24 Minecraft Craft Ideas for Kids

Calling all Minecraft maniacs! Looking for a way to bring the joy of Minecraft into the real world?

Dive into these 24 creative craft ideas that will let your child explore their favorite game in a whole new way.

From pixelated masterpieces to adorable mobs, these projects cater to a range of ages and skill levels, so grab your crafting supplies and get ready to build!

Paper Crafts:

Pixel Art Paradise:

Unleash your child’s inner artist with pixel art! Use graph paper or pre-made pixel art grids to create iconic Minecraft characters like Steve, Creepers, and Ender Dragons. You can color them in with crayons, markers, or even use different colored construction paper squares for a textured look.

Minecraft Mob Masks:

Transform playtime with DIY Minecraft masks! Print out templates of your favorite mobs or let your child design their own. Cardstock is a sturdy option, but construction paper works too. Don’t forget to add elastic string for a comfortable fit!

Paper Minecraft World:

For a more ambitious project, create a paper Minecraft world! Use cardboard boxes or construction paper to build houses, castles, or even entire villages. Decorate them with paper cut-out furniture, trees, and other details. This is a great collaborative project for siblings or friends.

3D Pixel Mobs:

Take pixel art to the next level with adorable 3D mobs! Find templates online or create your own simple shapes. Glue the corresponding sides together to transform flat squares into blocky characters.

Perler Bead Bonanza:

Pixelated Perfection:

Perler beads are a classic choice for pixel art enthusiasts. Invest in a pegboard and a variety of colors to recreate your child’s favorite Minecraft items like tools, weapons, or food. Once ironed, these creations can be displayed as keychains, magnets, or even coasters.

Minecraft Mob Magnets:

Liven up your fridge with Minecraft mob magnets! Create pixelated versions of Creepers, Endermen, or friendly animals using Perler beads. Attach small magnets to the back for a functional and adorable addition to your kitchen.

Minecraft Coasters:

Protect your furniture and show off your Minecraft fandom with custom coasters! Make pixel art designs using Perler beads or even arrange colorful glass pebbles on a glue-covered base to create a mosaic effect inspired by Minecraft blocks.

Minecraft Jewelry:

Friendship bracelets get a Minecraft makeover! Use embroidery floss in Minecraft-inspired colors to create pixelated patterns or even words like “diamond” or “creeper.”

Sewing Spectacular:

Stuffed Creepers:

Creepers might be scary in the game, but they can be cuddly companions in real life! Find a simple plushie pattern online or create your own square-shaped body. Stuff it with cotton wool and add details like eyes and a mouth using embroidery thread or felt.

Minecraft Plushie Mobs:

The possibilities are endless with plushie crafting! Create all sorts of Minecraft mobs, from friendly pigs and cows to menacing Ender Dragons. Use different colored felt fabrics and experiment with stuffing techniques to achieve different shapes and sizes.

Minecraft Pencil Cases:

Keep school supplies organized with DIY Minecraft pencil cases! Use fabric markers or embroidery floss to decorate plain canvas pencil cases with pixelated designs or Minecraft characters.

Minecraft Beanbags:

Transform your living room into a comfy Minecraft haven with beanbags! Find pre-made beanbag chairs or sew your own using sturdy fabric. Decorate them with Minecraft-themed patches, stencils, or even fabric paint.

Blocky Building Bonanza:

Cardboard Creations:

Repurpose cardboard boxes into epic Minecraft builds! Cardboard boxes can be transformed into houses, castles, or even mine shafts. Paint them with acrylic paints and add details like doors, windows, and blocky furniture using construction paper or craft foam.

Lego Minecraft Mashup:

Combine the creativity of Minecraft with the building fun of Legos! Challenge your child to recreate iconic Minecraft structures or mobs using Lego bricks. This is a great way to encourage spatial reasoning and problem-solving skills.

Minecraft Playdough Fun:

Playdough offers endless crafting possibilities! Let your child mold their favorite Minecraft characters, animals, or tools using different colored playdough. This is a sensory activity that’s perfect for younger crafters.

Craft with Recyclables:

Minecraft Tin Can Mobs:

Give those empty tin cans a new lease on life! Paint them with Minecraft-inspired colors and transform them into cute little mob containers. Tic Tac containers work great for smaller mobs like Slimes, while larger cans can be turned into Creeper pen holders.

Wearable Crafts:

Minecraft T-Shirt Design:

Unleash your inner fashion designer! Plain white T-shirts become wearable canvases for Minecraft creativity. Use fabric markers or stencils to create pixelated designs of characters, items, or even recreate a favorite Minecraft scene.

Minecraft Creeper Hoodie:

Creepers may be a nuisance in the game, but they can be a cool fashion statement! Find a green hoodie and use fabric markers or felt to add the iconic Creeper face on the back. This is a fun project for older kids who can handle more intricate details.

Minecraft Pixel Bracelets:

Friendship bracelets get a Minecraft makeover! Use embroidery floss in Minecraft-inspired colors to create pixelated patterns or even words like “diamond” or “creeper.”

Minecraft Pixel Party Hats:

Throw an epic Minecraft party with DIY party hats! Use construction paper or felt to create cube-shaped hats and decorate them with pixel art designs or Minecraft character faces.

Food Fun:

Minecraft Rice Krispie Treats:

Transform everyone’s favorite treat into a Minecraft masterpiece! Mold Rice Krispie treats into squares and arrange them on a baking sheet to create a pixelated Minecraft scene or character. Decorate with candy melts or sprinkles for added detail.

Minecraft Dirt Cake:

Surprise your Minecraft fan with a delicious dirt cake! Bake a chocolate cake and crumble Oreo cookies to create a realistic “dirt” effect. Decorate with gummy worms or chocolate candies to resemble crawling mobs.

Minecraft Potion Bottles:

Feeling adventurous? Create your own Minecraft potion bottles! Fill empty plastic water bottles with colored water or juice and add creative labels with potion names like “Strength” or “Haste.”

Minecraft Snack Mix:

Fuel your Minecraft adventures with a themed snack mix! Combine popcorn, pretzels, candy corn (for golden nuggets!), and other bite-sized snacks in a bowl. Print out a label with a fun Minecraft name like “Creeper Crunch” for an extra touch.

Bonus: Minecraft Terrarium:

Feeling extra creative? Craft a Minecraft-inspired terrarium! Fill a glass container with gravel, sand, and small plants to represent different Minecraft biomes. Add miniature figurines or even build tiny structures out of Lego bricks or clay for an extra immersive experience.


  • Safety first! Adult supervision is recommended for younger crafters, especially when using tools like scissors or hot glue.
  • Get creative! These ideas are just a starting point. Encourage your child to add their own unique touches and experiment with different materials.
  • Make it a family affair! Crafting is a fantastic bonding activity. Get the whole family involved and enjoy some quality time together while celebrating your child’s love for Minecraft.

With a little imagination and these craft ideas, you can help your child bring the world of Minecraft to life and create lasting memories. Happy crafting!

Sohaib Hasan Shah

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