25 Exciting Tennis Games for Kids

Tennis is a fantastic sport that offers numerous benefits for kids, including physical fitness, coordination, and mental focus.

Introducing children to tennis at a young age not only promotes an active lifestyle but also teaches them valuable skills such as teamwork and sportsmanship.

To make the learning process enjoyable and engaging, here are several tennis games for kids in Preschool & above.

“Ball Bounce Rally”:

Ball Bounce Rally is a fun game that helps kids improve their hand-eye coordination and focus. To play, divide the players into pairs and give each pair a tennis ball. The objective is to rally the ball between partners using only one bounce. The challenge lies in keeping the ball bouncing continuously without it hitting the ground more than once. Players can increase the difficulty by standing farther apart or incorporating different types of shots. This game not only hones their tennis skills but also encourages teamwork and communication as they coordinate their movements to keep the ball in play.

“Target Practice”:

Target Practice is an exciting game that allows kids to work on their accuracy and control. Set up targets on the tennis court using cones or hula hoops. Each target can represent a different point value. The players take turns hitting balls and aiming for the targets. They earn points based on where their shots land. This game encourages strategic thinking as they assess the target placement and adjust their shots accordingly. Target Practice also adds an element of friendly competition, motivating kids to improve their shots while having a blast.

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“Obstacle Course”:

Source: bsnsports.com

The Obstacle Course game adds an element of adventure and agility to tennis training. Set up various obstacles on the court, such as cones, agility ladders, or small hurdles. The players must navigate through the course while rallying the ball with their partner. They can incorporate different shots and footwork techniques as they maneuver around the obstacles. This game not only improves their footwork and coordination but also enhances their ability to react quickly and make split-second decisions on the court.

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“Crazy Tennis”:

Crazy Tennis is a game that promotes creativity and adaptability. Create a list of unconventional rules or challenges for the players to follow during the game. For example, players might have to hit the ball with their non-dominant hand, perform a spin before hitting the ball, or play using only backhand shots. These unique challenges keep the game fresh and exciting while encouraging kids to think outside the box and develop new strategies. Crazy Tennis fosters innovation and adaptability, vital skills for any tennis player.

Source: chaseyoursport.com

“King of the Court”:

King of the Court is a popular tennis game that combines skill and competition. Divide the players into groups of four and designate a playing area as the “court.” Each group takes turns playing against the “king” who stands alone on the other side of the net. The objective is to win points by hitting shots that the king cannot return. The player who wins the point becomes the new king, and the rotation continues. This game not only improves the players’ shot-making abilities but also teaches them how to handle pressure and maintain focus during intense match situations.

Source: begreatattennis.com

“Serve and Score”:

Serve and Score is a game that focuses on serving skills and accuracy. Set up targets on the opposite side of the net, assigning different point values to each target. Players take turns serving and aim to hit the targets. The points are awarded based on the accuracy of their serves. This game not only helps kids improve their serving technique but also encourages them to strategize and aim for specific targets to maximize their scores.

Source: simplepadel.com

“Speed Rally”:

Speed Rally is a fast-paced game that emphasizes quick reflexes and agility. Players stand on opposite sides of the net and rally the ball back and forth as quickly as possible. The goal is to maintain a high-paced rally without letting the ball bounce more than once. Speed Rally challenges players to react swiftly and make split-second decisions, helping them improve their reaction time and overall speed on the court.

Source: wikiwand.com

“Balloon Tennis”: Balloon Tennis is a delightful game that introduces kids to the basics of tennis in a fun and accessible way. Instead of using a tennis ball, players use balloons as their “balls.” They can use a tennis racket or even their hands to hit the balloon back and forth over the net. This game promotes hand-eye coordination, gentle touch, and control, making it ideal for younger children or beginners who are just starting to explore the sport.

“Around the World”:

Around the World is a game that tests players’ accuracy and shot placement. Create a series of targets around the court, each labeled with a country name or landmark. Players take turns hitting shots and aiming for the targets. Each successful shot that lands in a target allows them to “visit” that country or landmark. The objective is to “travel” around the world by hitting shots accurately into different targets. This game adds a global element to the tennis experience while encouraging players to develop precise shot-making skills.

Source: theguardian.com

“Doubles Dash”:

Doubles Dash is a game that enhances teamwork and doubles strategies. Divide the players into teams of two and assign them to different halves of the court. The objective is to rally the ball back and forth with the opposing team, aiming to hit shots that the opponents cannot return. The team that wins the point continues to play, while the losing team rotates out. This game improves communication, teamwork, and doubles positioning, as players work together to outmaneuver their opponents and score points.

Source: badmintonjustin.com

“Mini Tennis”:

Mini Tennis is a modified version of tennis played on a smaller court with smaller rackets and low-compression balls. It is ideal for younger children or beginners. The game focuses on developing basic tennis skills such as hand-eye coordination, footwork, and shot placement. By adjusting the court size and equipment, Mini Tennis allows kids to experience success and build confidence in their abilities.

Source: sg.proactivsports.com

“Musical Tennis”:

Musical Tennis adds a fun and rhythmic twist to the traditional game. Set up a line of cones or markers on the court, one less than the number of players. As the music plays, players rally the ball among themselves. When the music stops, each player must quickly find a marker to stand on. The player without a marker is out for that round. Remove one marker after each round until only one player remains, who is then declared the winner. This game enhances agility, decision-making under pressure, and quick thinking.

Source: kidactivities.net

“Backhand Challenge”:

Backhand Challenge is a game that focuses on improving backhand shots. Set up targets on one side of the court, designating different point values for each target. Players take turns hitting backhand shots and aim to hit the targets. The points earned depend on the accuracy of their backhand shots. This game helps kids develop confidence in their backhand strokes and encourages them to target specific areas of the court.

Source: tennisevolution.com

“Rainbow Tennis”: Rainbow Tennis is a colorful and exciting game that encourages creativity and shot variation. Assign different colors to specific areas of the court using colored markers or cones. Each color represents a specific shot type (e.g., red for forehand, blue for backhand, yellow for volley). Players must hit shots of the corresponding color into the designated areas of the court. This game not only improves shot selection and accuracy but also adds a playful and imaginative element to tennis training.

“Net Wars”:

NetWars is a competitive and energetic game that focuses on volleys and net play. Divide the players into pairs and have them stand on opposite sides of the net. The objective is to volley the ball back and forth over the net without letting it bounce. The pair that wins the point continues to play, while the losing pair rotates out. NetWars hones net skills, reaction time, and competitive spirit, making it an engaging and dynamic game for kids.

Source: en.wikipedia.org

“Jungle Tennis”:

Jungle Tennis is a game that combines tennis with an adventurous twist. Set up various jungle-themed obstacles around the court, such as hoops, tunnels, and cones. Players must navigate through the obstacles while rallying the ball back and forth. The goal is to successfully complete the course without letting the ball touch the ground. This game enhances agility, coordination, and problem-solving skills, all while creating a thrilling jungle adventure on the tennis court.

Source: thedigitalglobetrotter.com

“Tennis Baseball”:

Tennis Baseball is a creative game that merges tennis with the rules of baseball. Divide the players into teams and mark bases on the court using cones or markers. Players take turns serving the ball, and the receiving team tries to hit the ball to advance around the bases. The serving team must field the ball and try to get the hitting team’s players out. The hitting team scores run by successfully reaching the bases. This game encourages strategic thinking, teamwork, and decision-making while providing a unique blend of tennis and baseball fun.

Source: playworks.org

“Target Tag”:

Target Tag is a fast-paced and challenging game that focuses on accuracy and movement. Set up targets on the court using cones or markers. Players must tag the targets by hitting the ball directly onto them. They can rally the ball back and forth, trying to hit as many targets as possible within a set time limit. This game improves shot accuracy, footwork, and decision-making under time pressure. The competitive nature of Target Tag keeps kids engaged and motivated to improve their skills.

Source: sportnz.org.nz

“Serve Speed Challenge”:

Serve Speed Challenge is a game that helps kids improve their serving power and speed. Set up a radar gun or use a speed-measuring device to measure the speed of their serves. Each player takes turns serving, and the goal is to achieve the highest serve speed possible. This game allows kids to track their progress and strive for personal bests while enhancing their serving technique and generating more power in their shots.

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“Spin Challenge”:

The Spin Challenge is a game designed to improve players’ ability to generate spin on the ball. Players take turns hitting shots with different types of spins, such as topspin, slice, or kick serve. The goal is to execute the spin accurately and consistently. This game not only develops shot variation but also enhances ball control and technique. Players can experiment with different spins and learn how to use them strategically during matches.

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