25 Easy Dolphin Crafts for Kids

Dolphins, with their playful spirit and sleek bodies, capture the imagination of children everywhere.

Why not bring the magic of dolphins into your home with some fun and educational crafts? This collection offers 25 dolphin crafts, perfect for a variety of ages and skill levels.

Get ready for a fin-tastic crafting adventure!

Easy Breezy Dolphin Crafts (Ages 3-5):

Popsicle Stick Pals:

Grab some popsicle sticks, paint, and googly eyes! Paint the sticks light blue or grey for the dolphin’s body, add a black eye, and a cute smile. Let your little one decorate further with glitter or markers.

Paper Plate Wonders:

Paper plates are perfect for creating jumping dolphins. Cut a paper plate in half, then cut out a triangular fin from the curved edge. Paint the plate blue and add a black eye and a happy mouth.

Egg Carton Extravaganza:

Recycle egg cartons for a pod of dolphins! Cut out individual egg cups and paint them blue or grey. Glue on googly eyes and black construction paper fins. You can even string them together for a dolphin mobile!

Sock Puppet Shenanigans!

Give an old sock a new life as a dolphin puppet! Cut off the toe area and sew on a black button eye. From felt, cut out a dorsal fin and glue it to the back of the sock. Now your child can put on a puppet show with their new dolphin friend.

Fingerprint Fun:

Use blue paint to create a dolphin body with your child’s fingerprints. Add a black thumbprint for the head, a white dot for the eye, and a curved line for the smile.

Let’s Get Crafty (Ages 6-8):

Clothespin Cuties:

Clothespins provide a sturdy base for these adorable dolphins. Paint a clothespin blue and glue on a black pompom for the head. Cut out a fin from construction paper and glue it to the back.

Coffee Filter Creativity:

Coffee filters transform into beautiful watercolor dolphins! Fold a coffee filter in half and secure it with a clothespin. Drip blue and grey paint onto the filter, open it up, and watch the colors blend. Once dry, glue on a black eye and cut out a fin from construction paper.

Yarn Majesty:

Craft a majestic 3D dolphin using yarn! Wrap blue yarn around a balloon until it’s completely covered. Apply white glue solution (mix glue with water) over the yarn and let it dry completely. Pop the balloon and carefully remove the yarn sculpture. Glue on googly eyes and a fin made from felt.

Paper Towel Roll Rescue:

Don’t toss those paper towel rolls! Cut a roll in half and flatten it. Shape it into a dolphin body and secure it with tape. Paint it blue and add details with markers like the eye, blowhole, and fin.

D is for Dolphin:

Learning and crafting go hand-in-hand! Cut out a large letter D from construction paper. Decorate it with blue paint and add a black eye, a fin, and a smile. Now your child can practice their letter recognition while creating a cute dolphin.

Taking it Up a Notch (Ages 9 and Up):

Origami Ocean:

For the crafty ninjas, origami dolphins offer a unique challenge. Find online tutorials or children’s origami books with easy-to-follow instructions. Origami paper in various shades of blue creates a stunning pod.

Dolphin Dream Catcher:

Create a calming dream catcher with a dolphin theme. Use a hula hoop or embroidery hoop as the base. Wrap yarn around the hoop and decorate it with feathers and beads. Cut out a dolphin shape from felt and attach it to the center of the dream catcher. Sweet dreams guaranteed!

Seashell Symphony:

Craft a beautiful wind chime using seashells! Collect various sizes and shapes of seashells. Paint a large shell blue for the dolphin’s body and glue on smaller shells for the fins and tail. String the shell “dolphin” onto fishing line and suspend it from a wooden dowel along with other seashells for a delightful chime.

Salt Dough Spectacular:

Mix flour, salt, and water to create a moldable salt dough. Shape the dough into a dolphin and bake it until hardened. Once cool, paint it and decorate it with glitter or seashell pieces.

Recycled Bottle Bonanza:

Plastic bottles get a new lease on life as playful dolphins! Cut a plastic bottle in half and shape it into a dolphin body. Paint it blue and add details like the eye, blowhole, and fin.

Nature’s Canvas – Rock Art Dolphins:

Take a trip to the beach and collect smooth, flat rocks. Paint them blue or grey and use acrylic paint pens to create intricate designs on the “dolphin canvas.” You can depict ocean waves, coral reefs, or even other sea creatures.

Paper Mache Magic:

Create a life-sized dolphin using paper mache! Blow up a balloon to your desired size and shape it vaguely like a dolphin. Cover the balloon with strips of newspaper dipped in a flour and water paste. Let it dry completely, then pop the balloon and remove the pieces. Paint your dolphin masterpiece and add details like the eye and fin.

Melted Bead Marvels:

For those who enjoy meticulous work, melted bead creations offer endless possibilities. Use blue and grey beads to create a pixelated dolphin design on a pegboard. Once complete, follow ironing instructions to fuse the beads together.

Sock Sewing Shenanigans:

Sewing skills can be put to good use with adorable dolphin plushies! Cut out two dolphin shapes from fleece or felt. Sew the pieces together, leaving an opening for stuffing. Stuff with cotton wool and stitch the opening closed. Embroider the eye and other details for a personalized touch.

Friendship Bracelet Extravaganza:

Friendship bracelets take on an aquatic twist! Use embroidery floss in shades of blue and grey to create a dolphin-patterned bracelet using a simple friendship bracelet braid. This makes a great handmade gift or party favor.

Going the Extra Mile: Group Activities and Decorations:

Dolphin Diorama Extravaganza:

Turn a shoebox into a stunning dolphin diorama! Decorate the inside of the box with blue paint or construction paper to represent the ocean floor. Create coral reefs, seaweed, and other sea creatures from various craft materials. Add your paper mache dolphin or other dolphin creations to complete the scene.

Under the Sea Party Decorations:

Planning an ocean-themed party? Craft colorful dolphin mobiles using construction paper, string, and cut-out dolphin shapes. For a festive touch, create a dolphin banner by stringing together painted paper plates or felt cut-outs.

Dolphin Bowling Bonanza!:

Upcycle empty plastic bottles into adorable bowling pins! Paint them blue and decorate them with googly eyes and fins. Use a small beach ball as your bowling ball and have a dolphin-themed bowling tournament!

Recycled Treasure Hunt:

Hide small dolphin toys or treats around the house or backyard. Create a treasure map using blue construction paper and mark the hiding spots with X’s. Let the kids embark on a dolphin-themed treasure hunt!

Dolphin Puppet Show Extravaganza:

Put on a dazzling puppet show with a dolphin theme! Use the sock puppets, popsicle stick puppets, or any other dolphin creations from this list. Create a simple stage using a blanket or bedsheet and let the storytelling fun begin!

These dolphin crafts provide a fun and engaging way for kids to explore their creativity and learn about these fascinating creatures. So, gather your crafting supplies, set sail on your imagination, and get ready to create a pod of fantastic dolphin projects!

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