25 Exciting Dance Activities for Preschoolers

Dance activities are a wonderful way to spark your little ones’ creativity, enhance their physical abilities, and boost their self-esteem, all while they’re having a blast!

Engaging in dance helps children express themselves through movement, develops coordination, and encourages social interaction in a lively and nurturing setting.

We’ve put together a list of super fun Dance Activities for Preschoolers that they will love.

Freeze Dance:

20 Exciting Dance Activities for Preschoolers
Source: playworks.org

Freeze Dance is a classic game that kids love to play. All you need is some music and a designated “freezer” that pauses the music at random intervals. When the music stops, the children have to freeze in their dance positions until the music starts again.

Animal Dance:

Source: youtube.com

This dance activity is a fun way to incorporate animal movements into dancing. Choose an animal and have the children dance around while imitating that animal’s movements. For example, a frog dances, they can hop and crouch low to the ground. You can switch animals every few minutes to keep the activity fresh and fun.

Hokey Pokey:

Source: youtube.com

The Hokey Pokey is a timeless classic that has been enjoyed by generations of kids. It’s a fun and easy dance that involves following instructions and moving different body parts. Simply play the song and have the children follow along as they put their right foot, left foot, right hand, left hand, and whole body in and out of the circle.

Bubble Wrap Stomp:

Source: youtube.com

Simply lay out a large piece of bubble wrap and have the children stomp and dance on it while music plays in the background. The sound and feel of the popping bubbles add an extra layer of fun to this activity.

Conga Line:

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Simply have the children form a line and hold onto each other’s shoulders as they dance to the beat of the music. As the line moves around the room, children can take turns being the leader and setting the pace for the rest of the group. It’s a great way to get everyone involved and moving together.

Scarf Dance:

For this dance activity, give each child a colorful scarf and play some music with a slow tempo. The children can then move their bodies and the scarf around in rhythm with the music. You can encourage them to wave the scarf high and low, twirl it around, and even toss it in the air and catch it.

Musical Statues:

This dance activity is similar to Freeze Dance, but instead of stopping the music, the children have to freeze whenever the music stops. The catch is that they have to freeze in a specific pose, such as touching their toes or striking a superhero pose. The last child to freeze in the correct pose is out, and the game continues until only one child is left.

Balloon Dance:

Source: youtube.com

Blow up several balloons and scatter them around the room. Play some lively music and have the children dance around while trying to keep the balloons in the air. You can also encourage them to try to pop the balloons by stomping on them or hitting them with their hands.

Ribbon Dance:

Play some music and have the children twirl and move the ribbon around as they dance. You can also have them dance in pairs and work together to create coordinated movements with their ribbons.

Hula Hoop Dance:

Source: bkkkids.com

Hula hooping is a fun and challenging activity that kids love. Give each child a hula hoop and play some upbeat music. They can then try to dance and move their bodies while keeping the hula hoop going. You can also encourage them to try different tricks and movements with the hoop, such as spinning it around their neck or waist.

Alphabet Dance:

Source: youtube.com

Start by calling out a letter of the alphabet and have the children dance around while making the shape of that letter with their bodies. For example, for the letter “S” they could curve their arms above their heads to create the shape of the letter. You can also have them come up with their own letter poses to add an extra level of creativity.

Follow the Leader:

In this dance activity, designate one child as the “leader” and have the other children follow their movements. The leader can dance around and make different poses and movements while the others try to copy them. You can switch leaders every few minutes to give everyone a chance to be in charge.

Sensory Dance:

Set up a sensory path with different textures and materials, such as bubble wrap, carpet squares, and soft blankets. Play some music and have the children dance along the path, feeling the different textures under their feet.

Pirate Dance:

Source: youtube.com

This dance activity encourages children to use their imaginations and pretend to be pirates. Play some pirate-themed music and have the children dance around while pretending to search for treasure, climb aboard a ship, and swing their swords. You can also provide costumes and props to add to the fun.

Dancing with Props:

Provide a variety of props, such as scarves, pom poms, and ribbons, and play some music. The children can then dance around while incorporating the props into their movements. For example, they can wave the scarves above their heads or toss the pom poms in the air.

Musical Instruments Dance:

Provide a variety of musical instruments, such as tambourines, maracas, and drums. Play some music and have the children dance around while playing their instruments. You can also encourage them to switch instruments every few minutes to try out different sounds and rhythms.

Dance-Along Videos:

Source: youtube.com

You can find a variety of dance-along videos online that are perfect for preschoolers. These videos often feature popular children’s songs and simple dance routines that are easy for young children to follow along with. You can use these videos as a fun way to introduce new dance moves and get the children up and moving.

Balloon Pop Dance:

Blow up several balloons and tie a long string to each one. Give one balloon to each child and play some music. The children can then dance around while trying to pop each other’s balloons. When a child’s balloon pops, they have to sit down until the end of the game. The last child with a balloon still intact is the winner.

Yoga Dance:

Combine the benefits of yoga and dance with this activity. Play some calming music and guide the children through different yoga poses, incorporating flowing movements and dance elements into each pose. This activity encourages mindfulness, flexibility, and coordination.

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