29 Easy Number 8 Activities for Preschoolers

Step into the world of numbers with the captivating activities centered around the number 8 for our preschoolers!

As your enthusiastic guide, I’m delighted to introduce a series of engaging activities designed to make learning about the number 8 a joyous experience.

Number 8 Treasure Hunt:

Engage preschoolers in an exciting treasure hunt where they have to find and collect objects in groups of eight. Hide small items like toy cars, blocks, or colored balls around the play area, making sure each hiding spot has eight items. Provide the children with baskets or bags and encourage them to search for the treasures.

Eight-Legged Relay Race:

Organize a fun relay race for preschoolers that revolves around the theme of the number 8. Divide the children into teams and set up a course with designated points. Each team member takes turns running from one point to another while imitating the movements of an octopus with eight imaginary legs. They can wiggle their arms and make “slurping” sounds as they move.

Octopus Art:

Let preschoolers explore their creativity by creating octopus-themed artwork. Provide them with various art supplies such as paper, paint, glue, and googly eyes. Encourage the children to draw or paint an octopus, making sure to emphasize the shape of the number 8 for the body. They can use their fingers to make eight-legged prints, attach eight strips of colored paper as tentacles, or experiment with different textures.

Eight-Sided Shape Collage:

Introduce preschoolers to the concept of octagons, which have eight sides, through a shape collage activity. Give each child a sheet of paper and a variety of materials such as colored paper, foam shapes, stickers, and buttons. Instruct them to create a collage using octagon-shaped objects or by cutting and arranging other shapes to resemble octagons.

Eight-Footprint Walk:

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Take preschoolers on a nature walk and encourage them to explore the idea of the number 8 by making footprints. Before the walk, create a template of an octopus foot or an outline of the number 8. Bring along washable paint and brushes. At various points along the walk, let each child step into the paint and make eight footprints using the template.

Number 8 Balloon Pop:

Create a fun and interactive game that combines counting and gross motor skills. Blow up several balloons and draw the number 8 on each one with a marker. Scatter the balloons around the room or outdoor area. Instruct the preschoolers to pop the balloons by stomping on them or hitting them with their hands, counting aloud as they go.

Eight-Bead Bracelets:

Invite preschoolers to engage in a fine motor skill activity by creating bracelets with eight beads. Provide strings and a variety of beads in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Guide the children in threading exactly eight beads onto their strings, encouraging them to choose a pattern or sequence they like. Once they finish, they can proudly wear their unique bracelets while practicing their counting and sequencing abilities.

Eight-Foot Jump:

Create a measurement station where preschoolers can practice jumping. Mark off eight feet using tape or cones. Encourage the children to jump forward as far as they can, aiming to reach or surpass the eight-foot mark.

Counting with Eight Friends:

Encourage social interaction and counting skills by having preschoolers engage in a counting activity with their peers. Provide each child with a set of eight small toys, such as animal figures or building blocks. Instruct them to take turns sharing their toys with a friend while counting aloud, ensuring that both the giver and receiver understand the quantity involved.

Number 8 Math Hunt:

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Create a math hunt game that involves searching for and identifying objects related to the number 8. Prepare flashcards with images or descriptions of items such as eight buttons, eight blocks, or eight fingers. Hide the corresponding objects around the classroom or play area. Give each child a flashcard and challenge them to find the matching object.

Number 8 Hopscotch:

Draw a hopscotch grid with two circles side by side to represent the number 8. Preschoolers can practice hopping on each circle while saying the number aloud.

Octopus Yoga:

Guide preschoolers through a yoga session with poses inspired by the movements of an octopus. Encourage them to stretch and extend their bodies, imitating the eight-legged creature. You can suggest poses like the Octopus Pose (standing with arms extended and wiggling fingers like tentacles) or the Eight-Legged Downward Dog Pose.

Octopus Race:

Use hula hoops or large circles to represent the eight legs of an octopus. Line up preschoolers behind each hoop and have them race by hopping or stepping inside the hoops, mimicking the movements of an octopus. The first child to reach the finish line wins.

Eight-Treasure Sensory Bin:

Create a sensory bin filled with different materials such as rice, beans, or sand. Hide small objects in groups of eight within the bin. Preschoolers can explore the sensory materials, searching for and counting the hidden treasures.

Octopus Puppet Show:

Help preschoolers make octopus puppets using paper bags or socks. Encourage them to decorate the puppets with eight eyes, eight tentacles, and the number 8. Once the puppets are ready, encourage the children to put on a puppet show, using their creations to act out stories or songs related to the number 8.

Eight-Color Sorting:

Provide preschoolers with a set of objects or pictures that come in eight different colors (e.g., blocks, buttons, or pictures of fruits). Ask them to sort the objects into groups according to their colors, emphasizing the number 8.

Number 8 Memory Matching:

Create a memory matching game using pairs of cards. On each card, draw or write the numeral 8 and include corresponding pictures or objects that represent groups of eight. Preschoolers can take turns flipping over the cards, trying to match the number 8 with its corresponding image.

Eight-Step Movement Challenge:

Encourage preschoolers to engage in a movement challenge that involves eight steps. Demonstrate different movements, such as jumping jacks, marching, or hopping, and ask the children to perform each movement eight times.

Eight-Balloon Pop Counting Game:

Blow up eight balloons and write a number from 1 to 8 on each one. Scatter the balloons around the room and ask preschoolers to pop them in numerical order. As they pop each balloon, they must say the number aloud.

Octopus Snack Creation:

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Provide preschoolers with round crackers, cream cheese or peanut butter, and various toppings such as raisins, diced fruits, or vegetable slices. Instruct them to create octopus-themed snacks by spreading cream cheese or peanut butter on the crackers and using the toppings to create eight legs.

Eight-Frame Counting:

Create eight-frame templates on paper or use actual eight-frame manipulatives. Give preschoolers small objects like buttons or counters and ask them to place the objects in the frames to represent the number 8.

Number 8 Scavenger Hunt:

Make a list of items related to the number 8, such as eight toys, eight books, or eight pieces of clothing. Have preschoolers search their homes or classrooms to find and collect those items.

Number 8 Fruit Salad:

Introduce preschoolers to various fruits and help them create a fruit salad using eight different types of fruits. Encourage the children to count and identify each fruit as they add it to the salad. They can enjoy the final product as a healthy snack.

Eight-Legged Obstacle Course:

Set up an obstacle course using cones, hula hoops, and other items. Create eight stations throughout the course where preschoolers need to perform different actions or movements, such as jumping, crawling, or balancing. The children can move through the course, completing each activity at the eight-legged stations.

Shape Sorting with Octagons:

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Introduce preschoolers to the octagon shape by providing them with different-sized octagon cutouts. Also, prepare a variety of other shapes like circles, squares, and triangles. Encourage the children to sort the shapes into groups, placing all the octagons together.

Eight-Second Challenge:

Engage preschoolers in a fun and fast-paced game where they have to complete various tasks in eight seconds. For example, they can try to hop on one foot for eight seconds, touch eight body parts in eight seconds, or draw the number 8 in the air with their finger in eight seconds.

Counting Bracelets:

Provide preschoolers with pipe cleaners or strings and eight beads of different colors. Instruct them to string the beads onto the pipe cleaner or string, creating a counting bracelet with eight beads. They can wear bracelets and use them to practice counting and identifying colors throughout the day.

Number 8 Tower Building:

Give preschoolers building blocks or cups and challenge them to build a tower using exactly eight blocks or cups. They can experiment with different arrangements and structures, reinforcing counting skills and spatial awareness.


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