20 Seed Art & Crafts for Kids

Seeds are more than just the potential for future plants. In their natural forms, seeds come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures, making them the perfect material for creative and engaging crafts for kids.

From preschoolers to older children, seed art offers a fun way to explore nature, develop fine motor skills, and unleash artistic expression.

This collection of 20 seed art and craft ideas caters to a range of ages and interests.

So, gather your seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, beans, lentils, the list goes on!), grab some glue, paints, and paper, and get ready for some seed-tastic fun!

Seed Mosaics for All Ages (Preschool and Up)

Seed Rainbow:

Create a vibrant rainbow using different colored seeds! Glue various seeds onto a piece of cardboard or construction paper in a rainbow arch shape. This is a simple and colorful craft for younger children.

Seed People:

Let your imagination run wild! Use a variety of seeds for different body parts – pumpkin seeds for heads, black beans for hair, lentils for arms and legs. Glue them onto paper to create a family of seed people.

Seed Mandalas:

Explore symmetry and patterns with seed mandalas. Draw a simple mandala design on paper or cardstock. Use different seeds to fill in the sections, creating a beautiful and colorful mandala.

Nature Scene Seed Art:

Turn a blank canvas into a vibrant nature scene! Glue seeds to create elements like trees (twigs for branches, and various seeds for leaves and flowers), a textured sun (sunflower seeds!), or even a babbling brook (black beans for pebbles).

Seed Portraits and Pictures (Ages 5 and Up)

Seed Self-Portrait:

Let kids create a self-portrait using seeds! Glue different seeds onto paper to create facial features – pumpkin seeds for eyes, sesame seeds for freckles, and popcorn kernels for fluffy hair.

Seed Animal Portraits:

Challenge your child to create a portrait of their favorite animal using seeds. Black beans work well for bear noses, sunflower seeds for owl eyes, and rice for a fuzzy bunny tail!

Seed Landscape:

Create a stunning landscape painting with a twist! Glue different seeds onto a canvas to depict mountains (coffee beans!), rolling hills (lentils!), and a sparkling river (white beans!).

Seed Flower Garden:

Transform a plain picture frame into a blooming flower garden! Glue various seeds onto the frame to create different types of flowers. You can even paint the background with watercolors for an extra touch.

Seed Jewelry and Wearables (Ages 8 and Up)

Seed Necklaces:

Get crafty and create a unique seed necklace! String a variety of seeds onto a string or yarn, creating a colorful and textured necklace. You can even incorporate other craft materials like beads or feathers.

Seed Bracelets:

Similar to the necklace, string seeds onto a bracelet-sized string or elastic cord to create a fun and funky seed bracelet.

Seed Earrings:

For older children who enjoy making their own jewelry, create seed earrings! Glue interesting seed shapes onto earring hooks (ensure adult supervision when using jewelry-making tools) for a unique and natural pair of earrings.

Seed Keychains:

Turn a plain keychain into a conversation starter! Glue different seeds onto a key fob to create a customized and eye-catching keychain.

Seed Mobiles and Decorations (All Ages)

Seed Wind Chimes:

Create a musical masterpiece with a seed twist! Hang different types of seeds on strings and attach them to a wooden hoop. When the wind blows, the seeds will chime and create a lovely sound.

Seed Mobile:

Embrace mobiles and create a beautiful seed mobile! Hang various seed pods and interesting-shaped seeds on strings and attach them to a mobile frame. This is a great way to add a touch of nature to a child’s room.

Seed Garland:

Get ready for a party! String various seeds onto yarn or twine to create a festive seed garland. This is a fun and easy craft for decorating a party space or a child’s bedroom.

Seed Sensory Play and Learning Activities (All Ages)

Seed Sorting and Matching:

For younger children, create a seed sorting and matching activity. Use cardboard egg cartons and fill each compartment with a different type of seed. Have your child sort the seeds and match them to pictures of the corresponding plant.

Seed Pattern Matching:

Create simple patterns on a tray or piece of paper using different types of seeds. Challenge your child to recreate the patterns or come up with their own seed patterns.

Seed Counting and Estimation:

Make learning math fun with seeds! Place a variety of seeds in a container and have your child estimate the number of seeds. Then, count them all together to see how close their estimate was.

Seed Nature Collage:

Head outdoors and collect various natural materials like leaves, twigs, and small stones. Combine these with seeds to create a textured nature collage on cardboard or construction paper.

Seed Sensory Bottle:

Create a calming and visually stimulating sensory bottle. Fill a clear plastic bottle with water, glitter, and various seeds. Secure the lid tightly and watch the seeds move and swirl as you shake the bottle.

Additional Tips for Seed Art & Crafts:

  • Seed Selection: A variety of seeds adds interest and texture to your crafts. Common pantry staples like pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, beans, lentils, and rice work well. You can also collect interesting seed pods from nature walks.
  • Preparation: For younger children, pre-sort and clean the seeds. This helps prevent choking hazards and makes the crafting process smoother.
  • Glue Options: School glue is a classic choice for seed art. However, for sturdier projects, consider using a stronger glue like a craft glue or hot glue (with adult supervision).
  • Painting Seeds: If you want to add a pop of color, you can paint the seeds before using them in your crafts. Acrylic paint works well and allows the natural texture of the seeds to show through.

The Benefits of Seed Art & Crafts:

Seed art and crafts offer a multitude of benefits for children of all ages. Here are just a few:

  • Develops Fine Motor Skills: The act of picking up, sorting, and gluing seeds helps children develop the small muscles in their hands and fingers, which are important for tasks like writing and buttoning clothes.
  • Encourages Creativity and Imagination: Seed art allows children to express themselves creatively and come up with unique designs.
  • Connects Children with Nature: Crafting with seeds helps children learn about different types of seeds and plants, sparking an interest in the natural world.
  • Provides Sensory Play: The different textures and shapes of seeds create a stimulating sensory experience for children.
  • Promotes Fun and Learning: Seed art is a fun and engaging way for children to learn about art, nature, and even basic math concepts.

So next time you’re looking for a fun and creative activity for your kids, gather some seeds and get crafty! With a little imagination and these seed art ideas, you’re sure to create beautiful and lasting memories.

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