25 Stationery Craft Ideas for Kids

School supplies aren’t just for taking notes anymore! With a little creativity, you can transform them into personalized masterpieces that spark joy and encourage organization.

This list of 25 stationery craft ideas for kids is perfect for rainy days, after-school fun, or getting ready for the new school year.

Easy and Adorable Crafts (Ages 4-8)

Washi Tape Magic:

Washi tape is a kid’s crafting dream. Let your little ones loose with a variety of colors and patterns to decorate notebooks, folders, or plain pencils. They can create stripes, polka dots, geometric shapes, or even write messages in tape! Bonus points for creating matching sets for the whole school year.

Pom-Pom Pals:

Attach fluffy pom-poms to pencils, erasers, or bookmarks using craft glue. They can be animals, fruits, or anything their imagination desires. This adds a playful touch and makes these everyday items easy to find in a messy backpack.

Button Bonanza:

Buttons come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Glue them onto plain notebooks, folders, or even create a custom button holder using cardboard and decorate it with markers. Buttons can also be used to personalize pencil cases or create a fun magnetic memo board.

Sticker Extravaganza:

Stickers are another craft staple. Let your child unleash their inner artist by decorating notebooks, folders, and pencil cases with a variety of stickers. They can create themes, tell stories, or simply add a splash of color.

Nature’s Notebook Cover:

Go for a nature walk and collect colorful leaves, pressed flowers, or interesting pebbles. Glue them onto a plain notebook cover to create a unique and natural masterpiece. You can even spray a light coat of clear sealant to preserve your creation.

Getting Crafty (Ages 8-12)

Comic Book Cover Revamp:

Transform a boring notebook into a comic book masterpiece. Let your child design a cover with their favorite superhero or create their very own comic strip on the first few pages. Markers, colored pencils, and stencils can all come into play here.

Galaxy Glue Art:

Create a mesmerizing galaxy effect on a notebook cover or pencil case. Use black construction paper or paint as the base, then splatter white glue and different shades of blue and purple paint. Once dry, sprinkle with glitter for an extra twinkle.

Marbled Masterpieces:

Marbling paper is a fun and easy technique that yields stunning results. Use shallow trays, shaving cream, and drops of food coloring to create a marbled pattern. Carefully lay a piece of paper onto the surface, let it sit for a second, and then pull it out to reveal the design. Once dry, this marbled paper can be used to decorate notebooks, folders, or even create bookmarks.

Sock Puppet Pen Holder:

Repurpose an old sock into a whimsical pen holder. Cut the sock in half and decorate it with buttons, googly eyes, and markers to create a fun character. Stuff the remaining sock with cotton balls or fabric scraps to create a sturdy base.

DIY Desk Organizer:

Shoeboxes are a treasure trove for crafting! Decorate a shoebox with paint, washi tape, or fabric to create a personalized desk organizer. Add compartments using cardboard dividers, and it’s ready to hold pens, pencils, highlighters, and other school supplies.

Creative Upcycling (Ages 10 and Up)

Tin Can Pencil Holder:

Upcycle a clean tin can into a stylish pencil holder. Remove the label and paint the can a solid color. Decorate it with stencils, washi tape, or even decoupage with patterned paper. Let your creativity flow!

Magazine Madness:

Turn old magazines into beautiful stationery holders. Cut out interesting patterns or colorful pages and glue them onto cardboard boxes to create unique pen holders or magazine holders for their desks.

Denim Delight:

Repurpose old jeans into a trendy pencil case. Cut out a rectangle from the leg of the jeans and sew two sides closed. You can add a zipper or a button closure, and even personalize it with patches or embroidery.

CD Case Transformation:

Don’t throw away those old CD cases! Decorate with paint, markers, or stickers to create a new life for them as business card holders, note holders, or even small pencil cases.

Cork Coasters Turned Pinboards:

Collect used cork coasters and glue them onto a sturdy piece of cardboard. Decorate the frame with paint or fabric and use it as a pinboard to display artwork, notes, or inspirational quotes.

Fun and Functional Crafts (All Ages)

Friendship Bracelets for School Supplies:

Friendship bracelets aren’t just for wrists! Braid colorful embroidery floss to create a decorative band for a pencil case, notebook, or even a stapler. This adds a personal touch and makes it easy to identify their belongings.

DIY Sticky Notes:

Cut out your own sticky notes from colorful construction paper. Decorate them with doodles, stamps, or even washi tape patterns. This is a fun way to add a personal touch to a classic school supply.

Nature-Inspired Bookmarks:

Collect interesting leaves, feathers, or small twigs on a nature walk. Laminate them between two pieces of clear contact paper to create unique and natural bookmarks.

Pencil Toppers with Personality:

Turn ordinary pencils into whimsical characters. Use felt, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and other craft supplies to create animals, superheroes, or anything their imagination desires.

Decorated Desk Lamp:

Spruce up a boring desk lamp with a touch of creativity. Paint the base a fun color, wrap it with yarn or twine, or decorate it with stickers and washi tape. This adds a personalized touch to their workspace.

Organizational Crafts for Older Kids (Ages 12 and Up)

DIY Weekly Planner:

Use a large piece of construction paper or cardstock to create a personalized weekly planner. Decorate it with washi tape, stickers, or drawings, and then divide it into sections for each day of the week. Use sticky notes for each day’s to-do list, or create pockets to hold loose papers.

Memo Board Magic:

Turn a picture frame or a piece of corkboard into a stylish memo board. Decorate the frame with paint, fabric, or buttons, and use pushpins or clothespins to display notes, reminders, or artwork.

Magazine File Makeover:

Repurpose old magazine files into stylish desk organizers. Cover them in fabric or paint them a fun color. Decorate the front with stencils or lettering to personalize them for different uses, such as holding notebooks, folders, or loose papers.

DIY Charging Station:

Craft a designated charging station for their electronics. Use a small box or basket and decorate it with paint, fabric, or washi tape. Add dividers or compartments to organize their phone charger, tablet cables, or headphones.

Memory Box Marvel:

Turn a shoebox into a cherished memory box. Decorate it with paint, fabric, or photos to create a personalized treasure trove. They can use it to store keepsakes, letters, concert tickets, or any other special mementos.

Bonus Tip: Get crafty together! Crafting with your kids is a fantastic way to spend quality time, bond over a creative activity, and personalize their school supplies together.

With a little creativity and these fun craft ideas, your kids can transform their everyday stationery into personalized masterpieces that not only spark joy but also encourage organization and a love for learning. So, grab your craft supplies and get ready to unleash your inner artist!

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