23 Fun Preschool Activities on Hibernation

As winter sets in, preschool students become fascinated by the concept of hibernation.

Hibernation is a natural phenomenon that some animals enter during the winter months to conserve energy.

It provides a great opportunity for preschool teachers to incorporate the theme of hibernation into their lesson plans.

We will explore ideas on Preschool Activities on Hibernation.

Hibernation Books and Stories:

One of the most effective ways to introduce the topic of hibernation to preschool students is by reading books and stories that explore the topic. Books like “Bear Snores On” by Karma Wilson, “The Animals’ Winter Sleep” by Lynda Graham-Barber, and “Sleep, Black Bear, Sleep” by Jane Yolen are great options.

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Hibernation Sensory Bins:

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Sensory bins are a great way to engage preschool students in learning about hibernation. Fill a bin with materials such as cotton balls, pine cones, and toy animals, and encourage students to explore and play while learning about hibernation.

Hibernation Crafts:

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Making crafts related to hibernation is a great way to promote creativity and fine motor skills. Have students create paper bag bears, hedgehogs, or other animals that hibernate during the winter months.

Hibernation Dramatic Play:

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Dramatic play is an effective way to promote social and emotional development. Set up a hibernation den with blankets and pillows, and encourage students to pretend they are bears or other animals that hibernate.

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Hibernation Matching Game:

Matching games are great for promoting cognitive development. Create a game where students match pictures of animals to their names and whether or not they hibernate.

Hibernation Science Experiment:

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Conducting a science experiment related to hibernation is a great way to promote curiosity and scientific thinking. Have students observe how animals prepare for hibernation by collecting and storing food.

Hibernation Songs and Rhymes:

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Singing songs and reciting rhymes about hibernation is a fun way to promote language development. Songs like “Hibernation” by Jack Hartmann and “Hibernation Rap” by Have Fun Teaching are great options.

Hibernation Movement Game:

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Playing movement games related to hibernation is a great way to promote physical development. Have students pretend to be animals that hibernate by curling up in a ball, then stretching and waking up in the spring.

Hibernation Writing Prompts:

Writing prompts related to hibernation can help promote literacy skills. Have students write about what they would do if they were a bear hibernating during the winter.

Hibernation Virtual Field Trip:

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Taking a virtual field trip to a zoo or nature center that has animals that hibernate is a great way to bring the concept to life. Many zoos and nature centers offer virtual field trips, making it easy to explore without leaving the classroom.

Hibernation Math Activities:

Incorporate math skills into the lesson by having students count and sort objects related to hibernation, such as acorns or leaves.

Hibernation Charades:

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Play a game of charades where students act out animals that hibernate, promoting both physical and social development.

Hibernation Puppet Show:

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Have students create puppets of animals that hibernate and put on a puppet show, promoting creativity and language development.

Hibernation Graphing:

Have students graph which animals hibernate and which ones do not, promoting math and data analysis skills.

Hibernation Writing and Drawing Prompts:

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Provide writing and drawing prompts related to hibernation, such as “Draw a picture of a bear in a den”, promoting creativity and literacy skills.

Hibernation Science Journal:

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Have students create a science journal where they record observations and information about hibernation, promoting scientific thinking and literacy skills.

Hibernation Snack:

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Make a snack related to hibernation, such as hibernation cookies shaped like bears or hedgehogs, promoting creativity and healthy eating habits.

Hibernation Dramatic Play Center:

Set up a dramatic play center where students can pretend to be animals that hibernate, promoting social and emotional development.

Hibernation Shadow Puppets:

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Have students create shadow puppets of animals that hibernate and put on a shadow puppet show, promoting creativity and fine motor skills.

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Hibernation Memory Game:

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Create a memory game where students match pictures of animals that hibernate, promoting cognitive development and memory skills.


In conclusion, hibernation is a fascinating natural process that can captivate the attention of preschool students during the winter months.

Whether it’s counting and sorting objects, playing games, creating art, or engaging in dramatic play, there are many ways to bring the concept of hibernation to life in the classroom.

By using these activities to help preschool students explore and understand hibernation, teachers can spark a lifelong love of learning and encourage curiosity and wonder about the world around them.

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