22 Fun Minute to Win It Cup Games for Kids

Get ready for an action-packed and exhilarating time with these fun Minute to Win It cup games for kids!

Whether you’re hosting a birthday party, a family gathering, or simply looking for exciting ways to keep the little ones entertained, these quick and engaging challenges are guaranteed to bring laughter and friendly competition to the forefront.

With simple materials like cups and a dash of creativity, children of all ages can participate and showcase their skills in these entertaining cup-based games.

So, gather the kids, set up your supplies, and let the games begin!

Get ready to witness their determination, teamwork, and, most importantly, sheer enjoyment as they take on these thrilling Minute to Win It Cup games!

“Cup Stack Attack”:

In this fast-paced Minute to Win It cup game, kids will put their stacking skills to the test. Set up a pyramid of plastic cups on a table and have the participants try to stack them into a single tower using one hand only. The catch? They must start with the cups facing down and reverse them to face up as they go. The player who successfully stacks the most cups into a single tower within a minute wins! It’s a thrilling challenge that enhances hand-eye coordination and dexterity, and the kids are sure to be hooked on the excitement.

“Ping Pong Toss”:

Prepare a line of cups, each with a different point value, arranged on the ground. Provide each child with a handful of ping pong balls and have them take turns tossing the balls into the cups. They only have one minute to score as many points as possible by getting the balls into the cups. Whether they aim for the high-point cups or opt for the easy ones to secure more points quickly, the pressure of the ticking clock will keep everyone on their toes and create an atmosphere of friendly competition.

“Cup Flip Challenge”:

Gather a bunch of plastic cups and have the kids try their luck at flipping them to land upside down on the table. Place a single cup at the edge of the table, and players must flip another cup from the table’s opposite end, attempting to land it perfectly on top of the first cup. The challenge lies in accurately judging the distance and the force needed for a successful flip. The kid who manages to stack the most cups within a minute will be crowned the flipping champion!

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“Cup Races”:

Divide the kids into teams and set up a racecourse with cups arranged in a zig-zag pattern. Each team member must navigate the course by pushing the cups along the table, one after the other, using only a straw to blow air. The first team to get all their cups to the finish line wins! It’s a hilarious game that will have everyone giggling as they try to control the cups with their straw-blowing skills.

“Cup Tower Knockdown”:

This Minute to Win It game will put the kids’ accuracy to the test. Build a tower of plastic cups and have the participants try to knock it down using rubber bands. Provide each child with a stack of rubber bands, and they have to stretch and shoot them at the tower to bring it tumbling down within a minute. The sheer fun of aiming, shooting, and watching the tower collapse is sure to be a hit with the kids, and they’ll want to keep playing round after round.

“Cup Stacking Relay”:

Source: youtube.com

Divide the kids into teams and set up two identical stacks of cups at a distance from each other. The players must race to the stack, one by one, and take a cup from the top of the pile to add it to their team’s stack. They must then run back and tag the next teammate in line. The relay continues until all the cups from one stack are transferred to the other. The team that completes the relay first wins the game. It’s a fantastic way to promote teamwork, communication, and quick thinking.

“Cup Target Shooting”:

Create a target board using cups, each with a different point value, attached to a wall or a large cardboard backdrop. Provide each child with a set of softballs (such as foam balls or crumpled paper balls). The kids must throw the balls at the target cups to score points. The player with the most points accumulated from their accurate throws within a minute is declared the Cup Target Shooting champion!

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“Cup Pong Madness”:

This variation of the classic pong game will surely excite the kids. Arrange a pyramid of cups filled with water at one end of the table. Provide each child with a ping pong ball, and they must attempt to bounce the ball off the table to land it into one of the cups. The cups knocked off the table are out of play, and the game continues until only one cup remains standing. The player who successfully lands the ball into the last remaining cup wins the challenge.

“Cup Tic-Tac-Toe Showdown”:

Source: youtube.com

Draw a giant tic-tac-toe grid on the ground using chalk or tape and place cups within each square. Divide the kids into two teams and assign them each a different color of cup (e.g., red and blue). Players take turns placing their team’s cups in the squares to create a row of their color. The first team to get three cups in a row, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, wins the game. It’s a fantastic twist on the classic game that adds an exciting physical element.

“Cup Pyramid Knockout”:

Create a pyramid of cups on a table, with a small empty space at the top center. Give each child a string of rubber bands and challenge them to shoot the rubber bands at the pyramid to knock the cups down. The catch is that they can only shoot the rubber bands from behind a marked line a few feet away from the table. The player who manages to knock down the most cups in the pyramid within a minute emerges as the ultimate knockout champion!

“Cup Stamping Art”:

Provide the kids with cups of different sizes and shapes and some washable paint or ink pads. Their task is to dip the bottom of the cups into the paint and use them as stamps to create colorful artwork on a large sheet of paper or canvas. They have one minute to create their masterpiece using the cups as stamps. The most imaginative and artistic creation wins the Cup Stamping Art challenge!

“Cup Memory Game”:

Arrange an assortment of cups on a tray or table and let the kids have a minute to observe and memorize their positions. Then, cover the cups with a cloth and remove one or more cups without the children seeing. The players must now identify which cups are missing within the allotted time. The child with the sharpest memory and the most accurate answers takes home the title of the Memory Game Master!

“Cup Bowling Bonanza”:

Transform ordinary plastic cups into bowling pins by arranging them in a triangular formation at one end of the room or hallway. Provide the kids with a lightweight ball, like a foam ball or a soft beach ball, and have them take turns rolling the ball to knock down the “pins.” The player who manages to knock down the most cups within a minute emerges victorious in this fun and energetic Cup Bowling Bonanza!

“Cup Tower Freeze”:

Have the kids form pairs and give each pair a set of cups. One child from each pair builds a tower using the cups while the other child observes. After one minute, the roles switch, and the observer now becomes the builder. The catch is that the builder must continue the tower from where their partner left off, without changing the cup’s positions. The pair with the tallest and most stable tower at the end of the game wins the Cup Tower Freeze challenge!

“Cup Hide-and-Seek”:

Hide a small object, like a toy or treat, under one of the cups while the kids close their eyes. Shuffle the cups around and let the children take turns guessing which cup the object is hidden under within a minute. This game will not only keep the kids entertained but also encourage their observational skills and critical thinking. The child with the most successful guesses wins the title of Hide-and-Seek Champ!

“Cup Karaoke Challenge”:

Source: youtube.com

Turn cups into makeshift microphones and host a karaoke competition! Assign each child a song and have them take turns singing into their cup microphone within a minute. The other kids can be the audience and cheer on their fellow performers. Encourage creativity and silliness, and let everyone enjoy musical entertainment. The child who delivers the most enthusiastic and entertaining karaoke performance wins the Cup Karaoke Challenge!

“Cup Tower Relay”:

Divide the kids into teams and provide each team with a set of cups. Set up identical cup towers at a distance from each team. The players must work together to transfer the cups, one at a time, from their starting point to build a tower at the destination. They can’t use their hands to carry the cups; instead, they have to use their mouths to hold the cups and pass them down the line. The first team to successfully construct their tower wins the Cup Tower Relay!

“Cup Ball Balance”:

For this fun Minute to Win It cup game, kids must showcase their balancing skills. Give each child a cup and a small ball (like a ping pong ball or a small toy ball). The challenge is to balance the ball on top of the cup and hold it steady for a count of ten seconds. If the ball falls before the count is complete, it must start again. The player who successfully balances the ball for the most extended duration wins the game.

“Cup Stack Scramble”:

Place an assortment of cups in various colors and sizes on the table. Call out specific combinations that the kids need to stack quickly, like a red cup on top of a blue cup, followed by a small cup on top of a large cup, etc. The players must stack the cups according to the called-out combination within the minute’s time frame. The child with the most accurate and completed stacks wins the Cup Stack Scramble!

“Cup Pyramid Precision”:

In this final Minute to Win It cup game, kids must use their precision and patience to build a stable pyramid of cups. Give each child a limited number of cups and challenge them to stack the cups into a pyramid shape within a minute. They must carefully balance each cup to create a structure that doesn’t topple over. The player who builds the highest and most stable cup pyramid wins the thrilling Cup Pyramid Precision challenge!

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