20 DIY Paper Spinner Crafts for Kids

The world of children’s crafts is overflowing with possibilities, but sometimes you stumble upon a project that’s both simple and endlessly engaging.

Enter the paper spinner: a humble creation with the power to unleash hours of imaginative play and learning.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore 20 DIY paper spinner crafts designed to tantalize young minds.

We’ll delve into classic designs, introduce educational twists, and provide inspiration to create spinners that cater to your child’s unique interests.

Crafting Essentials:

Before we dive into the whirlwind of fun, let’s gather our crafting essentials. Most of these projects rely on materials you likely already have on hand:

  • Construction paper in a vibrant array of colors
  • Scissors – adult supervision required for younger children
  • Glue stick for mess-free assembly
  • Crayons, markers, or colored pencils for artistic expression
  • Yarn or string to make the spinners twirl
  • Straws or brad fasteners to act as the central axis (optional)
  • Buttons, feathers, sequins – anything that sparks your child’s creativity for embellishments (optional)

Ready, Set, Spin!

Now that we’re equipped, let’s embark on a journey of crafting magic:

The Timeless Classic: The Circle Spinner

This is the quintessential paper spinner – a perfect introduction for younger children. Cut out two vibrant circles from construction paper, unleash your child’s inner artist with colorful designs, glue them together back-to-back with a straw in the center, and tie some yarn to the straw. This simple creation becomes a mesmerizing spectacle as it twirls.

A Rainbow Whirl:

Elevate the classic spinner with a touch of color magic. Cut out construction paper circles in various sizes, arrange them from largest to smallest in the center, and secure them with a brad fastener. The result? A captivating cascade of colors mesmerizing little eyes as the spinner dances.

Dancing Dervishes Take Flight:

Let’s explore movement! Cut out long, flowing strips of construction paper and connect them to a central cardboard circle. Decorate the strips with markers and watch them twirl and sway in a mesmerizing dance.

Spinny Sea Creatures:

Calling all oceanographers! Craft colorful fish, playful dolphins, or even an octopus with a spinning body. Use construction paper for the base, wiggle eyes for an extra touch of life, and a brad fastener in the center to allow the body to spin while the other parts remain stable.

Fluttery Butterflies:

Bring the beauty of butterflies to life with paper spinners. Craft colorful wings and a body that spins using a brad fastener. Pipe cleaner antennae add a delightful touch, creating a whimsical spinner that flutters with imagination.

Buzzing Bees:

Similar to the butterfly, create a bee with black and yellow construction paper. For the spinning part, use a smaller black circle decorated with a white stripe to resemble the bee’s body.

Whirling Windmills:

Transport yourselves to Dutch landscapes by crafting miniature windmills. Construct a simple windmill base from cardstock and paper blades. Attach them to a brad fastener for a charming spinner that showcases the power of wind.

Spinning Pizzas:

Let’s get creative with pretend play! Craft a paper pizza base and glue on colorful felt circles for delectable-looking toppings. Use a brad fastener in the center to create a spinner that allows kids to “make” their favorite pizzas, fostering imaginative culinary adventures.

Kaleidoscopic Delights:

Unleash the magic of optical illusions with transparency sheets. Cut out geometric shapes, layer them with transparent confetti in between, and secure them with a brad fastener. The result? A mesmerizing kaleidoscope effect that explodes with color as the spinner twirls.

Learning Takes a Spin:

Spinners can be educational tools too! Create a spinner with numbers on one side and corresponding pictures on the other (like fruits, animals, or letters). Give it a spin and see what pops up – a fun way to practice counting, matching, and alphabet recognition.

Spinner Fortune Teller:

Channel a carnival atmosphere with a fortune teller spinner. Decorate a large circle with colorful sections and write playful fortunes on each one. Give it a spin and see what the future holds (for pretend, of course!), sparking laughter and imagination.

Spin the Bottle (Lite):

Looking for a party game that’s gentle on furniture? Create a spinner with names or silly dares written on it. Spin the yarn-attached straw (instead of a bottle) and see who gets picked for a challenge or a compliment, keeping the fun active without the potential for spills.

Spinner Color Mixing:

Introduce your child to the wonders of color theory with a spinner. Divide a circle into sections and color them with primary and secondary colors. Spin and see what new colors appear when the sections blend together visually, fostering a fun and engaging introduction to the science of color.

Spinner Emotions:

Help young children navigate the world of emotions with a spinner. Decorate a circle with different facial expressions and corresponding emotion words like happy, sad, angry, or scared. Give it a spin and use it as a conversation starter to explore and understand feelings.

Spinner Mobiles Take Flight:

Take your spinners to new heights by creating a mobile. Hang multiple spinners from a string or coat hanger and watch them dance in the breeze, transforming a room into a captivating display of color and movement.

Beyond the Basics: Expanding the Spinner Universe

The beauty of paper spinners lies in their versatility. Here are some ideas to take your creations a step further:

  • Upcycle and Repurpose: Give new life to cardboard scraps, bottle caps, or other recyclables by incorporating them into your spinner designs.
  • Character Spinners: Craft spinners based on your child’s favorite book or movie characters, bringing their favorite stories to life in a new way.
  • Embellishment Extravaganza: Don’t hold back on the sparkle! Buttons, googly eyes, sequins, or any other embellishment that sparks your child’s creativity can be used to personalize their spinners.
  • Shape Shifters: Experiment with different shapes and sizes for the spinners. Hearts, stars, or even geometric shapes can add a unique twist to the classic circle design.
  • Spinner Scavenger Hunt: Hide clues on different colored sections of a spinner and create a paper-based scavenger hunt, adding an element of surprise and adventure to the spinning fun.

The Joy of Paper Spinners:

Paper spinners are more than just a craft – they’re a catalyst for creativity, fine motor skills development, and imaginative play. From classic designs to educational tools, these simple projects offer endless possibilities for exploration and learning. So grab some construction paper, yarn, and a dash of imagination, and get ready to spin some fun with your kids! As they watch their creations twirl, you’ll witness the joy of crafting, discovery, and the magic of a world brought to life by a simple sheet of paper.

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