Toys That Start With R (72 Ideas)

Toys that start with R” encompass a diverse and exciting world of playthings.

From classic puzzles like the Rubik’s Cube to high-tech gadgets like remote-controlled drones, the world of “R” toys offers something for everyone.

Join us on a journey through this alphabetical wonderland of toys, where you’ll discover everything from imaginative playsets to creative craft kits, all sharing a common initial, “R.”

Toys That Start With R (72 Ideas)

1. Rubik’s Cube

A challenging 3D puzzle that tests your problem-solving skills as you try to match the colors on each face.

2. Remote-Controlled Car

Experience the excitement of racing with precision using a handheld remote control.

3. Rocking Horse

A timeless toy that lets children pretend they’re riding a real horse in their own home.

4. Rattle

A baby’s first toy designed to engage their senses with colorful, noisy fun.

5. Robot Kit

Build and program your own robot while learning about robotics and technology.

6. Retro Board Games

Nostalgic classics like Monopoly and Risk for memorable game nights.

7. Rainbow Stacking Rings

A fun and educational toy for toddlers to learn about colors and sizes.

8. Race Track Set

Create thrilling races with miniature cars on customizable tracks.

9. Rubber Duck

A beloved bathtub companion for kids, making bath time more enjoyable.

10. Rescue Vehicles Playset

Action-packed playset featuring fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars.

11. Remote-Controlled Helicopter

Master the skies with a miniature RC helicopter.

12. Rock Tumbler Kit

Transform rough rocks into polished gemstones with this educational kit.

13. Recorder

Introduce kids to music with this simple wind instrument.

14. Rainbow Kite

Take to the skies and enjoy the beauty of colorful kites soaring.

15. Ring Toss Game

Test your aim and coordination with this classic carnival-style game.

16. Retro Arcade Machine

Mini arcade cabinets with classic video games for nostalgic gamers.

17. Rabbit Plush Toy

A cuddly companion for kids, perfect for bedtime snuggles.

18. Refractor Telescope

Explore the night sky and distant objects with this astronomy tool.

19. Remote-Controlled Boat

Sail your own miniature ship in pools or ponds.

20. Rock Painting Kit

Unleash creativity by painting rocks and leaving them as surprises in your community.

21. Rodeo Bull Riding Game

Practice your balance and see how long you can stay on the mechanical bull.

22. Robot Dinosaur Toy

A roaring robotic dinosaur that provides hours of entertainment.

23. Rainbow Ribbon Dancer

A colorful and artistic way to encourage physical activity.

24. Racecar Bed

A bed shaped like a racecar, perfect for kids who dream of being racecar drivers.

25. Rubber Band Gun

A fun and safe way to playfully shoot rubber bands.

26. Remote-Controlled Drone

Explore the skies and capture aerial photos and videos.

27. Reptile Terrarium Kit

Learn about and care for reptiles like lizards and snakes.

28. Retro View-Master

Explore 3D images of various scenes and stories.

29. Robot Puzzle Toy

A puzzle that transforms into a robot when completed.

30. Rainbow Loom Kit

Create colorful bracelets and accessories using rubber bands.

31. Rocket Ship Playset

Blast off on intergalactic adventures with a rocket ship toy.

32. Rubber Duck Race Game

A fun bathtub game where rubber ducks compete in races.

33. Remote-Controlled Submarine

Dive into underwater exploration with a miniature sub.

34. Remote-Controlled Monster Truck

Crush obstacles with a rugged RC monster truck.

35. Rag Doll

A soft and huggable doll often made from cloth materials.

36. Recorder Karate Book

A music education program using the recorder to earn “karate belts.”

37. Rustic Wooden Blocks

Natural wooden building blocks for creative construction.

38. Ring Making Kit

Design and create your own unique rings with this craft kit.

39. Rattlesnake Eggs Prank

A humorous prank toy that mimics a rattlesnake sound.

40. Retro Action Figures

Collectible figures inspired by classic characters and heroes.

41. Remote-Controlled Skateboard

Experience skateboarding with remote control for added excitement.

42. Robot Coding Game

A game that teaches programming concepts through robotics.

43. Rainbow Jigsaw Puzzle

A colorful puzzle that forms a beautiful rainbow when completed.

44. Racehorse Model Kit

Assemble and paint your own miniature racehorse.

45. Rubber Band Ball

A creative project involving collecting and shaping rubber bands into a ball.

46. Realistic Animal Figurines

Detailed animal figurines for imaginative play and learning.

47. Rocket Science Kit

Explore the principles of rocketry and launch your own rockets.

48. Remote-Controlled Spider

A spooky toy for pranks and Halloween fun.

49. Rackety Raccoon Game

A fast-paced board game of reflexes and strategy.

50. Robot Hand Kit

Build a robotic hand that mimics human movement.

51. Rainbow Umbrella

A vibrant umbrella that brightens rainy days.

52. Rubber Duckie Bathrobe

A cute and cozy bathrobe for kids featuring rubber duck designs.

53. Racecar Building Kit

Construct your own racecar from scratch with this kit.

54. Rabbit Puppet

A puppet in the shape of a rabbit for creative storytelling.

55. Rock Climbing Wall

A safe indoor climbing wall for active play.

56. Remote-Controlled Tank

Command your own tank with precision control.

57. Retro Video Game Console

Relive the golden age of gaming with classic consoles.

58. Robot Vacuum Cleaner Toy

A toy vacuum cleaner that mimics the real thing.

59. Rainforest Play Mat

Explore a miniature rainforest ecosystem with this play mat.

60. Rubik’s Cube Keychain

A tiny version of the iconic puzzle that fits on your keyring.

61. Rocket Launcher Toy

Launch foam rockets into the air with this entertaining toy.

62. Rattle Drum

A musical instrument that produces rhythmic sounds when shaken.

63. Remote-Controlled Quadcopter

Perform stunts and aerial tricks with this quadcopter.

64. Rainbow Slinky

Watch as a colorful slinky springs and descends down stairs.

65. Rubber Ball Bouncing Kit

Create your own bouncy rubber balls with this science kit.

66. Racquetball Set

A game of skill and agility played with a small ball and racquets.

67. Rocking Chair

A miniature rocking chair for dolls and stuffed animals.

68. Robot Puzzle Ball

Solve the puzzle to reveal a robot figurine inside.

69. Roller Skates

Classic wheeled footwear for skating around parks and rinks.

70. Rainbow Windsock

A decorative item that sways in the wind, displaying vibrant colors.

71. Rubber Stamp Set

Create art and crafts with colorful rubber stamps.

72. Rocket Ship Bedding Set

Bedding featuring rocket ships, perfect for space-themed bedrooms.

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