25 Necklace Craft for Kids

Necklaces are timeless accessories that hold a special charm, especially when crafted by little hands.

For kids, creating their own necklaces allows them to express their unique style and have a blast while doing it.

Whether you’re looking for a rainy day activity, a birthday party project, or a way to celebrate a special occasion, these 25 necklace craft ideas are sure to spark creativity and fun.

Easy Peasy Necklaces (Ages 4 and Up):

Cheerios and Fruit Loops:

Thread colorful cereal loops onto yarn or string for a fun and crunchy necklace. This is a great option for younger children who are still developing their fine motor skills.

Pony Bead Paradise:

Pony beads come in a vast array of colors and shapes, making them perfect for simple stringing projects. Kids can create patterns, mix and match colors, or even spell out their names.

Pasta Power:

Dyed pasta makes fantastic necklace beads! Simply boil different pasta shapes, let them cool, and then paint them in vibrant colors. Once dry, string them onto yarn or thread for a unique and colorful necklace.

Nature’s Treasures:

Take a walk in nature and collect interesting finds like colorful pebbles, interesting leaves, or small pinecones. Drill a small hole (with adult supervision) and string them together for a natural and earthy necklace.

Button Bonanza:

Buttons of all shapes, sizes, and colors can be transformed into beautiful necklaces. Kids can sort them by color or size, or simply string them together randomly for a quirky and eclectic look.

Let’s Get Crafty Necklaces (Ages 6 and Up):

Shrinky Dink Dazzlers:

Shrinky Dinks are sheets of plastic that shrink in the oven, making them perfect for creating custom necklace pendants. Let your child draw designs on the plastic, cut them out, and bake them according to the package instructions. Once shrunk, string them onto a cord for a one-of-a-kind necklace.

Paper Play:

Construction paper or colorful magazine clippings can be transformed into unique pendant shapes. Cut out hearts, stars, animals, or anything else your child desires. Laminate them for extra durability and string them onto yarn or ribbon.

Fizz, Pop, Craft!

For a science-themed necklace, use baking soda and vinegar to create fizzing “volcano” pendants. Mix baking soda with paint to create a dough, mold it into small volcano shapes, and let them dry completely. Once dry, add a drop of vinegar and watch the fizzing eruption! String the dried volcanoes onto a necklace for a fun and interactive accessory.

Sock it to Me!:

Upcycle old socks into cute and cuddly necklace pendants. Cut out simple shapes like hearts, flowers, or animals, stuff them with cotton balls, and sew them closed. Decorate them with buttons, yarn hair, or googly eyes for added personality. String them onto a necklace cord for a playful and unique look.

Woven Wonders:

For older children, try a weaving project. Cut a piece of cardboard into a rectangle and punch holes along the long sides. Use colorful yarn to weave a design across the cardboard, then cut the woven piece out and string it onto a necklace cord for a vibrant and textured pendant.

Beaded Bliss Necklaces (Ages 8 and Up):

Ombre Delight:

Create a beautiful ombre effect by using beads that gradually transition from one color to another. This is a great way to teach kids about color gradients and is perfect for older children who can appreciate the subtle color changes.

Friendship Forever:

Friendship bracelets are a classic for a reason! Use embroidery floss or thin yarn to create a woven friendship bracelet and then add a clasp to transform it into a necklace. Kids can personalize their bracelets with names, initials, or special symbols. These necklaces make great gifts for friends.

Recycled Denim Dazzlers:

Don’t throw out those old jeans! Cut them into thin strips and roll them tightly to create denim beads. Secure the ends with glue and then paint or decorate them for a unique and eco-friendly necklace.

Polymer Clay Pals:

Polymer clay is a versatile material that can be molded into any shape imaginable. Let your child create their own custom pendants, animals, or initials from polymer clay. Bake them according to the package instructions and then string them onto a necklace cord.

Macrame Magic:

For a more advanced project, try macrame. Using simple knots, kids can create intricate and beautiful necklace designs.

Charm and Pendant Powerhouse Necklaces (All Ages):

Alphabet Soup:

Repurpose leftover alphabet soup letters! Spray paint them in metallic colors or bright hues and string them onto a necklace for a personalized touch. Kids can spell out their names, a special message, or simply choose their favorite letters.

Seashell Shimmer:

Beachcombing can be a rewarding treasure hunt. Collect interesting seashells, drill a small hole (with adult supervision), and string them onto a necklace cord for a touch of coastal charm. You can also leave them natural or paint them in fun colors.

Nature’s Canvas:

Small, flat rocks can be transformed into beautiful pendants. Paint them with landscapes, faces, inspirational messages, or anything your child’s imagination desires. Once dry, seal them with a clear coat and string them onto a necklace cord.

Felt Fun:

Felt is a soft and versatile material that’s perfect for cutting out shapes. Let your child create animal shapes, flowers, or geometric patterns from felt. Decorate them with buttons, sequins, or embroidery stitches and string them onto a necklace for a playful and colorful look.

Bottle Cap Bonanza:

Plastic bottle caps can be transformed into surprising necklace pendants! Wash and dry them thoroughly. You can paint them, decorate them with stickers, or even hot glue small objects like buttons or beads onto them. Punch a hole (with adult supervision) and string them onto a necklace cord for a funky and upcycled look.

Cultural Flair Necklaces (All Ages):

Pompoms of Joy:

Pom poms come in a variety of colors and sizes, making them perfect for necklace embellishments. You can purchase them pre-made or make your own using yarn. String colorful pom poms onto a necklace cord for a fun and festive look.

Origami Elegance:

For a cultural twist, try incorporating origami into your necklace designs. Use colorful paper to fold simple origami shapes like cranes, hearts, or stars. String them onto a delicate thread or ribbon for a beautiful and sophisticated necklace.

Woven Dreamcatchers:

Dreamcatchers are traditionally used in Native American cultures to ward off bad dreams. Create mini dreamcatchers using embroidery floss, yarn, and small hoops. Decorate them with beads, feathers, or colorful ribbons and string them onto a necklace cord for a touch of cultural inspiration.

Clay is for Everyone!:

Air dry clay is a great alternative to polymer clay and doesn’t require baking. Let your child create cultural symbols, animals, or patterns from the clay. Once dry, paint them and string them onto a necklace cord for a unique and meaningful accessory.

Friendship Knots:

Friendship knots are a beautiful and symbolic craft from China. Use colorful string or yarn to create simple friendship knots and string them together for a vibrant and meaningful necklace. Kids can even research the symbolism behind different knot patterns.


  • Adult supervision is always recommended for younger children, especially when using sharp tools or hot glue.
  • Encourage creativity! Let your child experiment with different materials, colors, and techniques.
  • Consider using recycled or upcycled materials to add an eco-friendly twist to your projects.
  • Most importantly, have fun! Crafting with your child is a great way to bond, create lasting memories, and nurture their creativity.

With these 25 necklace craft ideas, you and your little crafter are sure to have hours of fun and create beautiful and unique accessories to treasure. So grab your supplies, unleash your creativity, and get ready to string up some smiles!

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