20 Ninja Craft Ideas for Kids

Calling all young ninjas! Get ready to unleash your creativity and hone your crafting skills with these 20 awesome ninja-themed projects.

Perfect for birthday parties, rainy days, or just a fun afternoon activity, these crafts cater to a variety of ages and skill levels.

Easy Crafts for Little Ninjas (Ages 2-4):

Paper Plate Ninja:

Transform a plain paper plate into a friendly ninja face. Use construction paper to cut out eyes, a mouth, and a black headband. Let your little ninja decorate with stickers, glitter, or paint.

Paper Bag Ninjas:

Brown paper bags become adorable ninja buddies with a few simple steps. Decorate the bag with black paint or construction paper for the body. Glue on googly eyes, a headband, and draw a ninja mask. Don’t forget to add pipe cleaner arms and legs for extra fun!

Sensory Bin Sneak Attack:

This is a fun and engaging craft that doubles as sensory play. Fill a plastic bin with black beans or rice. Hide small plastic ninjas, stars, or other ninja-themed toys in the bin. Let your little one use their hands or small tools (spoons, tongs) to find the hidden treasures.

Ninja Puff Paint Masks:

Create ninja masks for dramatic play with washable fabric paint or puff paint. Cut out simple mask shapes from felt or cardstock. Let your child decorate the masks freely with paint. Once dry, add elastic string for a comfortable fit.

Dancing Ninja Craft:

This craft is perfect for practicing fine motor skills. Use a template (easily found online) to cut out ninja shapes from construction paper. Let your child decorate them with markers or stickers. Attach pipe cleaner arms and string to create dancing ninjas that twirl with the slightest breeze.

Crafts for Growing Ninjas (Ages 5-8):

Popsicle Stick Ninjas:

These little ninjas are quick and easy to make. Paint popsicle sticks black or brown. Decorate with markers for facial features, a headband, and ninja attire. Glue on googly eyes or button eyes. String together several popsicle stick ninjas for a fun mobile or puppet show.

Paper Towel Roll Ninjas:

Recycle empty paper towel rolls into a squad of ninja warriors. Fold one end of the roll inward to create the head. Paint the roll black and add details like a belt and ninja mask. Glue on googly eyes and construction paper hair. Decorate further with markers or washi tape.

Ninja Star Fidget Spinners:

Combine fidget fun with ninja flair! Use cardboard or foam board to cut out ninja star shapes. Decorate them with paint, glitter, or markers. Poke a small hole in the center and insert a brad or pushpin. These fidget spinners will keep little hands busy and imaginations flowing.

DIY Felt Ninja Pouches:

These pouches are perfect for storing small treasures or ninja gear (pretend or real!). Cut out squares or circles from black felt. Sew on a red circle for the ninja mask and add details like eyes and a mouth. Sew around the edges, leaving a small opening at the top. Stuff with cotton wool and sew the opening closed.

Paper Cube Ninjas:

Transform an ordinary paper cube into a stealthy ninja. Paint the cube black and decorate each side with different ninja-themed images like shuriken (throwing stars), ninja masks, or kanji symbols (Japanese characters). Glue on googly eyes and construction paper hair for an extra touch.

Crafts for Master Ninjas (Ages 9 and Up):

Origami Ninja Stars:

Learn the art of origami to fold impressive ninja stars. There are various difficulty levels, so your child can choose a challenge that suits their skill level. Use colorful paper to create a striking display of ninja stars.

Ninja Stress Balls:

Squeeze away stress with DIY ninja stress balls. Fill small balloons with black flour or black rice. Decorate the outside with markers to create a ninja face or mask. Tie the balloon securely for a squishy stress reliever.

DIY Ninja Headbands:

No ninja is complete without a headband! Use black fabric (felt, fleece, or bandana) to cut out headband shapes. Decorate with fabric paint, embroidery, or patches featuring ninja symbols.

Toilet Roll Nunchucks (Safe Version):

Skip the real nunchucks and create a safe alternative for pretend play. Cut two pool noodles into equal lengths. Decorate them with black duct tape or paint. Thread a thick string or yarn through the centers of the pool noodles and tie securely.

Ninja Mask T-Shirt:

Use stencils or fabric paint to create a ninja mask on the front of the t-shirt. Add details like eyes, a mouth, and ninja symbols for a personalized look. Let the paint dry completely before wearing or washing the t-shirt.

Ninja Climbing Wall (Foam Version):

For active ninjas, create a safe climbing wall with climbing holds made from pool noodles. Cut pool noodles into various shapes and sizes. Glue them securely onto a sturdy piece of plywood. Mount the plywood on a wall in a safe location with proper padding underneath.

Ninja Obstacle Course:

Get creative and set up a challenging ninja obstacle course indoors or outdoors. Use furniture, pillows, blankets, and other household items to create obstacles like tunnels, balance beams, and hurdles. Designate a finish line and time your little ninjas as they complete the course.

DIY Ninja Grappling Hook (Toy Version):

Craft a safe and fun grappling hook for imaginative play. Use a sturdy stick and a length of rope. Secure the rope to the stick using a strong knot. Decorate the stick with black paint or fabric tape for a ninja look. Important Note: This grappling hook is for pretend play only and should not be used for climbing.

Glow-in-the-Dark Ninja Stars:

Take ninja star fun to the next level with glow-in-the-dark materials. Cut out ninja star shapes from glow-in-the-dark foam board or thick craft paper. Decorate them with markers or neon paint. These stars will light up the night for stealthy ninja missions in a darkened room.

Ninja Fortune Tellers:

Fold origami fortune tellers with a ninja twist. Use black and red origami paper and write ninja-themed fortunes or challenges on the inside flaps. Decorate the outside with ninja symbols or drawings.

Bonus: Ninja Party Decorations:

Transform your space into a true ninja dojo with these easy DIY decorations.

  • Ninja Lanterns: Cut out ninja shapes or symbols from black construction paper. Glue them onto red or orange paper lunch bags. Place small candles or battery-operated tea lights inside the bags for a flickering lantern effect (adult supervision required for candles).
  • Ninja Wall Hangings: Use black fabric or felt to cut out large ninja silhouettes. Decorate them with fabric paint, glitter, or ninja symbols. Hang them on walls or doorways for a dramatic effect.
  • Ninja Training Stations: Set up different stations around the party area for ninja-themed activities. Label each station with a ninja symbol, such as “Shuriken Throwing Practice” (throwing beanbags into a target) or “Silent Sneak Course” (crawling through a tunnel made of blankets).

With these 20 creative ideas, your child can unleash their inner ninja and embark on countless crafting adventures. Remember, the most important part is to have fun and let their imagination run wild!

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