Toys That Start With S (67 Ideas)

Toys that start with S‘ offer a diverse and exciting world of play and imagination for children and collectors alike.

From timeless classics like the Slinky to modern wonders like Super Soakers, these toys cater to a wide range of interests and ages.

Whether it’s outdoor fun, intellectual challenges, cuddly companions, or creative expression, the world of ‘S’ toys has something for everyone.

So, let’s dive into this alphabetically sorted list of ‘S’ toys and uncover the wonders they hold.

Toys That Start With S (67 Ideas)

1. Slinky

A classic toy made of a coiled wire that can walk down stairs or slopes with a mesmerizing motion.

2. Super Soaker

A high-powered water gun designed for epic outdoor water battles on hot summer days.

3. Soccer Ball

The quintessential ball for the sport of soccer, loved by athletes and enthusiasts worldwide.

4. Scrabble

A word game that challenges players to create words on a game board using letter tiles.

5. Simon Game

An electronic memory game where players must repeat patterns of lights and sounds.

6. Space Shuttle Toy

A miniature replica of a space shuttle, inspiring young astronauts to explore the cosmos.

7. Stuffed Animals

Soft and cuddly plush toys that come in various animal shapes and sizes.

8. Scooter

A two-wheeled, foot-powered ride-on toy that provides hours of outdoor fun and mobility.

9. Skip-It

A spinning toy that’s worn on the ankle, challenging players to keep it spinning while jumping over it.

10. Science Kits

Educational kits that allow children to explore scientific concepts through hands-on experiments.

11. Seesaw

A classic playground apparatus that provides endless fun as children balance and teeter back and forth.

12. Slinky Dog

A variation of the classic Slinky in the shape of a dog, a beloved character from Toy Story.

13. Sandcastle Building Kit

Tools and molds for creating intricate sandcastles at the beach.

14. Soft Building Blocks

Plush blocks for safe and creative building and play.

15. Solar System Mobile

A hanging mobile that depicts the planets of our solar system.

16. Superhero Action Figures

Collectible figurines of famous superheroes like Spider-Man and Superman.

17. Sailboat Model

Miniature models of sailboats used for decoration or sailing in ponds.

18. Spinning Tops

Small toys that spin on a pointed tip, often used in games or for simple amusement.

19. Spy Gear

Toys and gadgets that allow kids to play the role of secret agents and detectives.

20. Star Wars Figures

Action figures from the popular Star Wars franchise featuring iconic characters.

21. Scented Markers

Markers with various pleasant scents, making drawing and coloring more enjoyable.

22. Slot Car Racing Set

Miniature electric cars that race around a track with slots.

23. Sudoku Puzzle Books

Brain-teasing puzzle books with number grids to solve.

24. Swing Set

A backyard playground equipment featuring swings for children to enjoy.

25. Silly Putty

A stretchy and bouncy putty-like substance that’s fun to mold and play with.

26. Sand and Water Table

A play table with compartments for sand and water exploration.

27. Soft Dart Gun

A safe and fun toy gun that shoots soft, foam darts.

28. Snow Globe

Decorative glass globes filled with water and snow-like particles.

29. Scratch Art

A creative activity where you scratch away black-coated paper to reveal colorful designs beneath.

30. Scented Stickers

Stickers with pleasant scents, perfect for decorating and collecting.

31. Storytelling Cards

Cards with images or prompts to spark creativity and storytelling.

32. Soccer Goal

Portable goals for playing soccer in the backyard or park.

33. Slap Bracelets

Decorative bracelets that can be slapped onto the wrist for quick wear.

34. Star Projector

A device that projects stars and constellations onto the ceiling for a soothing bedtime experience.

35. Solar-Powered Robot

Robots that operate using solar energy, teaching kids about renewable energy.

36. Squeeze Ball

A stress-relief toy that can be squeezed and molded to relieve tension.

37. Solitaire Board Game

A single-player strategy game played with marbles or pegs on a board.

38. Sand Digger

A ride-on toy that allows children to scoop and dig in the sand.

39. Sherlock Holmes Board Game

A detective-themed board game based on the famous detective.

40. Scented Erasers

Erasers with delightful scents, making schoolwork more enjoyable.

41. Space-themed Puzzle

Puzzles depicting space scenes or celestial bodies.

42. Sparkling Play-Dough

Play-Dough infused with glitter for added creative flair.

43. Soccer Training Set

A kit designed to help young soccer players practice their skills.

44. Star Projection Lamp

A lamp that projects stars and galaxies onto the walls and ceiling for a serene atmosphere.

45. Safari Animals Figures

Miniature animal figurines perfect for imaginative wildlife adventures.

46. Sling Shot

A simple toy for launching small objects using an elastic band.

47. Scrunchie Bracelets

Colorful and stretchy fabric bracelets popular among kids and teens.

48. Supermarket Play Set

A toy set resembling a grocery store with mini food items and a cash register.

49. Sword and Shield Set

Imaginary playset featuring toy swords and shields for epic medieval adventures.

50. Sensory Balls

Textured balls designed to engage and stimulate a child’s senses.

51. Surfboard

A miniature surfboard for imaginative beach play.

52. Sand Art Pens

Special pens for creating intricate designs with colored sand.

53. Sudoku Electronic Game

Handheld electronic devices for playing Sudoku on the go.

54. Spin Art Machine

A creative device that allows kids to make colorful spin art designs.

55. Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine

A toy version of the iconic van from the Scooby-Doo cartoon.

56. Star Wars Lightsaber

Replica lightsabers from the Star Wars franchise for epic battles.

57. Spyro the Dragon Plush

Soft and huggable plush toys featuring the beloved video game character.

58. Saxophone Toy

A toy saxophone that introduces children to musical exploration.

59. Surgeon Role Play Set

A medical-themed playset that lets kids play the role of a surgeon.

60. Spellcasting Wand

Imaginative wand toys that allow kids to cast spells and create magical adventures.

61. Sandbox

A designated play area filled with sand for creative play and building.

62. Straw Building Set

Connectable plastic straws and connectors for constructing unique structures.

63. Safari Adventure Play Tent

A tent designed like a safari vehicle for indoor or outdoor imaginative play.

64. Sonic the Hedgehog Action Figure

Action figures featuring the iconic video game character Sonic.

65. Steering Wheel Toy

A toy steering wheel that attaches to a chair or stroller for pretend driving.

66. Space-themed Bedding

Bedding sets with space-themed designs for aspiring astronauts’ bedrooms.

67. String Art Kit

Craft kits that allow kids to create intricate designs using colored strings and pins.

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