25 DIY Cardboard Crafts for Kids

Cardboard boxes: the bane of every adult’s decluttering mission, the secret weapon of every child’s imagination.

These humble materials are more than just packaging; they’re a canvas for creativity, a portal to endless imaginative adventures.

So, the next time you’re about to toss a cardboard box, hold on! With a little inspiration and some readily available craft supplies, you can transform it into something truly magical for your child.

This list offers 25 cardboard crafts for kids, catering to a variety of ages, interests, and skill levels.

Get ready to unleash your inner child and create lasting memories with these fun and eco-friendly projects!

Let’s Get Building!

Cardboard Rocketship:

Blast off to outer space with a classic cardboard rocket! Cut out various sized circles to create the cone shape, add fins for stability, and decorate with paints, markers, and construction paper for a personalized spaceship.

Cardboard Dollhouse:

Turn a large box into a dream home for dolls and action figures. Cut out windows and doors, and create separate rooms with cardboard dividers. Decorate each room with wallpaper made from colorful wrapping paper or fabric scraps.

Cardboard Car:

This timeless favorite is a must-have on any cardboard craft list. Use a large box for the car body, and add cardboard wheels and a steering wheel. Don’t forget to include headlights and taillights for extra flair!

Cardboard Castle:

Fit for a king or queen, a cardboard castle is perfect for imaginative play. Build tall towers, crenellations (the jagged edges at the top of the walls), and a drawbridge. Cover the castle in aluminum foil for a truly regal look.

Cardboard Tube Animals:

Recycle toilet paper rolls and paper towel tubes into a whole zoo of friendly creatures! Use construction paper, felt, and googly eyes to bring your favorite animals to life.

Cardboard Tube Instruments:

Turn those leftover tubes into a mini orchestra! Make a maraca by filling a tube with dried beans and sealing the ends. Create a drum with cardboard circles taped on either end, and decorate it with colorful markers.

Cardboard Play Kitchen:

Aspiring chefs can cook up a storm in their very own cardboard kitchen. Cut out a stovetop with burners, an oven with a door that opens and closes, and a sink with a faucet. Don’t forget to add cardboard play food for a complete culinary experience.

Cardboard Puppet Theater:

Put on a show! Cut a large rectangle out of a box to create the stage opening. Decorate the back with paint or construction paper to set the scene. Create cardboard puppets using paper bags or construction paper attached to popsicle sticks.

Cardboard Mailbox:

Encourage letter writing and imaginative play with a personal mailbox. Decorate a box with your child’s name and their favorite colors. They can write letters to friends and family, or use it to collect messages from imaginary characters.

Cardboard Board Games:

Cardboard is the perfect base for creating your own board games. Draw a game board on a large piece of cardboard, add playing pieces cut from construction paper, and invent your own set of rules.

Cardboard Bowling:

Set up a mini bowling alley with cardboard boxes and empty plastic bottles as pins. Decorate the pins with paint or markers for a fun and colorful game.

Cardboard Camera:

Turn a small box into a pretend camera. Cut out a round hole for the lens and decorate the outside with buttons and dials. Your little photographer can capture all their imaginary adventures.

Cardboard Fort:

Gather pillows, blankets, and chairs to create a cozy and secure cardboard fort. Decorate it with markers and paint to personalize your secret hideout.

Cardboard Jewelry Box:

Recycle a small box into a beautiful jewelry box for storing treasures. Line the inside with felt or fabric scraps, and decorate the outside with glitter, buttons, or ribbons.

Cardboard Dinosaur Skeletons:

Spark an interest in paleontology by creating cardboard dinosaur skeletons. Find templates online or draw your own dinosaur bones on cardboard. Cut them out and assemble them for a prehistoric display.

Beyond the Basics:

Cardboard Furniture:

Cardboard can be surprisingly sturdy! Create chairs, tables, and even a small cardboard bed for dolls and stuffed animals.

Cardboard Puzzles:

Draw a picture on cardboard, glue it onto another piece of cardboard, and then cut it into puzzle pieces.

Cardboard Maze:

Get lost in a world of twists and turns with a cardboard maze. Connect multiple boxes with cut-out doorways to create a challenging labyrinth. Decorate the maze walls with colorful drawings or attach small objects for your child to find.

Cardboard Arcade Games:

Bring the arcade home with some simple cardboard creations. Design a Skee-Ball game using cardboard ramps and cups, or create a ring toss game with cardboard milk cartons as the targets.

Cardboard Costumes:

Cardboard is a fantastic material for creating imaginative costumes. Use a large box for a robot body, or cut out wings for a majestic bird costume. Decorate with paint, fabric scraps, and other embellishments.

Cardboard Aquarium:

Create a vibrant underwater world with a cardboard box. Decorate the inside with blue paint and seaweed cutouts. Make colorful fish and other sea creatures out of cardboard scraps and construction paper.

Cardboard Seed Planter:

Get your child excited about gardening by creating seed planters from cardboard boxes. Decorate the boxes with colorful paints or markers, and plant seeds according to the season. Watch your child nurture their very own little garden. (Remember to poke drainage holes in the bottom of the box before planting!)

Cardboard Suncatchers:

Transform leftover cardboard into beautiful suncatchers. Cut out shapes like hearts, stars, or butterflies. Cover them in clear contact paper and decorate with colorful tissue paper or cellophane. Hang them in a sunny window for a dazzling display of light and color.

Cardboard Robots:

Channel your inner engineer and build a team of cardboard robots! Use cardboard boxes, tubes, and paper towel rolls to create different robot parts. Fasten them together with string, tape, or glue. Add buttons, bottle caps, and other recycled materials for a unique robotic look.

Cardboard Stop-Motion Animation Studio:

Get creative with technology and create a stop-motion animation using cardboard. Design characters and backgrounds from cardboard, and use a smartphone app to capture photos frame-by-frame, creating the illusion of movement.

Cardboard Wall Mural:

Turn a blank wall into a giant canvas for your child’s artistic expression. Tape together several large cardboard pieces to create a mural surface. Let your child unleash their creativity with paints, markers, crayons, or even stencils. This is a great way to add a personal touch to their bedroom or play area.

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