20 Bicycle Crafts for Kids

Bicycles are a symbol of freedom, exploration, and fun for kids. They unlock a world of adventure and independence. Why not extend that love of bikes into the realm of crafts?

Here, we’ve compiled 20 bicycle crafts that cater to a variety of ages and skill levels, perfect for a rainy day or a celebration of all things two-wheeled!

Paper Crafts for Little Cyclists (Ages 3-6):

Paper Plate Bikes: 

This classic is a great introduction to crafting. Decorate paper plates with markers, crayons, or stickers to create the bike frame. Pipe cleaners become handlebars and wheels cut from construction paper complete the picture. Add googly eyes for a whimsical touch!

Colorful Construction Paper Cycles: 

Cut out basic bike shapes from construction paper – triangles for the frame, circles for wheels, and rectangles for the seat. Glue them together and unleash your child’s creativity with glitter, buttons, or yarn for spokes.

Toilet Paper Roll Racers: 

Recycle those empty toilet paper rolls into a fleet of bikes! Cut the rolls in half and decorate with paint or paper. Pipe cleaners become handlebars and craft foam cutouts add details like seats and baskets. String them together with yarn to create a bike parade garland!

Paper Bag Bicycle Puppets: 

Brown paper bags transform into adorable bike puppets. Decorate the bag with markers to create the bike frame and handlebars. Cut out faces from construction paper and attach them to the bottom of the bag for the rider. Let the puppet shows begin!

3D Crafts for Budding Builders (Ages 7-10):

Cardboard Box Bicycles: 

Cardboard boxes offer endless crafting possibilities. Cut out a bike shape from a large cardboard box. Decorate it with paint, markers, or even fabric scraps. Add details like bottle caps for wheels, yarn for streamers, and a cardboard cutout seat. Your child can hop on for imaginative play!

Popsicle Stick Bike Mobile: 

Popsicle sticks are perfect for crafting miniature bikes. Glue sticks together to form the frame, wheels, and handlebars. Decorate with paint and markers. Thread them onto yarn or fishing line to create a charming bicycle mobile that spins gently in the breeze.

Egg Carton Cycles: 

Give new life to used egg cartons! Cut out individual egg cups and glue them together to create the bike frame. Paint and decorate as desired. Pipe cleaners or craft sticks make sturdy handlebars. This eco-friendly craft is perfect for little cyclists who care about the environment.

Sock and Button Bikes: 

Who knew old socks could become adorable bikes? Fill a clean sock with stuffing to create a plump body. Decorate it with buttons for wheels and a yarn mane. Cut out felt shapes for the handlebars and a cute face. A perfect desk buddy for any bike enthusiast!

Creative Crafts for Crafty Kids (Ages 10 and Up):

Origami Bicycle: 

For the origami enthusiasts, try folding a paper bicycle! There are various difficulty levels available online. Once mastered, these tiny bikes make impressive party favors or decorations.

Yarn Wrapped Bike Sculptures: 

This craft allows for creative freedom. Blow up a balloon and wrap it with colorful yarn, leaving a small space un-wrapped for later deflation. Once dry, pop the balloon and carefully remove the yarn sculpture. Bend and shape the yarn to create a whimsical bicycle artwork.

Melted Bead Bicycle Charms: 

For kids who enjoy perler beads or fuse beads, create fun bike-themed charms for bracelets, necklaces, or backpack zippers. Design your own patterns or find bicycle templates online for inspiration.

Upcycled Crafts for Eco-Conscious Creators (All Ages):

Tin Can Bike Planters: 

Upcycle old tin cans into charming mini planters. Paint them bright colors and decorate with markers or washi tape. Add drainage holes in the bottom and plant small flowers or herbs. These upcycled planters are perfect for windowsills or desks and promote eco-friendly crafting.

Recycled Plastic Bottle Bikes: 

Plastic bottles can be transformed into colorful bikes! Cut out the body and wheels from a large plastic bottle. Decorate with paint and markers. Bottle caps become perfect wheels. These bikes make great desk toys or bath time companions.

Discarded Cassette Tape Bikes: 

Remember cassette tapes? Give them a new life as funky bike wall art! Paint the cassette tape a solid color and use markers or paint pens to draw the bike frame and details. Hang them on the wall for a retro-inspired bicycle display.

Sensory Crafts for Playful Learners (All Ages):

Playdough Bike Sculpting:

Playdough offers a fun and tactile way to explore bike shapes. Let your child create a whole fleet of bikes in different colors. Add pipe cleaner details or buttons for wheels and get creative with playdough accessories like helmets and baskets.

Decorative Crafts for Home and Parties (All Ages):

Bike Wheel Wind Chimes: 

This craft is perfect for outdoor spaces. Use an old bike wheel as the base. Decorate it with colorful yarn streamers, ribbons, or even small bells. Hang it in your backyard or porch and listen to the gentle chimes on a windy day.

Bicycle Spoke Mobiles: 

Repurpose old bicycle spokes into a hanging mobile. Thread colorful beads, buttons, or small bike-themed charms onto the spokes. Hang it from the ceiling or a window for a touch of whimsy.

Fingerprint Bicycle Art: 

This is a fun and personal craft for all ages. Use different colored paints to create a bicycle outline on a piece of paper. Let everyone add their fingerprints as wheels, handlebars, or even flowers in a basket. This collaborative artwork is a great keepsake.

Dress-Up and Role-Playing Crafts (All Ages):

DIY Bike Helmet Decoration: 

Plain bike helmets become canvases for creativity. Let your child personalize their helmet with stickers, paint, or even fabric markers. Encourage them to add their favorite designs or bike-themed pictures for a unique and safe cycling experience.

Bike Basket Crafts: 

Bike baskets are perfect for carrying small toys or treasures on a bike ride. Decorate a wicker basket with paint, fabric scraps, or even decoupage techniques. Add ribbons, bells, or felt flowers for an extra touch of personality.

Bonus: Bicycle Themed Playdough Kit:

Create a DIY playdough kit specifically for bike-themed crafting! Make your own playdough using online recipes or purchase different colored playdough. Include miniature cookie cutters in bike shapes, pipe cleaners in various colors, small buttons, and googly eyes. This kit will provide hours of entertainment for any bike-loving child.

Tips for a Successful Craft Session:

  • Gather your supplies: Make sure you have everything you need before you begin. This helps avoid frustration and keeps the crafting fun flowing.
  • Protect your workspace: Lay down newspaper or a tablecloth to protect surfaces from paint, glue, or glitter spills.
  • Plan for different age groups: If crafting with multiple children, have a variety of activities at different difficulty levels to keep everyone engaged.
  • Embrace the mess!: Crafting can get messy, especially with younger children. Relax and focus on the creative process and the joy of making something together.
  • Most importantly, have fun!: Let your creativity flow and enjoy the quality time spent crafting with your bike-loving little ones!

With this wide variety of bicycle crafts, there’s something for every child and every occasion. So, get crafting and celebrate the joy of two wheels with your little cyclist!

Sohaib Hasan Shah

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