24 Exciting Preschool Activities for Veterans Day

Every year on November 11th, our nation comes together to pay tribute to the brave men and women who have served in the armed forces.

Veterans Day is a special occasion that allows us to express our gratitude and appreciation for their sacrifices, courage, and dedication to protecting our freedom.

We will explore Exciting Preschool Activities for Veterans Day.

These activities are designed to spark their curiosity, promote empathy, and instill a sense of respect for our veterans.

Patriotic Puzzle Fun:

Engage preschoolers in a patriotic puzzle activity that combines fine motor skills with a sense of national pride. Create age-appropriate puzzles featuring images related to Veterans Day, such as flags, soldiers, or military vehicles. Allow children to piece the puzzles together, discussing the significance of the images as they complete each one. This activity promotes problem-solving skills while fostering a connection to the symbols and values associated with Veterans Day.

“Thank a Hero” Wall:

Create a “Thank a Hero” wall within your preschool where children can express their gratitude for veterans in their own unique way. Provide colorful construction paper, markers, and stickers, allowing preschoolers to create personalized thank-you notes or drawings. Encourage them to write or draw their appreciation and attach their creations to the wall. This activity not only teaches preschoolers the importance of expressing gratitude but also serves as a visual reminder of the impact veterans have on our lives.

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Veteran Interview Skits:

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Inspire preschoolers to explore the stories of veterans through fun and interactive skits. Divide children into small groups and assign each group a different veteran’s story to portray. They can act out significant events or experiences, showcasing the bravery and sacrifice of those who served. This activity encourages teamwork, creativity, and empathy as children step into the shoes of veterans, helping them develop a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by these courageous individuals.

Parade of Flags:

Organize a “Parade of Flags” activity where preschoolers create their own mini flags and march in procession. Provide materials such as popsicle sticks, construction paper, and markers for children to design their flags. Once their flags are ready, gather the children together and lead a parade around the preschool or outside in a safe area. As they march, explain the significance of the flag as a symbol of our country and the veterans who have defended it. This activity promotes physical activity, creativity, and a sense of unity among the preschoolers.

Service Project: Caring for Our Community:

Teach preschoolers the value of service by engaging them in a community-focused project. Together, choose a service activity that benefits veterans or military families, such as collecting canned goods for a local food pantry or creating care packages for homeless veterans. Involve the children in every step, from brainstorming ideas to executing the project. This hands-on experience instills a sense of empathy, compassion, and the importance of giving back to those who have served our country.

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“Soldier’s Care Kit” Craft:

Encourage preschoolers to create their own “Soldier’s Care Kits” as a way to understand and support the needs of military personnel. Provide small boxes or containers, and guide children in decorating them with patriotic colors and stickers. Inside the kits, have preschoolers place items like travel-sized toiletries, small games or puzzles, and handwritten notes of appreciation. Discuss the importance of these items and how they can bring comfort and joy to service members serving far from home.

Veterans Day Collage:

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Engage preschoolers in a collage-making activity to honor veterans and their service. Provide a variety of materials such as magazines, construction paper, markers, and glue sticks. Encourage children to cut out pictures or words that represent different aspects of Veterans Day, such as flags, medals, or military symbols. As they create their collages, discuss the significance of each item chosen and how it relates to veterans and their contributions.

Cookie Decoration Activity:

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One exciting preschool activity for Veterans Day is a cookie decoration activity. This activity allows children to engage in a fun and creative task while also learning about and honoring veterans. The children can decorate cookies in various patriotic designs, such as flags, stars, and camouflage patterns, using icing, sprinkles, and edible decorations. This hands-on activity promotes fine motor skills, artistic expression, and an understanding of the significance of Veterans Day. It provides a delightful way for preschoolers to celebrate and appreciate the contributions of our veterans.

Veterans Day Charades:

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Play a lively game of Veterans Day charades to introduce preschoolers to various aspects of military service. Prepare small cards with simple actions or scenarios related to veterans, such as saluting, marching, or helping others. Divide children into teams and take turns acting out the cards while others guess the action. This interactive activity not only promotes physical movement but also sparks discussions about the roles and responsibilities of our servicemen and women.

Dress up:

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Dressing up in military-themed costumes is an exciting preschool activity for Veterans Day. Children can wear camouflage clothing, and hats, and pretend to be soldiers or veterans. This activity allows them to role-play and explore the world of the military, fostering imagination and creativity. It also serves as a visual representation of honoring and appreciating the brave men and women who have served our country. Dressing up for Veterans Day creates a fun and interactive way for preschoolers to learn about the military and show their support for veterans.

Veteran Themed Board:

Creating a veteran-themed bulletin board is an exciting preschool activity for Veterans Day. The children can decorate the board with drawings, paintings, and crafts related to veterans and the military. They can create flags, write thank-you notes, and display pictures of family members who have served in the armed forces. This activity encourages creativity, teamwork, and a sense of appreciation for veterans. The veteran-themed board serves as a visual representation of the preschoolers’ gratitude and recognition of those who have served our country. It provides a meaningful and interactive way for preschoolers to learn about Veterans Day and honor our veterans.

Veterans Day Memory Game:

Create a Veterans Day-themed memory game to improve cognitive skills and teach children about various symbols associated with the day. Make pairs of cards with pictures of military-related items, such as flags, medals, soldiers, and military vehicles. Shuffle the cards and lay them face-down on a table. Taking turns, preschoolers flip over two cards, trying to find matching pairs. When a match is made, encourage them to explain the significance of the symbol depicted. This memory game promotes concentration, visual recognition, and vocabulary development.

Patriotic Dance Party:

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Host a lively patriotic dance party where preschoolers can groove to music inspired by Veterans Day. Compile a playlist that includes patriotic songs, marches, and tunes associated with the armed forces. Clear a space for dancing and encourage children to move freely, expressing themselves through dance. As they dance, discuss the emotions and pride associated with the music, and encourage them to create their own dance moves. This activity combines physical activity, creativity, and a sense of celebration.

Thank-You Collage:

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Guide preschoolers in creating a thank-you collage to express their gratitude to veterans. Provide a large poster board or canvas and an assortment of art supplies, including markers, crayons, stickers, and cut-out images related to Veterans Day. Instruct children to decorate the collage by writing “Thank You” messages and attaching the images and stickers. Display the collage prominently, either within the preschool or in a community space, to show appreciation for the sacrifices made by our veterans.

Sensory Flag Exploration:

Create a sensory experience centered around the American flag to engage preschoolers in tactile exploration. Prepare a tray or shallow container filled with red, white, and blue materials such as fabric swatches, ribbons, foam shapes, and sensory items like rice or beans in corresponding colors. Encourage children to use their hands to explore the different textures and colors, discussing the significance of each element as they play. This sensory activity promotes fine motor skills, sensory development, and understanding of flag symbolism.

Veteran Videos:

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Watching veteran-themed videos is an exciting preschool activity for Veterans Day. Children can be shown age-appropriate videos that highlight the experiences and stories of veterans. These videos can include animated short films, interviews, or educational clips that explain the significance of Veterans Day. This activity helps children develop empathy, understanding, and respect for veterans and their contributions. It also serves as a visual and auditory learning experience, engaging young minds in a meaningful way. Watching veteran videos provides a valuable opportunity for preschoolers to learn about and honor the brave men and women who have served our country.

Veterans Day Sensory Bottles:

Create Veterans Day-themed sensory bottles that engage preschoolers’ senses while incorporating patriotic elements. Fill clear plastic bottles with red, white, and blue materials such as water, glitter, beads, sequins, and small flag cut-outs. Seal the bottles securely, allowing children to shake and observe the swirling colors and textures. As they interact with the sensory bottles, discuss the meaning behind the colors and the importance of honoring our veterans.

Thank You Cards:

Creating thank-you cards for veterans is an exciting preschool activity for Veterans Day. Children can make colorful and heartfelt cards expressing their gratitude and appreciation for the service of veterans. They can use their creativity to draw pictures, write simple messages, or attach stickers and decorations to the cards. This activity encourages empathy, kindness, and understanding of the sacrifices made by veterans. Making thank-you cards allows preschoolers to actively participate in honoring and recognizing the contributions of veterans, fostering a sense of patriotism and gratitude. It provides a tangible way for young children to show their support and appreciation on Veterans Day.

Veteran’s Day Puzzles:

Solving Veteran’s Day-themed puzzles is an exciting preschool activity for Veterans Day. Children can engage in age-appropriate puzzles, such as jigsaw puzzles or word search puzzles, that feature symbols, images, or words related to veterans and the military. This activity promotes problem-solving skills, concentration, and cognitive development. It also offers an opportunity for preschoolers to learn about and recognize the significance of Veterans Day. Solving Veteran’s Day puzzles provides a fun and interactive way for young children to connect with the holiday and honor our veterans.

Flag Ceremony:

Host a simple flag ceremony where preschoolers participate in raising and lowering the American flag. Teach them the proper way to handle and fold the flag, emphasizing respect and etiquette. Gather the children in a designated outdoor area, hold a brief discussion about the flag’s meaning, and then lead them in the flag-raising ceremony. This activity instills a sense of patriotism, citizenship, and appreciation for the symbol of our nation.

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