Creative Playtime:

Sock Puppets Take a Dive:

Give old socks a new life by transforming them into cute and cuddly mermaid puppets! Decorate the socks with fabric paint, buttons, and yarn to create the mermaid’s tail and face. Add a popsicle stick for easy manipulation, and let the underwater adventures begin!

Paper Bag Mermaid Puppets:

Another fun puppet option is to use brown paper lunch bags. Decorate the bags to look like mermaid tails, with fins and scales. Cut out holes for the fingers and arms to control the puppet, and put on a mermaid puppet show!

Magical Mermaid Wand:

Every mermaid needs a wand to cast spells and control the ocean! Decorate a dowel rod with ribbons, seashells, and glitter. You can even hot glue a starfish or seashell to the top for an extra magical touch.

Whimsical Seashell Mobiles:

String painted seashells, colorful beads, and other ocean-themed trinkets onto yarn or fishing line. Hang them from a coat hanger or a hoop to create a beautiful and mesmerizing mobile that sways gently in the breeze.

Let’s Get Crafty!

Sparkling Mermaid Slime:

For a fun sensory experience, create mermaid slime! There are many slime recipes online, but for an extra touch of magic, add glitter, blue and green food coloring, and small plastic sea creatures for a truly enchanting slime experience.

DIY Mermaid Scales:

Feeling scaly? Cut out different sized oval shapes from different colored craft foam sheets. Punch a hole in each oval and string them together on yarn to create a shimmering mermaid tail “scale necklace.”

Mermaid Salt Dough Sculptures:

Make your own mermaid figurines with air-drying salt dough. Mix flour, salt, and water to create a doughy consistency. Shape the dough into mermaids, seashells, or other ocean creatures. Let them air dry and then paint them with vibrant colors.

Mermaid Fin Canvas Art:

Let your child unleash their inner artist with a mermaid-themed canvas. Paint a blue background for the ocean and then create a beautiful mermaid fin using paint, glitter, and even fabric scraps for added texture.

Fingerprint Coral Reef:

This is a fun and easy craft for even the youngest crafters. Paint a blue background on a piece of paper or card

Recycling Fun:

Toilet Paper Tube Mermaid Friends:

Don’t toss those empty toilet paper rolls! Transform them into adorable mermaid friends. Cut the rolls in half and decorate them with paint, markers, and construction paper to create different mermaids. Glue on googly eyes, yarn hair, and other fun embellishments.

Plastic Bottle Treasure Chest:

Give a new life to a plastic bottle by turning it into a sparkly treasure chest! Cut a slit in the top of the bottle to create an opening. Paint the bottle gold or silver and decorate it with jewels, beads, and glitter. Fill it with small toys, sea glass, or other treasures.

Egg Carton Mermaid Cove:

Egg cartons make fantastic crafting materials! Cut out individual egg cups and paint them to look like colorful coral or seashells. Arrange them on a cardboard base to create a miniature underwater scene. You can even add small toy sea creatures or paper fish cutouts.

Dress Up Time:

Mermaid Tail Beach Towel:

Transform a plain beach towel into a magical mermaid tail! Cut a triangular shape from one end of the towel to create the fin shape. Decorate the edges with fabric paint, glitter glue, or sew on colorful ribbons for a truly unique beach accessory.

DIY Mermaid T-Shirt:

Plain white t-shirts are a blank canvas for creativity! Use fabric paint or stencils to create a mermaid design on the front of the shirt. You can even add fabric scraps or felt cutouts for fins and other embellishments.

Bonus: Mermaid Treat Time!

  • Seashell Cookies:
    These delightful cookies are as fun to make as they are to eat! Find seashell-shaped cookie cutters and bake a batch of sugar cookies. Decorate them with blue frosting, sprinkles, and tiny pearl candies to create beautiful seashells.
  • Mermaid Fin Rice Krispie Treats:
    Transform everyone’s favorite treat into a mermaid snack! Mold Rice Krispie Treats into mermaid fin shapes and decorate them with melted chocolate, sprinkles, and candy fins.

These are just a few ideas to get you started on your mermaid crafting adventures. With a little creativity and these fun projects, you and your child can create a world of underwater magic right at home! Remember, the most important part is to have fun and let your imaginations run wild!

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