22 Easy Father’s Day Crafts for 2 Year Olds

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than by helping your little one create a heartfelt gift for their dad?

Crafts are not only a great way to engage toddlers in a fun and creative activity, but they also allow them to express their love and appreciation for their father.

If you’re looking for some simple and enjoyable crafts that are suitable for 2-year-olds, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve compiled a list of Easy Father’s Day Crafts for 2 Year Olds that will make your child’s gift-giving experience extra special.

From handprint keepsakes to personalized cards, these crafts are guaranteed to bring a smile to any dad’s face.

So, gather your art supplies and get ready to embark on a memorable crafting adventure with your little one for Father’s Day!

Handprint Father’s Day Card:

One of the simplest yet heartfelt crafts your 2-year-old can create is a handprint Father’s Day card. All you need is some colorful cardstock, non-toxic paint, and a brush. Help your child dip their hand into the paint and gently press it onto the cardstock to create a handprint. Let it dry and then assist your child in adding a personalized message or drawing. This card will not only showcase your child’s adorable handprint but also serve as a cherished keepsake for their dad.

Collage Photo Frame:

Create a personalized photo frame for Dad using a variety of materials. Cut out a sturdy cardboard base in the shape of a frame and let your child decorate it with stickers, colorful paper cutouts, and foam shapes. Once the frame is ready, choose a favorite picture of your child and Dad together, and secure it behind the frame using tape or glue. This craft is not only fun to make but also provides an opportunity for your child to reflect on special moments they’ve shared with their father.

DIY Tie Card:

Dads and ties go hand in hand, so why not help your 2-year-old make a fun tie-themed Father’s Day card? Start by folding a piece of colored construction paper or cardstock in half to create a card shape. Cut out a tie shape from another piece of paper and let your child decorate it with crayons, markers, or even fabric scraps. Help them glue the tie onto the card, and if they’re feeling extra creative, they can add buttons or stickers to make it even more special.

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“Best Dad” Trophy:

Source: netmums.com

Turn your little one into a crafty sculptor by helping them create a “Best Dad” trophy. Begin by shaping a small Styrofoam cup into a trophy shape or use a pre-made foam cup. Let your child paint the cup with non-toxic paint in their favorite color. Once it’s dry, assist them in cutting out a paper strip and writing “Best Dad” on it. Attach the strip to the cup to complete the trophy. This adorable keepsake will surely make Dad feel like a champion on his special day.

Handprint Apron:

If Dad loves to cook or barbecue, a handprint apron will make a practical and sentimental gift. Get a plain white apron and fabric paints or markers that are safe for kids. Place a piece of cardboard underneath the apron to prevent paint from seeping through. Help your child dip their hands in the paint and press them onto the apron, creating handprint designs. Let it dry thoroughly and personalize the apron by writing “Daddy’s Little Helper” or their names with the fabric markers. Dad will be thrilled to wear this personalized apron while cooking delicious meals.

“My Hero” Handprint Canvas:

Transform a plain canvas into a masterpiece by capturing your child’s handprint and turning it into a superhero symbol. Start by painting the canvas with a solid color as the background. Once it dries, help your child dip their hand into a contrasting color of non-toxic paint and press it firmly onto the canvas to create a handprint. Afterward, use markers or paints to add details such as a cape, mask, or emblem around the handprint, transforming it into a superhero symbol. This creative and personalized artwork will remind Dad that he is their real-life hero.

“All About Dad” Questionnaire:

Source: bsuperb.com

Engage your 2-year-old in a fun and interactive activity by creating an “All About Dad” questionnaire. Help your child answer simple questions such as “What is Dad’s favorite color?” or “What does Dad like to do for fun?” Write down their answers or have them draw pictures to represent their responses. You can either create a handmade booklet or individual sheets of paper for each question. This adorable and personalized questionnaire will not only make Dad smile but also serve as a precious keepsake to look back on as your child grows.

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Scribble Mug:

Decorate a plain white mug with your little one’s colorful scribbles to create a unique and practical gift for Dad. Provide your child with permanent markers that are safe for ceramics and let them freely scribble and draw on the mug’s surface. Encourage their creativity as they cover the mug with their artwork. Once they’re done, place the mug in a cold oven and then turn the heat to 350°F (175°C) to bake it for approximately 30 minutes. Let it cool completely before gifting it to Dad. He’ll appreciate sipping his favorite beverage from a mug adorned with his child’s creative scribbles.

Picture Puzzle:

Make Dad’s Father’s Day extra puzzling with a personalized picture puzzle created by your 2-year-old. Choose a favorite photo of your child and their dad and print it out on a thick cardstock. Help your child decorate the back of the photo with colors, stickers, or drawings. Then, cut the picture into several puzzle pieces. Mix up the pieces and place them in an envelope or a small box. Dad will enjoy the challenge of putting together the puzzle to reveal the heartwarming photo, and it’ll be a great bonding activity for the whole family.

“Daddy and Me” Handprint Plaque:

Capture the love between Dad and your little one with a handprint plaque. Start by getting a small wooden plaque or a thick piece of cardboard. Paint it with a neutral color and let it dry. Then, help your child dip their hand into the paint and press it onto the plaque to create a handprint. Use a marker or paintbrush to write “Daddy and Me” or any personalized message underneath the handprint. Finally, attach a piece of string or ribbon to the back of the plaque to hang it on the wall. This heartfelt keepsake will serve as a beautiful reminder of the special bond between Dad and your 2-year-old.

Footprint “Walk in Daddy’s Shoes” Art:

Invite your 2-year-old to “walk in Daddy’s shoes” with this adorable footprint art. Cover a piece of paper or canvas with a solid color or a pattern of your choice. Help your child dip their foot into washable, non-toxic paint and press it onto the paper to create a footprint. Repeat the process with the other foot, placing the prints side by side to resemble a pair of shoes. Allow the paint to dry and then assist your child in decorating the artwork with markers or stickers. This craft not only celebrates the unique bond between a father and child but also serves as a precious memento of their little feet.

Father’s Day Handprint Wreath:

Source: redtedart.com

Create a beautiful handprint wreath to honor Dad on Father’s Day. Cut out a large circular shape from cardboard or use a pre-made wreath form. Help your child dip their hands into different colors of non-toxic paint and press them onto the cardboard, forming handprint shapes. Encourage them to overlap the handprints to create a wreath-like pattern. Once the handprints dry, you can add a bow or ribbon to hang the wreath. Dad will appreciate this handmade and personalized decoration that symbolizes the love and warmth of his family.

Shaving Cream Art:

Engage your 2-year-old in a sensory art activity by using shaving cream to create unique Father’s Day artwork. Fill a shallow tray or baking dish with a layer of shaving cream. Add a few drops of liquid watercolors or food coloring on top of the shaving cream. Then, invite your child to swirl and mix the colors using their fingers or a paintbrush. Place a sheet of paper on top of the colored shaving cream and gently press it down. Lift the paper and scrape off the excess shaving cream with a ruler or spatula. The result is a beautiful marbled design. Let it dry, and you can frame the artwork or turn it into a card for Dad.

Personalized Keychain:

Help your 2-year-old make a special keychain for Dad to carry with him wherever he goes. Cut out a shape from thick felt, such as a heart or a star. Let your child decorate the felt shape with fabric markers or stickers. Punch a hole at the top of the shape and attach a keyring or a small chain. Dad will appreciate this personalized accessory and be reminded of his little one’s love whenever he reaches for his keys.

“Dad Rocks” Paperweight:

Turn ordinary rocks into a meaningful gift by creating a “Dad Rocks” paperweight. Take a smooth and flat rock and let your child paint it with acrylic paints. They can use their favorite colors or even write “Dad Rocks” on the rock. Once the paint dries, apply a layer of clear varnish to protect the design. This simple yet thoughtful gift will remind Dad of his little one’s admiration every time he uses it to hold down papers on his desk.

Handprint Tool Apron:

If Dad enjoys working with tools, help your 2-year-old create a handprint tool apron. Start with a plain fabric apron in Dad’s favorite color. Use fabric paint to dip your child’s hand and create handprint designs on the apron. Let it dry completely, and then add additional tool-themed decorations using fabric markers or iron-on patches. Dad will love wearing this personalized apron during his DIY projects, and it will always remind him of the little hands that helped create it.

“Super Dad” Cape:

Source: everfan.com

Transform Dad into a superhero with a “Super Dad” cape made by your 2-year-old. Cut a large piece of fabric into a cape shape, ensuring it’s the right size for Dad. Let your child decorate the cape with fabric markers, adding their own creative designs and writing “Super Dad” or “Daddy’s Hero.” Once the design is complete, tie the cape around Dad’s neck and watch your little one’s face light up with joy as they see their dad transformed into a superhero just for them.

Father’s Day Memory Book:

Create a memorable keepsake by helping your 2-year-old make a Father’s Day memory book. Start by gathering photos of special moments between Dad and your child. Print the photos and glue them onto sturdy paper or cardstock. Encourage your little one to draw or write their thoughts and memories next to each photo. You can bind the pages together with string or decorative ribbon. This personalized memory book will be a cherished gift for Dad, filled with precious memories from your child’s perspective.

Collage Photo Keychain:

Craft a mini photo collage keychain for Dad using small photos of your child. Print out several wallet-sized photos and cut them into different shapes, such as hearts, stars, or squares. Help your child arrange the photos on a piece of cardstock or cardboard, creating a collage. Punch a hole in the top of the collage and attach a keyring or a small chain. Dad will appreciate this portable collection of memories that he can carry with him wherever he goes.

“Dad, You’re My Hero” Handprint Canvas:

Create a touching piece of artwork with a “Dad, You’re My Hero” handprint canvas. Start by painting a canvas in Dad’s favorite color or a color that matches your home decor. Once it’s dry, help your child dip their hand into the paint and press it onto the canvas to create a handprint. Above the handprint, write “Dad, You’re My Hero” using paint or markers. To add an extra touch, you can decorate the canvas with stickers or small embellishments. Dad will proudly display this meaningful artwork in his office or any room, knowing that he is his child’s real-life hero.

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