25 Easy Snail Crafts for Kids

Snails! Those slow and steady little creatures that leave glistening trails wherever they go.

They may not be the flashiest insects, but their unique shells and gentle pace make them a favorite for kids (and adults who appreciate a bit of zen!).

Looking for a fun and creative way to spend some quality time with your little ones? Why not get crafty with some adorable snail projects? This collection of 25 easy snail crafts is perfect for all ages and skill levels.

From quick paper crafts to nature-inspired creations, there’s something here for everyone.

Paper Crafts Galore:

Striped Snail Surprise:

Cut colorful construction paper into strips of varying lengths. Glue one end together to form a loop, then continue gluing the strips in a spiral pattern to create a beautiful striped shell. Add a paper body, googly eyes, and pipe cleaner antennae for a touch of personality.

Paper Plate Parade:

Paint a paper plate with your child’s favorite colors. Once dry, cut out a spiral shape for the shell. Decorate with markers, glitter, or buttons. Don’t forget to add a paper body with wiggly eyes peeking out from the opening!

Coiled Paper Creations:

Take long strips of paper and roll them tightly from one end. Secure the roll with tape or glue. Decorate the coiled paper with paint, markers, or even collage materials. Glue on googly eyes and construction paper body parts to complete your adorable snail.

Fingerprint Fun:

Use washable paint to create colorful snail shells with your child’s fingerprints! Let them get creative with different colors and patterns. Once dry, add a paper body, eyes, and antennae for a personalized touch.

Origami Adventure:

For older kids who enjoy a challenge, try origami snails! There are several easy-to-follow tutorials available online. This is a great way to develop fine motor skills and introduce the art of origami.

Recycling for the Win:

Egg-cellent Eggshells:

Clean and dry eggshells make fantastic snail shells! Paint them with vibrant colors or create intricate designs. Add pipe cleaner antennae and wiggle eyes for a playful touch.

CD Snailicious:

Repurpose old CDs into shiny snail shells. Paint them with glitter glue or use markers for a more artistic look. Glue on googly eyes and construction paper body parts to complete your recycled snail.

Button Bonanza:

Have a collection of mismatched buttons? Put them to good use! Glue buttons together in a spiral pattern to form a unique snail shell. Add felt or construction paper for the body and pipe cleaner antennae for a truly one-of-a-kind creation.

Nature’s Canvas – Leaves & Pinecones:

Take a walk in nature and collect some leaves and pinecones. Use leaves as the snail’s body and a pinecone for the shell. Decorate with paint markers or small pebbles. This is a great way to incorporate nature exploration into your craft session.

Beyond Paper and Glue:

Sock Puppet Shenanigans:

Upcycle an old sock into a playful snail puppet! Decorate the sock with fabric markers or felt pieces to create the eyes, antennae, and shell. Stuff the sock with cotton balls for a plump body and get ready for a puppet show!

Playdough Pals:

Mold some colorful playdough into adorable snail shapes. Kids can experiment with different colors and textures for the shell and body. Add googly eyes or small beads for an extra touch.

Pom-Pom Parade:

Make fluffy pom-poms of different sizes for the snail’s body and shell. Glue them together and add felt or construction paper details for the eyes and antennae. This is a fun and sensory-rich activity for younger children.

Salt Dough Spectacular:

Mix flour, salt, and water to create a moldable salt dough. Kids can shape the dough into snails, decorate with paint or markers, and let it air dry for a charming and long-lasting craft.

A Splash of Paint and Creativity:

Bubble Wrap Wonders:

Use bubble wrap dipped in paint to create colorful snail shell patterns on paper. This is a fun and messy activity that produces unique results every time.

Spin Art Snails:

Get out your trusty salad spinner and transform it into a snail shell creation station! Cut out paper circles and add splats of paint. Spin them in the salad spinner for a mesmerizing and colorful effect. Glue the painted circles onto construction paper for a complete snail artwork.

Stamping Sensations:

Potatoes, corks, and even leaves can be transformed into snail shell stamps! Cut interesting shapes and dip them in paint to create unique patterns on paper.

Sew Cute (For Older Crafters):

Felt Friends:

For crafty kids who enjoy sewing, felt is a fantastic material for creating plush snail toys. Cut out felt shapes for the body and shell, sew the pieces together, and stuff with cotton balls for a cuddly companion.

Button Up Snails:

Sew large buttons together in a spiral pattern to form a unique snail shell. Embroider details like eyes and a smile on a separate felt piece and attach it to the button shell. This is a more intricate craft that helps develop sewing skills.

Thinking Outside the Box:

Playful Playdough Gardens:

Create a miniature playdough garden for your child’s snail collection. Use different colors of playdough to mold flowers, leaves, and a small pond. This is a fantastic opportunity for imaginative play and storytelling.

Marble Maze Mayhem:

Design a cardboard maze for your paper or playdough snails. Decorate the maze with markers and add small obstacles for the snails to navigate. This is a fun activity that combines crafting with problem-solving skills.

Snail Mail Surprise:

Turn your snail crafts into adorable greeting cards! Decorate a card with a paper snail or use a button snail as the centerpiece. Write a personalized message inside for a unique and handmade card.

Story Time Snails:

Create a set of finger puppets based on your snail crafts. Use them to act out a story about snails or invent your own adventures. This is a great way to encourage storytelling and imagination.

Putting it All Together:

Snail Terrarium:

Get a small fishbowl or terrarium container. Fill it with sand, pebbles, and artificial plants to create a miniature snail habitat. Add your collection of snail crafts for a charming and decorative display.

Mobile Menagerie:

String together your paper or felt snail crafts on colorful yarn or ribbon to create a beautiful snail mobile. Hang it in your child’s room or play area for a whimsical touch.

Bonus: Learning Through Crafts:

These snail crafts can be a springboard for learning opportunities. Talk to your child about real snails – their habitat, diet, and how their shells protect them. Explore books about snails or watch educational videos together.

Remember: The most important thing is to have fun and get creative! With a little imagination and these easy snail crafts, you and your child can create adorable keepsakes and lasting memories.

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