20 DIY Bookmark Crafts for Kids

Get ready for some crafty fun! Nurturing a love of reading in children goes beyond just picking out great books.

Involving them in creative activities around reading can make the whole experience even more engaging.

DIY bookmarks are a perfect way to do this! They’re a practical and personalized way to keep track of where a child left off in their favorite story, and the process of making them is a blast.

So, gather your supplies, grab the kids, and get ready to unleash their inner artist with these 20 fun and easy DIY bookmark craft ideas!

Simple & Sweet Bookmarks (Ages 4 and Up):

Colorful Construction Paper Creations:

Construction paper is a crafter’s best friend, and it’s perfect for little hands. Cut out simple shapes like hearts, stars, or animals. Let the kids decorate them with markers, crayons, stickers, or even glitter glue!

Washi Tape Extravaganza:

Washi tape comes in a million fun patterns and colors. Cut out bookmark-sized rectangles from cardstock and let the kids go wild decorating them with washi tape! It’s easy to remove and reposition, making it perfect for experimenting.

Fingerprint Fun:

This adorable craft is perfect for younger children. Using washable paint, have the kids stamp their fingerprints on construction paper or cardstock. Once dry, add details like eyes and a smile to turn the prints into cute little monsters or animals.

Button Bonanza:

Raid your button jar! Glue colorful buttons onto sturdy felt or foam sheet cut into bookmark shapes. They’re not only pretty, but the buttons add a fun textural element.

Getting Crafty (Ages 6 and Up):

Yarn Tassel Time:

Cut out bookmark shapes from cardstock. Punch a small hole near the top. Help younger children thread yarn through the hole and tie a knot. Wrap yarn around the cardstock, leaving a long tail at the bottom. Slide the yarn off the cardstock, tie it tightly around the looped yarn at the top, and trim the bottom to create a fluffy tassel.

Comic Strip Capers:

Do your kids love comics? Cut out panels from old comic books and glue them onto cardstock. They’ll have a one-of-a-kind bookmark featuring their favorite superheroes.

Pom-Pom Pals:

Making pom-poms is a fun and easy skill for kids to learn. Attach a colorful pom-pom to a piece of ribbon and glue it to a bookmark cut from felt or cardboard. You can even add googly eyes and felt features for a playful touch.

Nature’s Inspiration:

Take a walk and collect interesting leaves, pressed flowers, or small feathers. Laminate them between two pieces of clear contact paper to create beautiful and unique bookmarks.

Let’s Get Fancy (Ages 8 and Up):

Watercolor Resist Magic:

This craft uses a cool technique called “water color resist.” Draw a design on white cardstock with a white crayon. When painted with watercolors, the wax from the crayon will repel the paint, making your design stand out!

Fabric Fun:

Cut out bookmark shapes from fabric and decorate them with fabric markers or embroidery floss. You can even add ribbons, lace, or small buttons for an extra touch.

Sharpie Tie-Dye:

This vibrant craft requires adult supervision. Dilute rubbing alcohol with water in a small spray bottle. Cut out bookmark shapes from white felt. Drip different colored Sharpie markers onto the felt, then lightly mist with the alcohol solution. The colors will bleed and create a beautiful tie-dye effect. Let dry completely before using.

Corner Creatures:

Cut out squares from felt or fabric. Fold them diagonally to create triangles. Decorate the triangles with felt scraps, buttons, or googly eyes to create cute little creatures peeking out of the corner of the book.

Bookmarks with Benefits (All Ages):

Reading Record:

Cut out bookmark shapes from cardstock. Divide the back of the bookmark into sections and label them with categories like “Title,” “Author,” and “Favorite Part.” This way, kids can keep track of the book they’re reading and jot down their thoughts.

DIY Book Light:

This craft is a two-in-one! Cut out a bookmark shape from thin plastic. Decorate it with markers or paint. Tape a small LED keychain light (available at dollar stores) to the back of the bookmark. Now your child can clip the bookmark to any page and have a handy light source for nighttime reading! (Adult supervision recommended with batteries and small parts).

Quote Corner:

Find a favorite inspirational quote or book excerpt. Print it out in a small font and glue it onto a decorated bookmark. This is a lovely way to keep a positive message close at hand.

Thinking Outside the Box:

Recycled CDs:

Don’t throw out those old CDs! Carefully cut them into squares or fun shapes (adult supervision required). Cover them in decorative duct tape or washi tape and you’ve got a unique and sturdy bookmark.

Pipe Cleaner Pals:

Pipe cleaners are another versatile craft material. Bend them into fun shapes like animals, flowers, or initials. Attach them to a decorated piece of cardstock for a whimsical bookmark.

Shrinky Dink Shenanigans:

If you’ve got Shrinky Dinks on hand, this is a perfect opportunity to use them! Let the kids create their own bookmark designs on Shrinky Dink plastic, following the baking instructions. Once shrunk, they’ll have a one-of-a-kind bookmark that’s lightweight and durable.

Friendship is Magic:

This craft is a great activity for siblings or friends. Cut out two bookmark shapes that fit together to create a whole picture when placed side-by-side. Decorate them with complementary colors or designs to represent their friendship.

Nature’s Canvas:

Find a flat, smooth rock on your next nature walk. Paint it with acrylic paints and seal it with a clear coat (adult supervision required for painting and sealant). These natural bookmarks are a beautiful and unique way to connect with the outdoors.

Bonus Tip: Laminate your finished bookmarks! This will help to protect them from wear and tear, ensuring they last for many reading adventures.

Crafting Time!

With these 20 DIY bookmark ideas, you and your kids are sure to have hours of creative fun. The best part? These bookmarks are more than just crafts; they’re a way to personalize the reading experience and encourage a lifelong love of books! So grab your supplies, unleash your creativity, and get ready to make some magical bookmarks!

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