50 Free Printable Preschool Number Worksheets 1-10 (PDF)

Preschool is a crucial stage in a child’s development, where they begin to explore the wonders of numbers and mathematics.

To make learning a delightful experience, educators and parents often turn to interactive and engaging activities.

Free printable preschool number worksheets 1-10 are fantastic resources that combine education with fun, helping young minds grasp the concept of numbers effortlessly.

Free Printable Preschool Number Worksheets 1-10 (PDF)

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Number Tracing Worksheets:

Provide guided practice for preschoolers to trace the numbers 1 to 10, reinforcing fine motor skills and number recognition.

Count and Match Worksheets:

Encourage children to count objects, such as fruits or animals, and match them with the corresponding numerals.

Number Recognition Worksheets:

Present sets of objects and ask preschoolers to circle the correct numeral that represents the quantity.

Number Order Worksheets:

Help children arrange the numbers 1 to 10 in ascending and descending order, honing their sequencing abilities.

Color by Numbers Worksheets:

Combine creativity with math by allowing children to color pictures according to the given number key.

Number Patterns Worksheets:

Challenge preschoolers to complete number sequences (e.g., 1, 3, 5, ___, 9, 10) to improve pattern recognition.

Counting Fingers Worksheets:

Utilize handprints to represent numbers, turning counting into an interactive experience.

Dice Counting Worksheets:

Roll a dice and draw the corresponding number of objects, making learning numbers exciting through games.

Ten Frames Worksheets:

Engage preschoolers in filling ten frames with the correct number of counters to represent numerals.

Counting Tally Marks Worksheets:

Introduce tally marks to children and have them count and write the corresponding numerals.

Number Bonds Worksheets:

Foster basic addition skills by filling in the missing parts in number bonds (e.g., 3 + ___ = 5).

Cut and Paste Worksheets:

Enhance fine motor skills by cutting out numbers and pasting them in the correct numerical order.

Domino Counting Worksheets:

Teach number recognition by counting the dots on dominoes and writing the corresponding numerals.

Before and After Worksheets:

Strengthen number sequencing abilities by identifying the number that comes before and after a given numeral.

Counting in Groups Worksheets:

Encourage counting objects in groups of 2, 3, 4, etc., for early multiplication concepts.

Odd and Even Numbers Worksheets:

Differentiate odd and even numbers by coloring them in different colors.

Greater Than and Less Than Worksheets:

Introduce comparison symbols (<, >) to children for numerical comparison.

Number Words Worksheets:

Match numerals with their written word forms (e.g., “one” with 1) for word-number association.

Skip Counting Worksheets:

Practice skip counting by twos, threes, and beyond, building a strong foundation for multiplication.

Number Puzzles Worksheets:

Solve number puzzles with missing pieces to develop problem-solving skills.

Number Bingo Worksheets:

Play a fun and educational bingo game with numbers 1 to 10.

Roll and Write Worksheets:

Roll a dice and write the number in various ways (e.g., numeral, word, tally marks).

Number Sorting Worksheets:

Sort objects into groups based on their numbers (e.g., groups of 3, 5), promoting classification skills.

Connect the Dots Worksheets:

Connect dots in numerical order to reveal pictures related to each number.

Counting Money Worksheets:

Introduce the concept of currency by matching coins to their corresponding values.

Counting Syllables Worksheets:

Count the syllables in number words (e.g., “two” has one syllable), combining literacy and numeracy.

Number Hunt Worksheets:

Go on a number hunt around the room or outdoors, finding and circling numbers in various objects.

Measurement Worksheets:

Measure objects using counting units (e.g., paper clips, blocks) to understand basic measurements.

Number Graphing Worksheets:

Graph the frequency of each number rolled on a dice for basic data representation.

Number Word Search Worksheets:

Find number words hidden in word search puzzles, promoting word-number recognition.

Number Handprints Worksheets:

Trace handprints and write the number of fingers on each hand.

Number Mazes Worksheets:

Navigate through mazes by following the numerical order of numbers 1 to 10.

Number Spinners Worksheets:

Spin a spinner and write the number it lands on, adding a playful element to learning.

Color by Code Worksheets:

Color pictures based on the numerical code provided, blending art with math.

Number Comparison Worksheets:

Compare numbers using symbols (=, ≠) to foster critical thinking.

Number Scavenger Hunt Worksheets:

Find objects around the house that represent numbers, turning learning into an adventure.

Number Towers Worksheets:

Build towers with blocks, representing numbers in height, for hands-on learning.

Number Collage Worksheets:

Create collages using cut-out numbers and objects to represent numerals.

Number Matching Puzzles Worksheets:

Match numeral puzzle pieces to their corresponding pictures, enhancing visual recognition.

Number Rhymes Worksheets:

Practice counting through rhymes and songs, making learning memorable.

Number Hunt in Books Worksheets:

Find and circle numbers in storybooks to reinforce number recognition in context.

Number Lacing Cards Worksheets:

Create lacing cards with numerals for fine motor skill practice and number familiarity.

Number Hunt in Nature Worksheets:

Find numbers in nature (e.g., on leaves, rocks) during outdoor exploration.

Number Word Rainbow Writing Worksheets:

Write number words in different colors to make learning joyful and colorful.

Number Memory Match Worksheets:

Play a memory match game with numeral cards for memory enhancement.

Number Hunt in Magazines Worksheets:

Find and cut out numbers from magazines for an interactive number scavenger hunt.

Number Playdough Mats Worksheets:

Form numbers using playdough on printable mats for sensory learning.

Number Sort by Size Worksheets:

Arrange numbers from smallest to largest or vice versa, reinforcing numerical order.

Number Popsicle Stick Puzzles Worksheets:

Create puzzles with popsicle sticks representing numerals for tactile learning.

Number Hopscotch Worksheets:

Play hopscotch with numbers written on squares for active and educational fun.


Free printable preschool number worksheets offer a treasure trove of opportunities for young learners to explore and master numbers 1 to 10.

From tracing and counting to playing games and solving puzzles, these interactive worksheets make early numeracy learning an enjoyable journey.

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