20 Mother’s Day Activity Ideas for Preschoolers

Mother’s Day is a special occasion that provides an opportunity for preschoolers to express their love and appreciation for their moms.

As a preschool teacher, it can be challenging to come up with creative and engaging Mother’s Day activities that cater to the needs of young children.

In this blog post, we’ve put together 20 Mother’s Day Activity Ideas for Preschoolers.

These activities are age-appropriate and promote learning in various areas such as cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development.

Mother’s Day Card Making

20 Mother's Day Activity Ideas for Preschoolers
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One of the most popular Mother’s Day activities for preschoolers is making Mother’s Day cards. Provide the children with construction paper, scissors, glue, stickers, markers, and other art materials. Encourage them to create personalized cards for their moms, using their imagination and creativity.

Handprint Crafts

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Handprint crafts are another great way to celebrate Mother’s Day. Help the children make handprint crafts using non-toxic paints or ink pads. You can make handprint flowers, butterflies, or any other designs that the children come up with.

Flower Pot Painting

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Provide the children with small flower pots and acrylic paints. Encourage them to paint the pots in bright colors and decorate them with stickers and other materials. You can also provide them with small plants or flowers to plant in the pots.

Mother’s Day Bracelets

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Help the children make bracelets for their moms using beads and elastic string. You can also provide them with stickers or other decorations to personalize the bracelets.

Mother’s Day Songs

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Teach the children Mother’s Day songs, such as “I Love You, Mommy,” “You Are My Sunshine,” or “You Are the Best Mom in the World.” Encourage them to sing the songs for their moms or perform them during a Mother’s Day celebration.

Mother’s Day Collages

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Provide the children with magazines, scissors, and glue. Encourage them to cut out pictures of things that remind them of their moms and glue them onto a piece of construction paper. You can also provide them with stickers, markers, or other decorations to enhance their collages.

Mother’s Day Coupons

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Help the children create Mother’s Day coupons that they can give to their moms as gifts. The coupons can include things like “One Free Hug,” “One Free Kiss,” or “One Free Chore.” Encourage the children to be creative and come up with their own ideas.

Mother’s Day Puzzles

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Create Mother’s Day puzzles for the children to complete. You can print out pictures of flowers, hearts, or other designs and cut them into puzzle pieces. Encourage the children to work together to complete the puzzles.

Mother’s Day Photo Frames

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Provide the children with plain wooden photo frames and non-toxic paints or markers. Encourage them to paint or decorate the frames and add a picture of themselves with their moms.

Mother’s Day Story Time

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Read books about Mother’s Day or stories that celebrate the love between a mother and child. Encourage the children to share their own stories or memories of their moms.

Mother’s Day Tea Party

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Host a Mother’s Day tea party for the preschoolers and their moms. Encourage the children to prepare simple snacks and drinks for their moms, and help them set up a cozy space with blankets, pillows, and decorations.

Mother’s Day Memory Game

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Create a memory game using pictures of mothers and children. Cut out the pictures and mix them up, then encourage the children to match the pictures to their corresponding pairs.

Mother’s Day Dance Party

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Host a dance party for the preschoolers and their moms, with fun and upbeat music. Encourage the children to dance with their moms and have fun together.

Mother’s Day Handmade Gifts

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Help the children make handmade gifts for their moms, such as painted flower pots, decorated picture frames, or homemade soaps. Encourage them to be creative and make something unique for their moms.

Mother’s Day Sensory Play

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Set up a sensory play area with different materials such as rice, sand, or water. Add small flowers or other items that the children can use to create sensory trays for their moms.

Mother’s Day Baking

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Host a simple baking activity with the preschoolers, where they can make easy treats such as cookies or cupcakes for their moms. Encourage them to decorate the treats with frosting and other decorations.

Mother’s Day Yoga

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Host a yoga session for the preschoolers and their moms, with simple yoga, poses that they can do together. This activity can promote relaxation, mindfulness, and bonding between the children and their moms.

Mother’s Day Charades

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Create a game of charades using Mother’s Day-related topics, such as flowers, hugs, or kisses. Encourage the children to act out the topics and guess each other’s clues.

Mother’s Day Gratitude Journals

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Help the children create gratitude journals for their moms, where they can write down things they are thankful for and appreciate about their moms. Encourage them to draw pictures or decorate the journals with stickers and markers.

Mother’s Day Nature Walk

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Take the preschoolers and their moms on a nature walk, where they can collect flowers, leaves, or other natural materials to create Mother’s Day crafts later on. This activity can promote outdoor exploration, creativity, and bonding between the children and their moms.

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In conclusion, celebrating Mother’s Day with preschoolers can be a fun and educational experience for both the children and their moms.

By engaging in various activities that promote cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development, preschoolers can learn about the importance of showing love and appreciation for their moms.

From handmade gifts to nature walks, dance parties to gratitude journals, there are countless creative and engaging activities that can make Mother’s Day a special and memorable occasion for preschoolers and their moms.

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