Toys That Start With W (63 Ideas)

Toys that start with W” encompass a wide range of playthings that captivate children’s imaginations and provide hours of entertainment and learning.

From classic favorites like wooden blocks and wagons to innovative gadgets like water rockets and wobble boards, these toys offer diverse experiences for kids of all ages.

Whether you’re looking for educational tools like word search puzzles and wildlife figurines or seeking active outdoor fun with water guns and wiffle balls, this list of toys beginning with “W” showcases options that encourage creativity, promote physical activity, and foster cognitive development.

Toys That Start With W (63 Ideas)

1. Wiffle Ball

A lightweight plastic ball perfect for safe backyard baseball fun, ideal for kids of all ages to practice their swings.

2. Wooden Blocks

Classic building toys that stimulate creativity and fine motor skills as children stack and build imaginative structures.

3. Water Balloons

Summertime favorites for epic water fights, these colorful balloons burst with refreshing fun.

4. Walkie-Talkies

Enable kids to communicate and coordinate adventures from afar, fostering teamwork and imagination.

5. Wagons

Whether for hauling toys or giving rides, wagons provide endless outdoor entertainment.

6. Wind-Up Toys

Mechanical marvels that move with a twist, captivating youngsters with their intricate motions.

7. Wrestling Action Figures

Let kids recreate their favorite wrestling matches with detailed, poseable figures.

8. Word Search Puzzles

Fun and educational, these books challenge kids to find hidden words and expand their vocabulary.

9. Warhammer Miniatures

Hobbyist collectibles that encourage painting and strategic tabletop battles in the Warhammer universe.

10. Wooden Train Set

Inspires imaginative play as children construct railways and explore miniature worlds with trains and accessories.

11. Wobble Board

Promotes balance and coordination as kids rock, balance, and play atop this versatile wooden board.

12. Whirligigs

Outdoor kinetic sculptures that spin and twirl in the wind, adding whimsy to any garden.

13. Wubble Bubble Ball

A super-sized, inflatable bubble ball that bounces and floats for hours of active play.

14. Wii Console

Provides a plethora of interactive gaming experiences, promoting physical activity and coordination.

15. Weaving Loom Kit

Encourages creativity as kids craft their own textiles and master the art of weaving.

16. Water Guns

Ideal for water battles on hot summer days, offering endless soaking fun.

17. Wobble Cushion

Inflatable cushions that enhance core strength and stability during seated activities.

18. Woolly Willy Magnetic Drawing Toy

A magnetic face with iron filings that children can manipulate to create funny facial hair and expressions.

19. Whoopee Cushion

A classic prank toy that emits a hilarious sound when sat upon, always good for a laugh.

20. Wheelbarrow

A miniature version of the real thing, perfect for kids to help with gardening chores or transport toys.

21. Watercolor Paints

Art supplies that inspire budding artists to explore the world of painting.

22. Wearable Capes

Empower kids' imaginations as they become superheroes or magical beings during playtime.

23. Wooden Puzzles

Brainteasers that challenge children's problem-solving skills while providing hours of entertainment.

24. Wooly Willy Board Game

A game where players use magnets to create funny faces on a character's bald head.

25. Wind-Up Animals

Tiny mechanical creatures that scoot around, making for amusing tabletop races.

26. Wizard Costume

Dress-up attire that lets children step into the magical world of wizards and witches.

27. Watercolor Paper Pad

High-quality paper for watercolor painting, allowing for vibrant artwork creation.

28. Water Rocket Kit

Educational toys that teach kids about the principles of physics and pressure as they launch water-powered rockets into the sky.

29. Wooden Animal Puzzle Set

Helps with animal recognition and fine motor skills as kids fit the pieces together.

30. Wacky Wally Wall Crawler

A sticky, spider-like toy that climbs down walls and windows.

31. Wind Chimes

Musical outdoor décor that creates soothing sounds in the breeze.

32. Wire Puzzle Set

A collection of brainteasers that test kids' problem-solving abilities.

33. Wax Crayons

Coloring tools that allow for vibrant and imaginative artwork.

34. Wool Felting Kit

Craft kits that introduce kids to the art of creating soft sculptures with wool fibers.

35. Wildlife Figurines

Realistic animal figurines for imaginative play and learning about wildlife.

36. Wearable Art Kit

Craft sets that enable kids to design their own fashion accessories.

37. Whisker Haven Palace Pets

Collectible animal characters from Disney's Palace Pets series.

38. Wooden Cooking Set

Toy kitchen utensils and cookware for aspiring young chefs.

39. Water Drawing Mat

Mess-free art that reveals vibrant colors when wet and dries for repeated use.

40. Wool Spinning Kit

Introduces kids to the traditional craft of spinning wool into yarn.

41. Wacky Packages Stickers

Collectible trading cards featuring humorous parodies of consumer products.

42. Wind-Up Robots

Mechanical robots that walk and dance when wound up.

43. Winnie the Pooh Plush

Cuddly stuffed animals featuring beloved characters from the Hundred Acre Wood.

44. Wizardry Card Game

A fantasy-themed card game that challenges players' strategy and wit.

45. Water Flutes

Musical bath toys that allow kids to create tunes by filling them with varying levels of water.

46. Witch Hat

A classic costume accessory for casting spells and brewing potions.

47. Wacky Tracks Fidget Toy

A flexible, interlocking toy that provides hours of sensory play.

48. Watercolor Brush Set

Brushes designed specifically for watercolor painting, enabling precision and creativity.

49. Wooly Ball

A soft, textured ball that provides tactile stimulation for young children.

50. Wind-Up Dinosaur Toys

Prehistoric creatures that come to life with a simple twist.

51. Wombat Stuffed Animal

A cute and cuddly representation of this Australian marsupial.

52. Whale Bath Toy

Floats in the tub and squirts water, making bath time more enjoyable.

53. Wobble Stacking Toy

Colorful, stackable rings that wobble and spin, enhancing hand-eye coordination.

54. Wire Art Kit

Craft sets that teach kids to create intricate wire sculptures.

55. Wishing Stone Kit

Allows children to decorate stones and make wishes, adding a touch of magic to their day.

56. Woodpecker Toy

A bird-shaped toy that "pecks" when pressed on a surface.

57. Wacky Wheelies Cars

Pull-back toy cars that perform wild tricks and stunts.

58. Waterfall Discovery Wall

An interactive toy featuring cascading water and activities for sensory exploration.

59. Wooly Mammoth Figurine

A detailed replica of the extinct Ice Age creature.

60. Wooden Doctor Kit

Inspires imaginative role-play as kids become doctors and nurses.

61. Wrist Rockets

Slingshot-like toys for safe target shooting and outdoor adventures.

62. Wacky Juggling Scarves

Lightweight scarves for learning the art of juggling.

63. Watermelon Ball

A water-filled ball that can be dribbled and passed, providing hours of pool fun.

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