25 Easy Unicorn Crafts for Kids

Unicorns! Those mythical creatures with shimmering coats, sparkling horns, and an air of pure enchantment have captured hearts for centuries. And what better way to celebrate these magical beasts than with a crafting adventure?

This ultimate guide brings you 25 exciting unicorn crafts for kids, perfect for all ages and skill levels.

From paper plate wonders to dazzling slime sensations, get ready to unleash your inner artist and create a world of sparkling unicorns!

Paper Crafts: Light and Easy

Paper crafts are a fantastic starting point, offering endless possibilities and minimal mess.

Soaring Paper Plate Unicorns:

Transform a humble paper plate into a majestic unicorn! Cut out a head and neck shape, glue on ears, a horn, and a flowing mane and tail made from colorful construction paper. Don’t forget the sparkly details!

Unicorn Headbands:

Craft a magical crown for playtime. Use a headband as the base and attach paper cutouts for ears, a horn, and flowers. Let your child personalize it with glitter, ribbons, and felt.

Enchanted Unicorn Masks:

Unleash the inner unicorn with DIY masks! Cardboard or construction paper work well. Cut out eyeholes and decorate with a unicorn face, complete with a horn, mane, and a touch of glitter.

Majestic 3D Unicorns:

Take paper crafting to another level with a 3D unicorn! Find free online templates or create your own. Cut out the pieces, fold, and glue them together to bring your unicorn to life.

Sparkling Unicorn Cards:

Spread the unicorn love with handmade cards! Use cardstock or recycled cardboard. Decorate with paper cutouts, glitter glue, or hand-drawn unicorns. A personalized message adds a special touch.

Recycled Crafts: Turning Trash into Treasure

Get creative with everyday recyclables and give them a magical makeover!

Dazzling Toilet Paper Roll Unicorns:

Don’t throw away those empty toilet paper rolls! Paint them white or pastel colors. Add paper ears, a horn, a mane made from yarn or ribbons, and a fluffy tail. These little unicorns can stand tall or be hung as decorations.

Adorable Egg Carton Unicorns:

Here’s another way to give egg cartons a new lease on life! Cut out individual egg cups and paint them. Add details like eyes, a horn, and a mane. You can even plant little seeds in them for a magical unicorn garden!

Sparkling Milk Carton Unicorns:

Clean and dry a milk carton for a sturdy base. Paint it white and let it dry. Cut out ears and a tail from felt or construction paper. Glue on a horn made from rolled-up paper or pipe cleaner.

Messy Fun: Sensory Play with a Unicorn Twist

Embrace the mess and get creative with these fun and engaging crafts.

Unicorn Slime Spectacular:

Who doesn’t love slime? Create a magical unicorn slime using clear glue, baking soda, glitter, and food coloring. For an extra touch, add small plastic unicorns or rainbow sprinkles.

Sparkling Unicorn Playdough:

Transform regular playdough into a unicorn wonderland! Divide the dough into portions and color them with vibrant hues. Add glitter, sequins, and small unicorn figurines for a magical sensory experience.

Sewing and Fabric Fun: For the Crafty Kid

If your child enjoys sewing, these crafts are a great way to develop their skills.

No-Sew Unicorn Pouch:

This easy project is perfect for beginners. Cut out two unicorn-shaped pieces of felt and decorate them with embroidery floss or fabric markers. Glue or sew the pieces together, leaving a small opening at the top. Once dry, turn it inside out, and you have a cute pouch for treasures!

Stitched Unicorn Plushie:

Felt is a versatile fabric for sewing. Cut out two unicorn shapes and stitch them together, leaving an opening for stuffing. Stuff it with cotton wool and sew the opening closed. Embroider details like eyes, a horn, and a mane.

Painting and Decorating: Expressing Creativity

Get out the paints, brushes, and let your child’s imagination run wild!

Magical Unicorn Rocks:

Take a walk in nature and collect some smooth stones. Paint them white or pastel colors and add details like eyes, a horn, and a mane. These painted rocks can be used to decorate a room or hidden for a magical unicorn treasure hunt.

Dazzling Unicorn T-Shirts:

Personalize a plain white t-shirt with a splash of unicorn magic! Use fabric paints or markers to create a unicorn design or use stencils for a precise look.

More Painting and Decorating:

Sparkling Unicorn Canvas Art:

Unleash your inner artist with a unicorn-themed canvas. Paint a background in soft pastels, then add a majestic unicorn or a whimsical scene. Glitter, sequins, and 3D embellishments can add extra sparkle.

Unicorn Pencil Holders:

Transform an ordinary tin can or plastic cup into a magical pencil holder. Paint it white or a bright color and decorate it with a unicorn face, mane, and horn. Let it dry and fill it with pencils, crayons, and other craft supplies.

Paper Mache Magic: A Fun Challenge

Paper mache offers a fun and rewarding challenge for older kids.

Majestic Unicorn Piñata: 

Create a 3D unicorn piñata using a balloon and newspaper strips. Once dry, decorate it with paper, paint, glitter, and a flowing mane made from crepe paper. Fill it with candies and small toys for a magical party finale.

Clay Creations: Molding Fun

Air-dry clay is a great material for creating unique and long-lasting unicorn masterpieces.

Adorable Clay Unicorns:

Mold air-dry clay into a basic unicorn shape. Add details like a horn, mane, and tail by pinching and shaping the clay. Let it dry completely, then paint it in vibrant colors.

Sparkling Unicorn Jewelry:

Clay is perfect for crafting unique jewelry. Mold small unicorn shapes, hearts, or stars from clay. Poke a hole through them before drying for threading. Once dry, paint them and string them onto colorful cords or ribbons to create magical necklaces and bracelets.

Party Time: Festive Unicorn Crafts

Planning a unicorn-themed party? Here are some fun crafts to get everyone involved.

Sparkling Unicorn Favor Boxes:

Transform small cardboard boxes into adorable unicorn favor boxes. Cut out ears and a horn from construction paper and glue them on. Decorate with paint, glitter, and ribbons. Fill them with treats and small toys for your guests.

Enchanted Unicorn Cups:

Personalize disposable cups for the party. Wrap colorful construction paper around the cups and secure it with tape. Decorate with unicorn faces, horns, and manes cut from felt or paper.

Decorations and Room Makeovers:

Create a magical unicorn atmosphere with these DIY decorations.

Whimsical Unicorn Wall Hangings:

Cut out unicorn shapes from felt or fabric. Stuff them with cotton wool and decorate them with embroidery floss or fabric paints. Hang them on the wall or a door for a touch of magic.

Dreamy Unicorn Mobiles:

Mobile making is a fun and calming activity. Cut out unicorn shapes, stars, and moons from construction paper or cardstock. String them together with fishing wire and hang them from a hoop.

Sparkling Unicorn Bunting:

Create a festive atmosphere with unicorn bunting. Cut out triangles from colorful felt or fabric and decorate them with hand-stitched details or fabric markers. String them together and hang them across a wall or window.

Bonus: Beyond the Craft Box

Unicorn Scavenger Hunt: 

Hide small unicorn toys or pictures around the house or garden. Create a treasure map or clues to lead your child on a magical unicorn hunt!

With these 25 enchanting crafts, you and your child can embark on a magical crafting adventure. Remember, the most important ingredient is your child’s imagination! So, unleash your creativity, embrace the mess, and have fun creating a world of sparkling unicorns!

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