Toys That Start With G (75 Ideas)

In the enchanting world of play and imagination, few things capture a child’s heart and curiosity quite like “toys that start with G.”

From whimsical gadgets to delightful games, these toys span a wide spectrum of creativity and entertainment, promising endless hours of fun and exploration.

So, whether you’re a parent seeking the perfect gift or a child-at-heart looking to relive the magic of your own childhood, join us on a captivating journey through the realm of toys that begin with the letter “G.”

Toys That Start With G (75 Ideas)

G.I. Joe Action Figures:

G.I. Joe action figures have been popular since the 1960s, allowing kids to engage in imaginative military adventures with an array of characters and accessories.

Game Boy:

Nintendo’s Game Boy revolutionized portable gaming, featuring classic titles like Tetris and Pokémon, providing hours of entertainment on the go.

Green Machine:

The Green Machine is a unique pedal-powered tricycle that lets kids drift and spin for hours of outdoor fun.

Guess Who?:

A classic board game, Guess Who? challenges players to guess their opponent’s mystery character through a series of yes-or-no questions.

Gooey Louie:

This gross yet hilarious game involves players picking boogers from Louie’s nose, with the risk of his brain popping out!

Geomag Magnets:

Geomag sets are educational and creative toys that use magnetic rods and steel balls to build fascinating structures.

Gravitrax Marble Run:

Gravitrax offers a unique twist on marble runs, allowing kids to design intricate tracks and watch marbles defy gravity.

Goo Jit Zu Action Figures:

These squishy action figures stretch and flex, providing tactile sensory play combined with superhero adventures.

Groovy Girls Dolls:

Groovy Girls dolls are fashion-forward and diverse, encouraging imaginative storytelling and social play.

Glow Sticks:

Glow sticks are a source of fascination for kids, providing colorful, glowing fun at parties, concerts, and camping trips.

Gelli Baff:

Gelli Baff transforms bath time into a gooey adventure, as water magically turns into colorful, jelly-like goo.

Gazillion Bubble Machine:

This bubble machine creates an endless stream of bubbles, delighting children and adults alike.

Green Science Kits:

Green science kits teach kids about environmental sustainability while engaging in hands-on experiments and projects.

Gravity Maze:

A brain-teasing game, Gravity Maze challenges players to build marble runs using logic and spatial reasoning.


Gyroscopes are fascinating toys that demonstrate the principles of physics and balance, providing educational play.

GoldieBlox Building Sets:

GoldieBlox sets inspire girls to explore engineering concepts and build their own creations.

Gummy Candy Maker:

Kids can make their own gummy candies with this kit, learning about chemistry and culinary skills.


Gobblet is a strategic board game where players aim to line up four of their pieces in a row while blocking their opponent.

Galaxy Slime:

This stretchy, glittery slime captures the essence of outer space, providing endless sensory play possibilities.

Green Lantern Action Figure:

Based on the DC Comics superhero, the Green Lantern action figure empowers imaginative storytelling.

Giant Jenga:

A supersized version of the classic game, Giant Jenga involves carefully removing wooden blocks from a tower without it toppling.

Gyrowheel Bike:

A revolutionary training wheel system, Gyrowheel helps kids learn to ride a bike with confidence.

Glitter Tattoo Kit:

Kids can create sparkling temporary tattoos with glitter tattoo kits, expressing their creativity.

Grimm’s Wooden Toys:

Handcrafted wooden toys from Grimm’s encourage open-ended, imaginative play and are known for their quality.

Go Kart:

A pedal-powered go-kart offers hours of outdoor fun and adventure for kids, promoting physical activity and coordination skills.

Game of Life:

The Game of Life is a classic board game that simulates a person’s journey through life, making important decisions and facing various challenges along the way.

Garbage Truck Toy:

Garbage truck toys, often with working parts, allow kids to mimic real garbage collection activities and foster a sense of responsibility.

Ghostbusters Action Figures:

Based on the iconic movie franchise, Ghostbusters action figures let kids capture ghosts and save the day in imaginative play.

Guitar Hero:

Guitar Hero is a video game that lets players rock out on a virtual guitar, creating a sense of musical accomplishment.

Go Fish Card Game:

A simple yet enjoyable card game, Go Fish is great for young kids to practice memory and matching skills.

Giga Pets:

These digital pets were a hit in the ’90s and continue to captivate children, teaching them about pet care and responsibility.

Garden Tools Set:

Child-sized garden tools allow kids to explore the joys of gardening, nurturing plants, and learning about nature.

Gummy Bear Plush:

Giant gummy bear plush toys are cuddly and adorable companions for children, offering comfort and companionship.

Gymini Play Mat:

Gymini play mats provide sensory stimulation for infants, featuring hanging toys, mirrors, and textures to explore.

Gazebos for Dolls:

Miniature gazebos and playsets create enchanting outdoor spaces for dolls, enhancing imaginative play.

Go-Kart Racing Set:

Electric go-kart racing sets offer thrilling racing experiences in miniature form, complete with tracks and obstacles.

Glass Marbles:

Classic glass marbles are versatile toys, used in games, crafts, and as collector’s items.

Galactic Heroes Figures:

These pint-sized action figures feature beloved characters from the Star Wars universe, perfect for young fans.

Glitter Glue:

Glitter glue lets kids add sparkle to their artwork and crafts, making creative projects more dazzling.

Groovy Coloring Books:

Groovy-themed coloring books transport kids to the ’60s and ’70s with psychedelic designs and patterns.

Galaxy Projector:

A galaxy projector creates a mesmerizing starry night on the ceiling, promoting relaxation and bedtime routines.

Gymini Baby Gym:

Gymini baby gyms provide tummy time and sensory exploration for infants, aiding in their early development.

Glowing Race Car Track:

Glow-in-the-dark race car tracks make for exciting nighttime races, stimulating creativity and motor skills.

Greenhouse Building Kit:

DIY greenhouse kits for kids encourage learning about plant growth and the environment through hands-on construction.

Gliders (Model Airplanes):

Model gliders are easy-to-assemble flying toys that teach kids about aerodynamics and flight.

Gravity-Defying RC Car:

Remote-controlled cars that can drive on walls and ceilings defy gravity and provide endless entertainment.

Giant Chess Set:

A giant chess set, often played outdoors, combines strategy and physical activity for players of all ages.

Gourmet Kitchen Playset:

Pretend play kitchens with realistic features enable kids to explore culinary creativity and learn about cooking.

Garden Railroad Set:

Miniature garden railroad sets create magical outdoor scenes with trains, bridges, and tunnels.

Grumpy Cat Plush:

Based on the famous internet meme, Grumpy Cat plush toys capture the iconic frown and grumpy personality.

Giant Connect Four:

Giant Connect Four is a supersized version of the classic game, challenging players to form a row of four discs in a row while enjoying outdoor fun.

Gross Science Kits:

Gross science kits engage kids in hands-on experiments that explore slimy, yucky, and fascinating aspects of science.

Guitar Building Kit:

Guitar building kits allow budding musicians to assemble their own playable guitars, fostering a love for music.

Giraffe Stuffed Animal:

Giraffe stuffed animals are huggable, tall companions that spark curiosity about wildlife and animal conservation.

Gravity-Defying Puzzles:

Gravity-defying puzzles challenge kids to solve intricate three-dimensional puzzles that defy conventional gravity.

Galactic Science Kits:

Galactic science kits introduce children to the mysteries of space and astronomy through experiments and activities.


Goban is a traditional board game from Asia, also known as Go, that promotes strategic thinking and patience.

Glass Blowing Kit:

Glass blowing kits for older kids teach them the art of glassblowing, allowing them to create unique glass pieces.

Glider Swing:

A glider swing is a delightful addition to a backyard playground, offering a soothing back-and-forth motion.

Gadget Kits for Kids:

Gadget kits provide the tools and instructions for building simple electronic devices, fostering STEM skills.

Galaxy Sand Art Kit:

Galaxy sand art kits enable kids to create stunning layered sand art designs with a cosmic theme.

Garden Insect Kit:

Garden insect kits come with magnifying glasses and containers for kids to explore and study insects in their natural habitat.

Gingerbread House Kit:

Gingerbread house kits make holiday crafting a breeze, allowing kids to decorate and assemble their edible creations.

Gyratec Gyroscope:

The Gyratec gyroscope is a high-quality spinning toy that demonstrates gyroscopic principles in a mesmerizing way.

Green Screen Kit:

Green screen kits for budding filmmakers provide a backdrop for creative video production and special effects.

Geode Science Kit:

Geode science kits introduce kids to geology by breaking open real geodes to discover the sparkling crystals inside.

Gummy Candy Maker:

A gummy candy maker kit lets kids create their own chewy treats in various shapes, flavors, and colors.

Gazillion Incredibubble Wand:

The Gazillion Incredibubble Wand creates enormous bubbles that captivate kids and adults alike.

Gothic Dollhouse:

Gothic dollhouses offer a spooky twist on traditional dollhouse play, with eerie decorations and furniture.

Grow Your Own Crystal Kit:

Grow your own crystal kits allow kids to cultivate beautiful crystals while learning about chemistry.

Galaxy Jigsaw Puzzle:

Galaxy jigsaw puzzles feature stunning space-themed artwork, offering a challenging and educational pastime.

Giraffe Balancing Game:

The giraffe balancing game challenges players to stack wooden blocks on a wobbly giraffe, testing their fine motor skills.

Gaming Console:

Modern gaming consoles like the PlayStation and Xbox provide a vast library of video games for kids and adults to enjoy.

Gorilla Plush:

Gorilla plush toys are soft and cuddly companions that can also teach kids about wildlife and conservation.

Gardening Tool Belt:

A gardening tool belt for kids keeps their gardening tools handy while they explore the world of plants and flowers.

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