27 Sun Activities for Preschool Kids

When the sun graces us with its radiant presence, it opens up a world of possibilities for outdoor exploration and hands-on experiences.

Let’s dive into a world of sun-soaked fun and watch as the sun becomes a catalyst for imagination and growth!

Let’s explore sun activities for preschool kids, turning sunny days into memorable and enriching adventures.

Sun Print Art:

Harness the power of the sun to create unique and beautiful pieces of art with your preschoolers. Start by collecting various objects like leaves, flowers, and small toys. Lay a sheet of light-sensitive sun print paper in a sunny spot and arrange the objects on top. Leave the paper in the sun for a few minutes until it turns a lighter shade. Remove the objects to reveal the vibrant silhouette prints left behind.

Solar System Exploration:

Source: jpl.nasa.gov

Take your preschoolers on a captivating journey through our solar system. Create a large-scale outdoor model by placing the sun at the center and marking the orbits of the planets with chalk or cones. Invite the kids to “travel” to each planet, learning about their names and unique characteristics. You can even make simple planet cutouts and attach them to sticks to create interactive props.

Sun-Melting Shapes:

Turn a sunny day into a melting experiment that will amaze your preschoolers. Place various objects, like ice cubes or crayons, on a tray or baking sheet. Set it in direct sunlight and observe as the sun’s rays cause the items to melt and change shape over time.

Sunflower Seed Planting:

Combine science and nature by introducing preschoolers to the wonder of plant growth through sunflower seeds. Provide each child with a small pot, soil, and sunflower seeds. Guide them in planting the seeds and placing the pots in a sunny location. Over the next few weeks, observe the growth of the seedlings as they reach for the sun.

Shadow Tag:

On a sunny day, head outdoors and designate an open area as the playing field. One child is chosen as the “tagger,” and their goal is to step into the shadows of the other players to tag them. As the kids move and dodge, they’ll notice how their shadows change based on the angle of the sun.

Sunny Storytelling:

Encourage the development of language and imagination by engaging preschoolers in sunny storytelling sessions. Find a cozy spot outdoors and gather the children. Ask each child to choose an object or scene in the surroundings that capture their attention. Then, take turns telling a story based on the chosen elements.

Sun and Shadow Puppets:

Combine the magic of shadows with creative play by crafting sun and shadow puppets. Help preschoolers create their own puppets using cardboard or paper. Once the puppets are ready, set up a “stage” using a white sheet and a light source, such as a flashlight. As kids move their puppets behind the screen, they’ll witness the enchanting shadow play they’ve created, all thanks to the interplay of light and shadow.

Sun-Dial Adventure:

Introduce the concept of time tracking with a hands-on sun-dial adventure. Set up a simple sundial using a stick or a pencil placed upright on the ground. Have the children mark the position of the shadow every hour as the day progresses.

Rainbow Hunt:

Transform a sunny day into a colorful treasure hunt by searching for rainbows. Provide preschoolers with handheld prisms or glass crystals and guide them to hold them up to the sunlight. Encourage them to explore the environment, looking for surfaces where the sunlight refracts through the prism to create dazzling rainbows.

Sun-inspired Dance Party:

Combine music and movement with a sun-inspired dance party. Set up a playlist of lively, sun-themed songs and invite preschoolers to dance and groove to the music. Encourage them to imitate sun-related movements, such as stretching like rays, swirling like sunflowers, or gliding like birds in the sunshine.

Solar Cooking Adventure:

Source: hgtv.com

Set up a simple solar oven using a cardboard box, aluminum foil, and plastic wrap. Together with the children, prepare easy-to-cook snacks, like s’mores or grilled cheese sandwiches, and place them inside the solar oven. Leave the oven in direct sunlight and patiently watch as the sun’s heat gradually cooks the treats.

Nature’s Sun Dial:

Choose a large, open area outdoors and gather objects like sticks, rocks, or flowers. As the sun moves across the sky, the shadows cast by these objects will change position. Have preschoolers observe and mark the changing shadows throughout the day.

Sun Safety Lesson:

Begin with a discussion about why we need the sun and its benefits. Then, introduce concepts like sunscreen, hats, and shade. Invite kids to decorate their own sun hats with fabric markers or stickers, emphasizing the importance of protecting their skin from the sun’s rays.

Sun-inspired Math Hunt:

Create simple math problems or number challenges related to the sun and its rays. Scatter numbered cards or objects around the play area. Preschoolers can then search for the items and solve the math problems associated with each number.

Sun-themed Yoga:

Gather preschoolers in an open space and guide them through a series of yoga poses inspired by the sun, such as “Sun Salutation” stretches and “Sunflower” poses. Incorporate storytelling by imagining a journey to the sun and back through various poses.

Sun-themed Sensory Play:

Set up a sensory bin filled with materials like yellow rice, golden sand, and shiny sun-themed objects. Encourage the children to use their senses to touch, feel, and explore the different textures and materials. Add small shovels, cups, and scoops for added sensory engagement.

Sun-inspired Water Play:

Set up a water table or a shallow basin outdoors and fill it with water. Provide preschoolers with an assortment of water-safe objects, such as floating toys, plastic containers, and cups. As they interact with the water and objects, discuss how the sun’s warmth can heat the water and make it evaporate, introducing them to basic concepts of the water cycle and heat transfer.

Sun-themed Collage Art:

Provide them with a variety of craft materials, such as yellow paper, tissue paper, glitter, and googly eyes. Encourage the children to design their own sun masterpieces by gluing and arranging the materials onto a larger piece of paper.

Sun Science Experiment:

Fill clear plastic bottles with water and add a few drops of food coloring. Place the bottles outdoors in direct sunlight and observe as the sun’s rays warm the water. Over time, kids will witness the color-intensified water rise within the bottles due to temperature differences.

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