26 October Bulletin Board Ideas for Preschool

In the month of October, there are numerous exciting themes that can be incorporated into bulletin boards, such as fall, Halloween, pumpkins, and the changing colors of leaves.

These thematic displays not only grab children’s attention but also encourage exploration, creativity, and a sense of wonder.

In this article, we will put forth exciting October bulletin board ideas for preschool, designed to captivate young imaginations and create a delightful atmosphere for learning and discovery.

“Leaf Collage Adventure”:

20 Best October Bulletin Board Ideas for Preschool
Source: laughingkidslearn.com

This activity combines the beauty of autumn leaves with the creative exploration of collage making. Start by providing preschoolers with a variety of colorful leaves collected from outside. On the bulletin board, create a large tree trunk and branches using brown construction paper. Invite the children to glue the leaves onto the branches, creating a vibrant and textured collage. This activity not only celebrates the changing colors of leaves in October but also encourages fine motor skills and artistic expression.

“Spider Web Counting”:

Source: artscrackers.com

Engage preschoolers in a fun and educational spider-themed activity. Create a large spider web on the bulletin board using yarn or string. Attach small spider cut-outs to the web, each labeled with a number. Beneath the web, provide a basket of colorful pom-poms or small plastic spiders. Encourage the children to count the correct number of items and place them onto the corresponding spiders on the web. This activity enhances number recognition, counting skills, and hand-eye coordination.

“Pumpkin Patch Shape Matching”:

Source: pinterest.com

Celebrate the iconic symbol of autumn – the pumpkin – while reinforcing shape recognition. Cut out different shapes from orange construction paper to represent pumpkins. On the bulletin board, create a pumpkin patch scene with rows of pumpkins. Each pumpkin should have a specific shape cut-out in its center. Provide the children with corresponding shape cut-outs and encourage them to match the shapes and place them inside the pumpkins. This activity promotes shape recognition, spatial awareness, and problem-solving skills.

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“Costume Dress-Up Storytelling”:

Source: people.howstuffworks.com

Encourage imaginative play and storytelling with a costume dress-up activity inspired by Halloween. Create a designated area near the bulletin board with a variety of costumes, masks, and props. The bulletin board itself can be decorated as a spooky setting or a friendly Halloween scene. Encourage the children to choose costumes and props and create their own Halloween-themed stories, using the bulletin board as a backdrop for their imaginative adventures. This activity fosters language development, creativity, and social interaction.

“Candy Corn Patterns”:

Source: pinterest.com

Introduce the concept of patterns through a colorful and delicious activity inspired by candy corn. Create a large candy corn shape on the bulletin board using construction paper, with each section representing a different color. Provide the children with a variety of colored paper cut-outs or even real candy corn. Demonstrate how to create simple patterns (e.g., yellow-orange-yellow-orange) and invite the children to continue the patterns on the candy corn shape. This activity enhances pattern recognition, fine motor skills, and color identification.

“Harvesting Letters”:

Source: growingbookbybook.com

Embrace the harvest season and promote letter recognition with this engaging activity. Create a large farm scene on the bulletin board, complete with fields and a barn. Cut out multiple shapes of vegetables and fruits from different colored paper, with letters of the alphabet written on each one. Scatter the lettered vegetables and fruits around the bulletin board. Encourage the children to identify the letters and “harvest” them by placing them in baskets or buckets labeled with the corresponding letter. This activity reinforces letter recognition, vocabulary, and fine motor skills.

“Bat Cave Sensory Exploration”:

Source: pinterest.com

Dive into the nocturnal world of bats with a sensory-focused bulletin board activity. Create a large cave structure on the bulletin board using dark-colored paper or fabric. Attach small bat cut-outs throughout the cave. Enhance the sensory experience by incorporating textured elements such as felt or velvet to represent the bats’ wings. Provide flashlights and invite the children to explore the bat cave, shining the lights to reveal the hidden bats. This activity stimulates sensory development, curiosity, and imaginative play.

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“Spooky Shadow Puppets”:

Source: minted.com

Delve into the enchantment of shadows with a Halloween-themed puppetry activity. Create a shadow puppet theater on the bulletin board using a large piece of black fabric or cardboard. Cut out Halloween-themed shapes, such as ghosts, witches, and pumpkins, from translucent paper or black cardstock. Attach the shapes to craft sticks or straws. Dim the lights in the classroom and use a flashlight to cast shadows onto the bulletin board. Encourage the children to tell stories and create spooky scenes with their shadow puppets. This activity fosters storytelling skills, imagination, and dramatic play.

“Owl Eyes Observation”:

Source: pinterest.com

Explore the mysterious world of owls and promote observation skills with this interactive bulletin board activity. Create a large owl on the bulletin board using brown construction paper, with large round eyes cut out. Place various objects with different textures and colors around the owl, such as feathers, fabric scraps, leaves, and pinecones. Provide magnifying glasses and invite the children to observe and examine the objects, just like owls do. This activity encourages keen observation skills, vocabulary development, and tactile exploration.

“Friendly Ghost Rhyme Time”:

Source: youtube.com

Engage preschoolers in a playful and musical activity inspired by friendly ghosts. Create a whimsical scene on the bulletin board with friendly ghost cut-outs and a moonlit sky. Choose a simple and repetitive Halloween-themed nursery rhyme or song, such as “Five Little Ghosts” or “I’m a Little Pumpkin.” Write the lyrics on large, ghost-shaped cut-outs and attach them to the bulletin board. Encourage the children to sing or recite the rhyme while pointing to the corresponding ghostly lyrics. This activity promotes language development, rhythm, and memorization skills.

“Fall Tree Handprint Art”:

Source: pinterest.com

Celebrate the beauty of autumn leaves with this hands-on art activity. Create a large tree trunk on the bulletin board using brown paper. Provide various shades of red, orange, and yellow washable paints. Invite the children to dip their hands into the paints and press them onto the branches of the tree, creating vibrant handprint leaves. This activity allows children to explore colors, develop fine motor skills, and appreciate the changing seasons.

“Pumpkin Patch Letter Matching”:

Source: funlearningforkids.com

Combine the excitement of pumpkins with letter recognition in this interactive matching game. Create a pumpkin patch scene on the bulletin board with multiple pumpkins, each displaying a lowercase letter. Cut out smaller pumpkin shapes with corresponding uppercase letters. Scatter the uppercase pumpkins around the bulletin board and encourage the children to match them with the lowercase pumpkins on the patch. This activity reinforces letter recognition, letter-sound correspondence, and visual discrimination.

“Spider Web Fine Motor Fun”:

Source: educationoutside.org

Develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination with a spider-themed weaving activity. Create a large spider web shape on the bulletin board using yarn or string. Attach small plastic spiders around the web. Provide the children with long, thin strips of colorful paper or fabric and invite them to weave the strips over and under the strands of the spider web, creating a woven pattern. This activity enhances fine motor control, spatial awareness, and concentration.

“Harvest Sensory Bin”:

Source: firefliesandmudpies.com

Engage the senses and explore the textures and colors of the harvest season with a sensory bin activity. Create a sensory bin using a large container filled with dried corn kernels, small gourds, mini pumpkins, and autumn-themed sensory items like acorns, leaves, and cinnamon sticks. Place the sensory bin near the bulletin board and encourage the children to explore and manipulate the items, feeling the textures and observing the colors. This activity stimulates sensory development, vocabulary, and imaginative play.

“Friendly Monsters Counting”:

Source: learning4kids.net

Turn adorable monsters into counting companions with this math-focused bulletin board activity. Create a colorful scene with friendly monster cut-outs on the bulletin board. Assign each monster a numeral, from 1 to 10, and provide corresponding sets of objects, such as googly eyes, buttons, or pom-poms. Encourage the children to count the objects and place the correct number of items onto each monster. This activity reinforces counting skills, number recognition, and one-to-one correspondence.

“Witch’s Potion Science Experiment”:

Source: messylittlemonster.com

Dive into the world of potions and introduce basic science concepts with this engaging activity. Set up a cauldron on the bulletin board using a large black pot. Provide various materials such as baking soda, vinegar, food coloring, and glitter. Invite the children to mix different combinations of these materials in small cups or containers and observe the reactions. Encourage them to create “magical” potions by adding ingredients and noting the changes. This activity promotes scientific inquiry, observation skills, and critical thinking.

“Fall Nature Walk Collage”:

Source: learningandexploringthroughplay.com

Take the classroom outdoors and encourage a connection with nature through a fall-inspired collage activity. Before the activity, go on a nature walk with the children to collect leaves, acorns, pinecones, and other natural materials. On the bulletin board, provide a large tree shape or a landscape backdrop. Invite the children to arrange and glue their nature walk findings onto the bulletin board, creating a beautiful fall collage. This activity fosters an appreciation for nature, fine motor skills, and creativity.

“Pumpkin Investigation Station”:

Source: teaching2and3yearolds.com

Turn the bulletin board into a pumpkin exploration station to promote scientific inquiry and sensory exploration. Attach large pumpkin shapes to the bulletin board, each labeled with a different category such as size, color, weight, or texture. Provide small pumpkins of various sizes, colors, and textures for the children to handle and examine. Encourage them to compare and contrast the pumpkins based on the categories on the bulletin board. This activity enhances observation skills, vocabulary, and critical thinking.

“Spider Web Gross Motor Game”:

Source: notimeforflashcards.com

Combine physical activity and learning with a spider-themed gross motor game. Create a large spider web shape on the bulletin board using masking tape or yarn. Place numbers or shapes around the web. Scatter plastic spiders or spider cut-outs around the classroom. Instruct the children to move around the spider web, hopping or crawling from one number or shape to another, collecting spiders as they go. This activity promotes gross motor skills, number or shape recognition, and coordination.

“Haunted House Storytelling”:

Source: teachertothecore.blogspot.com

Foster imagination and storytelling skills with a collaborative haunted house storytelling activity. Decorate the bulletin board as a haunted house setting, complete with ghosts, bats, and other spooky elements. Provide a variety of props such as costumes, masks, and puppets. Create a story circle where the children can take turns adding to a collective spooky tale using the bulletin board as inspiration. This activity encourages language development, creativity, and cooperative play.

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