24 Delightful Snow Games for Kids

Snowy winter days offer a perfect opportunity for children to indulge in outdoor fun and excitement.

From building snowmen to engaging in thrilling winter sports, there are countless ways to enjoy the snowy wonderland.

If you’re looking for entertaining and creative snow games for kids, we’ve got you covered!

Now, we’ve compiled a list of delightful snow games for kids that will keep the little ones happily occupied during the chilly season.

Whether they prefer competitive challenges or cooperative activities, these games will surely bring laughter, adventure, and unforgettable memories to their winter days.

So bundle up in warm clothing, grab some gloves, and let the snow games begin!

Snowball Target Practice:

Snowball fights are a classic winter pastime, but why not add an element of skill and precision to the fun? Snowball target practice is a fantastic activity that challenges kids’ aim and coordination. To set up the game, create a few targets in the snow by drawing circles or placing objects at varying distances. Each child takes turns throwing snowballs at the targets, earning points based on their accuracy. To add an educational twist, you can assign different point values to the targets and let the kids practice basic math skills while keeping scores. This game encourages friendly competition and provides an opportunity for children to improve their hand-eye coordination while enjoying the thrill of hitting the mark.

Snow Sculpture Contest:

Unleash your child’s artistic talent with a snow sculpture contest! Divide the kids into teams or let them work individually to create imaginative snow sculptures. Provide them with an assortment of tools like shovels, buckets, and even kitchen utensils to help shape their snowy masterpieces. Encourage them to be creative, whether it’s building a snow castle, a whimsical snow creature, or replicating famous landmarks. After the sculpting time is up, gather around to admire each other’s creations and hold a friendly judging session. This activity fosters teamwork, enhances creativity, and allows kids to express themselves through the magical medium of snow.

Snowboard or Sledding Obstacle Course:

If you have access to a snowy hill, transform it into an exciting snowboard or sledding obstacle course! Set up cones, flags, and other objects to create a challenging pathway for the kids to navigate while sliding down the hill. Make the course as elaborate or straightforward as you like, depending on the children’s ages and skill levels. They will love the thrill of speeding through the twists and turns while testing their ability to maintain balance and control. This activity promotes physical activity, improves coordination, and adds an element of adventure to their winter playtime.

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Snowy Treasure Hunt:

Bring the excitement of a treasure hunt to the winter wonderland by organizing a snowy scavenger hunt. Before the kids head outside, hide small toys, treats, or even clues inside plastic containers buried in the snow. Provide each child with a list of items they need to find or riddles they must solve to locate the hidden treasures. Watching them eagerly dig through the snow, following the clues, and discovering the hidden surprises will spark joy and enthusiasm. This interactive activity combines outdoor exploration, problem-solving skills, and the thrill of finding hidden treasures, making it a hit with kids of all ages.

Snow Tic-Tac-Toe:

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Take the classic game of Tic-Tac-Toe to a wintry level with Snow Tic-Tac-Toe! Use sticks or small twigs to draw a large grid in the snow, and use different-colored beanbags or rocks as markers. The kids can take turns placing their markers in the squares to try and create a line of three. The cold weather twist adds a delightful challenge, as the kids must strategize while dealing with snow-covered playing areas. The game is quick to set up and can be played repeatedly, offering endless fun and friendly competition during those snow-filled days.

Snow Bowling:

Transform your backyard into a winter bowling alley with Snow Bowling! Gather empty plastic bottles or cans and set them up like bowling pins at the end of a snowy lane. The kids can take turns rolling snowballs to knock down the “pins.” To add some extra excitement, you can assign different point values to the pins based on their positions. This game combines the thrill of bowling with the unique challenge of rolling snowballs, making it a fun and entertaining activity for kids of all ages.

Snowflake Catch:

Embrace the beauty of winter by playing Snowflake Catch. Cut out paper snowflakes of different sizes and scatter them on the ground. The kids must catch as many snowflakes as they can before they touch the ground. This game encourages them to be quick on their feet and improves their hand-eye coordination. For an added element of surprise, you can hide small treats or stickers among the snowflakes, rewarding the kids for their successful catches.

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Snowy Animal Tracks:

Turn your winter nature walk into an exciting learning adventure with Snowy Animal Tracks. Take the kids on a hike through the snow-covered woods or around the neighborhood, searching for animal tracks in the snow. Bring along a field guide or use a mobile app to help identify the different tracks they find. This activity not only introduces children to the fascinating world of wildlife but also encourages them to observe and appreciate nature during the winter season.

Snow and Seek:

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Put a wintry twist on the classic game of Hide and Seek with Snow and Seek. The child designated as “It” closes their eyes and counts while the others hide in the snowy landscape. The “It” player must then search for their friends, following their footprints in the snow to discover their hiding spots. Playing Hide and Seek in the snow adds an element of camouflage and tracking, making the game even more thrilling for the little adventurers.

Snowball Relay Race:

Organize a Snowball Relay Race to get the kids moving and laughing in the snow. Divide them into teams and create a start and finish line in the snow. Each team member must carry a snowball as they race to the other side and back. The catch is that if a team member drops the snowball, they have to return to the start line and begin again. The first team to complete the relay without dropping their snowballs wins the race. This activity encourages teamwork, speed, and some hilarious moments as the snowballs become the center of attention during the race.

Frozen Bubbles:

On exceptionally cold days, introduce the kids to the enchanting world of Frozen Bubbles. Mix water and dish soap in a bowl and take the solution outside. Dip a bubble wand into the mixture and blow bubbles into the freezing air. Watch as the bubbles turn into shimmering, frozen globes before gently landing on the snowy ground. This magical activity captivates children and lets them witness the fascinating transformation of bubbles in icy weather.

Snow Limbo:

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Add some flexibility and laughter to the snowy landscape with Snow Limbo. Use a long stick or pole, and have the kids line up to take turns limboing under it while bending backward. Gradually lower the stick after each round, and see how low they can go without touching the snow. Make it even more amusing by playing some lively music in the background to create a fun atmosphere. Snow Limbo is an excellent way for kids to stretch their muscles, test their balance, and enjoy some friendly competition.

Snowflake Art:

Encourage your little artists to get creative with Snowflake Art. Give each child a spray bottle filled with water and a few drops of food coloring. They can then use the spray bottles to create colorful designs and patterns on the snow. This activity allows them to experiment with colors, shapes, and textures while appreciating the beauty of the winter landscape. As the sun reflects off the vibrant snowflakes, it creates a mesmerizing winter art gallery for all to enjoy.

Snowball Tag:

Combine the excitement of a traditional game of tag with the thrill of snowball fights in Snowball Tag. Choose one child to be “It,” and the others must run and dodge while trying to avoid getting hit by snowballs. When someone gets hit, they become the new “It.” This game offers a perfect opportunity for kids to burn off energy, practice their dodging skills, and experience the joy of friendly competition amidst the winter scenery.

Ice Skating Rink:

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Create a miniature ice skating rink in your backyard by flooding a flat area with water and letting it freeze. Once the ice is sturdy enough, the kids can put on their ice skates or strap on some ice cleats and have a blast gliding and twirling on the homemade rink. If you don’t have access to real ice, you can also use roller skates or sleds with metal runners to simulate the experience. Ice skating in the snow-filled setting adds a touch of enchantment and provides hours of winter enjoyment for young ice skaters.

Snowflake Science:

Combine learning and play with Snowflake Science. Gather a few black construction papers and encourage the kids to catch snowflakes on the paper as they fall. They can then examine the intricate snowflake patterns using magnifying glasses or even simple microscopes. Guide them in exploring the unique shapes and structures of the snowflakes, discussing the science behind their formation. This activity not only introduces children to the wonders of snowflake morphology but also cultivates curiosity and appreciation for the marvels of nature.

Snowball Balance Challenge:

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Test the kids’ balance and agility with the Snowball Balance Challenge. Place a wooden plank or sturdy cardboard on top of a few snowballs to create a makeshift balance beam. The kids must walk along the beam, trying to maintain their balance without stepping off. For added excitement, you can increase the difficulty by spacing the snowballs farther apart or having them hold small snowballs while crossing. This game develops their coordination and stability while providing a fun winter twist on a classic physical challenge.

Winter Scavenger Hunt:

Organize a Winter Scavenger Hunt to keep the kids engaged and exploring during the snowy days. Create a list of winter-themed items or objects commonly found in the snow, such as pine cones, animal tracks, icicles, and specific types of snowflakes. The children must venture outside to locate and collect the items on the list. You can turn it into a friendly competition by giving points for each discovery, or simply enjoy the process of discovering the winter wonders together as a group.

Snow Maze:

Challenge the kids’ problem-solving skills with a Snow Maze. Shovel snow to create a maze with twists, turns, and dead-ends in your backyard. The kids can then take turns navigating the maze, trying to find the exit. To add an element of excitement, make it a timed challenge and see who can complete the maze in the fastest time. The Snow Maze stimulates their critical thinking, spatial awareness, and persistence as they figure out the best route to escape the snowy puzzle.

Snowy Science Experiments:

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Introduce the young scientists to some exciting Snowy Science Experiments. Explore how temperature affects snow by conducting simple experiments like observing snow melting indoors and outdoors, comparing the rate of melting in different environments or creating colored ice sculptures using food coloring. You can also demonstrate how to make snowflakes using pipe cleaners and show the kids the fascinating process of crystal formation. These hands-on experiments ignite their curiosity about the science behind snow and winter weather.

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